The Sick Revolution 4

The malignant New Left and its sub-tumor Feminism killed the customs by which men and women relate to each other in a civilized society.

Casual sexual intercourse was made almost compulsory in 1968. Frivolous promiscuity was called liberation but it would be more accurate to call it libertinism.

The motto of the Sick Revolution was “Make love not war.” Terrible as war is, it is less destructive than the Left’s revolt against civilization.    

Thousands of years of wisdom about the necessary constraints on the sexual impulses were denied.

Of course men took advantage of it. Instead of courting women, they grope them and rape them. And women are admitting at last that they don’t like it.

Now there are no guiding standards, no conventions to help either sex deal with natural animal drives. As everything else of importance and true value – art, music, literature, history, government – the Left has corrupted sexual relations.

Thanks to the Left, how many unwanted children have been born to misery if not murdered in the womb? How many have grown up uncared for, institutionalized, emotionally stunted or even depraved, because their mothers felt it was more important to be CEOs than mothers?

How many childless old people are there, living on beyond their friends and lovers for long years of loneliness?

The good life for men and women has always been known. The body knows it, and the heart’s desire. The knowledge is both profound and simple. It is about continuing the human race. It is about begetting children and raising them. It is about using the marvelously evolved process of sexual reproduction to that end, the end it is biologically for, the only manifest purpose of our natural existence.

The rite is mundane, of the earth earthy; and at the same time it is through that alone that we have a part in the process of the universe.

The flower children of the sixties and their fatherless offspring use their genitals, the fons et origo of life, sarcastically. They do not care for life. They say if a child is conceived “it” should be aborted.

The Left does not care for life. It is the ideology of squalor, self-abasement, clownishness, disease and death.


Jillian Becker   November 30, 2017

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  • Zerothruster

    Radical leftist ideology going at least as far back as the Bolshevik revolution championed women’s liberation and ‘free love’. Then in 1944, the Soviets established a special title for women who gave birth to and raised five or more children: “Mat Geroinia” (Mother Heroine, or Heroic Mother). That title is still available today, as described in this article from Ukraine (May 2016)…

    Left-Feminists in the free world have not recognized that their emancipation has been made possible only by conditions arising in an open society with a free market economy.

    Great little article, Jillian. Hayek’s view of social evolution is in tune with it, I think.

    • I cannot read the article you kindly link us to, but I’m delighted to know that you can, and I totally trust what you say it contains about heroic motherhood. Of course, breeding for the state is an appalling idea. But that is Communism. As also it was Nazism.

  • Jeanne Shockley

    OMG, I was just going on to my husband about the state we are in this morning and I could not agree more with what you have written. I am proud to be considered a prude. Since my college days those who spoke against the popular trend were scorned, ridiculed and destroyed, if their professional status made them a voice to be listened to. Psychologist shut up and educators shut up and elected officials stood down in order to save their skins. People with an ounce of integrity tried to take care of their own families and set their children on a path that did not involve promiscuity and neglect for the responsibility of life’s most important duty. Thank you for writing with such passion.

  • liz

    Exactly. The ideology of feminists goes against nature. Once they started down that path of tinkering with nature, they created a monster.
    What started with the breaking down of societal norms in women’s “lib” has now spiraled out of control in the complete breakdown of gender, period, not to mention the cheapening of life and the destruction of the family.