One Strzok after another – “as wrong as it gets” 6

Republican Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee is stonewalled by Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, over questions concerning Peter Strzok and his role in using the phony “Trump dossier” which alleges collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, in bringing an application to the FISA Court to get its permission to spy on members of the Trump campaign.

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  • Mike

    All will be revealed in time. Trump has 7 more years.

  • liz

    Wow, he really laid it out succinctly there! It’s quite obvious, when you see the entire sequence of events together, that the collusion, corruption and crime was on the part of the Democrats, Hillary, Obama and the FBI.
    What a bunch of lying weasels. The entire Mueller investigation is an insulting, shameful witch hunt that does double duty as a distraction from the real crimes they themselves have committed.

    • Zerothruster

      It’s a Wish Hunt.

      • Perfect! Am still laughing.

        • Zerothruster

          Glad you like it ☺
          Another possibility is “Wishing Expedition”
          It’s definitely an Inquisition.
          Like Dershowitz points out, for a Special Counsel or Independent Prosecutor to be legitimate, there first has to be a specific crime committed. Some people point out that the whole notion of such special investigators is constitutionally questionable. It may be an example of one or another branch of fed government shirking its constitutionally defined responsibilities.

          • liz

            A Kangaroo Court.