To force the law enforcers to enforce the law 1

Republicans in Congress are fed up with being played for irrelevant fools by the little dictators of the DOJ and FBI.

The stench of corruption from both those federal agencies grows stronger by the day.

The guilty men and women need to be cleaned out, and all the facts of their perfidy revealed.

Is it beginning to happen at last?

  • liz

    Well I’m glad all this is at least being spoken about, and that the demand for an investigation is being made. And as Bondi pointed out, Sessions should not only be investigating, but FIRING some of these people.
    It’s seems to me that the Mueller investigation has been nothing more than a defensive move by the Deep State to pre-empt any investigation into themselves. As the saying goes, “The best defense is a good offense”.
    The problem is, their corruption is piled so high and so deep, even a good offense can’t hide it. It would shame even a Rino to ignore it.