New Year’s wishes 6

On December 31, 2014, in the midst of the second lurch of the terrible reign of the Community Organizer, we made some New Year wishes.

Have any of them come true? Have some of them begun to come true?

1.May Obama be hindered, hampered, frustrated and blocked in every political action he takes

He has gone. His horrible legacy is being undone. Obamacare has been semi-repealed. Taxes are down. Americans are becoming prosperous again. Illegal immigration is down.   

2.May the decline of America, that Obama has deliberately worked, be reversed. May the Republicans use their congressional majorities and all their positions of authority to effect that reversal.

American leadership in international affairs has been restored.The Iranian people are in uproar and riot against the ayatollahs’ dictatorship that Obama fawned over.

3.May religious belief start withering away, irreversibly, from the human psyche.

Religious belief is diminishing in the West at least.

4.May Islam be soundly defeated everywhere on earth and set on the road to rapid and total extinction.

The ISIS caliphate has been defeated, to a large extent by US military action in accordance with President Trump’s policy.

5.May the welfare state start being phased out, and genuine market economies be allowed to function in every nation-state.

Not started yet.

6.May the man-made global warming lobby give up.

It’s dying. The fatal blow was administered by President Trump when he withdrew the US from the absurd and ruinous Paris Agreement. Also, the US Environmenal Protection Agency (EPA) is being castrated and having all its teeth pulled at the same time. That’s worth a cup of cheer all on its own.

7.May the United Nations and all its agencies be destroyed.

The US has begun defunding the evil UN. It’s total demise begins to look like a real possibility.


On  the last day of 2014 we commented: “Okay – we’re being unrealistic. But while we’re wishing, we may as well wish big.”

As it transpires, we were not being unrealistic.

May 2018 bring further fulfillment of those same wishes – and the full granting of all the wishes of our readers, commenters, encouragers, and contributors.

A Happy New Year to all who see this page!

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  • Happy New Year to all at the Atheist Conservative and your readers!

    We have indeed been making progress against the forces of stupid lately, but there is much work still to be done as you rightly say!

    • Happy New Year to you, Chauncey, and all who contribute to your excellent internet magazine The Participator. The fight goes on.

  • Jeanne

    Hope…what a wonderful feeling! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Jeanne! And may your 2018 be prosperous and full of triumphs and delights.

  • liz

    It really is incredible – and awesome! – that all those wishes that seemed unattainable just a short few years ago are now coming true!
    Even though the Left was allowed to acquire too much power during the Obama years, with Trump in charge we now have a chance of defeating it.
    After eight years of a depressing nightmare, we’re finally getting some REAL “Hope and Change”. Socialism is on the way out – the change we hoped for! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, liz. And a very special Happy New Year wish from us to you, our major and best reader-contributor!