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Soon there will be war with North Korea. Unless its dictator has a sudden change of mind and voluntarily gives up his nuclear warheads and the ballistic missiles that can deliver them, they will need to be taken from him by force. The likelihood of the change of mind is very small. So the chance of war is very high.

In the war, a lot of people will die. They will probably be mostly North Koreans. There could be many deaths among South Koreans. There may be deaths of civilians in the United States.

Why is China rushing troops to its border with North Korea? It’s a reasonable speculation that they will shoot down radioactive North Koreans attempting to flee nuclear attack. China is not likely to risk war with the United States over North Korea. Nor is Russia.

The Daily Star reports:

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces are said to have been moving by night towards China’s river border with the North.

And Chinese commanders are reported to have recently conducted the so-called “war ceremony” – urging their troops to be ready to fight.

Columns of PLA trucks have been pictured on the move near Yanji City which is close to the triple border between China, Russia and North Korea.

Wars fears have spilled over into the New Year as Kim Jong-un warned the “nuclear button” is on his desk .

China is North Korea’s only traditional ally and has been coming under pressure to tackle Kim Jong-un from the US.

Sources cited in Chinese media claimed the PLA are “preparing for war on the Korean Peninsula” .

China would be expected to use its military forces to help quell a flood of refugees should the US attack North Korea.

There will be deaths among the US military. But that is what soldiers always face. An army exists to kill, and every soldier in it risks being killed. There is no point in pretending otherwise.

Obama tried to turn the army into a social service. That was a huge waste of tax-payers’ money.

If members of the Libertarian Party, or the Green Party, or the Bernie Sanders musty movement, or some pacifist church, or the Leftist media, or the deep state, or the Democratic Party don’t want war to happen – what is their alternative?

The army will fight, as it did in World War II. It will fight to win under the command of President Trump and General Mattis.

And the war will be fought by men. Not by women, or transgenders, or pacifists, or  Communists, or snowflakes, or social justice warriors, or professors, or lawyers, or play-play “resisters” like the Antifa thugs.

Men will fight it, men will kill in it, men will win it, and men will die in it.

And a rogue nation will be deprived of the power to do far greater damage and kill far more people.

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  • Don L

    When it comes to the Fiscal health of the US of A … Ron and Rand Paul are my heroes. Alas, Fiscal – Economics – is not even Trump’s concern. Too bad the Pauls’s are irrational as to theists with weapons (NOKO has a religion).

    Trump. so much better than that clothespin-nosed TX – can’t even remember his name — Hillary ::::: LOCK HER UP!!!

    Safety – Trump has a life of demonstrating good decision-making on $$$ that involve heavy-breathing. He isn’t going to cave and ultimately it comes down to who you put your money on, I’ll go with Trump.

    Thinking about it is over. Or,. pick the city you want to lose.

    #METOO (I have no idea about twit or insta) ; So, having a woman subjected to a dominating brute that constantly threatens force if you don’t comply is wrong at the personal level but OK when Rocket Man threatens the same?

    War IS inevitable or we are subjugated. I hope we are already taking the NOKO out as you are reading this!!!

    • liz

      I agree. And the Iranians along with them..

  • liz

    The North Korean people are in a no-win situation, thanks to their “Dear Leader” – they starve in peace, or get nuked in war.
    Why hasn’t somebody pulled the plug on this lunatic by now?

    • Don L

      Crap – why have you not read about the FED and the IMF and every other banking fraud. IT ISN’T FREE MARKET – this scenario is career-pol & central banking created. This situation exists because politicians voted / acted to allow it to exist – somebody got paid off.

      Yeah – NOKO folk & SOKO folk — DEAD by 10Xs 100s if not by 1000s of DEAD. Worse than the images of WWII Hiro & Naga (Been there).

      Hey, CNN thinks it’s OK if the nuke hits here … we deserve it.

      • liz

        Yes, I’m still wading through “Jekyll Island”!