… Or if war is not coming 9

Victor Davis Hanson, writing at Townhall, discusses what might happen in response to the North Korean threat of nuclear war. He includes this, the last of four possible scenarios:

Preemption. Barring the “peaceful” options of defanging nuclear North Korea, the U.S. and its Japanese and South Korean allies would have to disable the missiles through military force.

Such a nightmarish action would not be limited to “surgical strikes”. Instead, it would have to include massive attacks on North Korean missile sites, command and control centers, artillery and missile platforms, military bases and WMD repositories.

Such preemption would quickly escalate to a general-theater war – or worse.

But would it necessarily? And what would be worse?

Last-gasp North Korean nukes might escape preemptive bombing and be launched at Japan, South Korea, America’s Pacific bases and the U.S. West Coast.

A tottering North Korea could order a full-fledged artillery pounding of Seoul, chemical and cyber attacks, and a conventional ground invasion of South Korea.

The U.S. and its allies would win such a war. But the cost could be catastrophic and prompt global recession.

Why would it precipitate a global recession?

No one knows what China would do in such an exigency. Would it merely cry crocodile tears while its troublesome patron disappeared? Or to save its last communist client, would China send troops into the peninsula as it did in the fall of 1950?

One thing is always certain. The naive architects of appeasement who watch as monsters grow always win short-term praise for avoiding immediate war. Their realist successors, who are forced to cage or destroy such full-grown beasts, are usually labeled as war mongers. 

Yes, and in these days of civilizational despair, labels terrify people more than death. 

It may well be the case that the Western mind is now so set against war, against the killing it involves, that it will not defend itself. Not, anyway, by a preemptive strike.

What then? No one offers scenarios or prophecies of what will happen if Kim Jong-un is not disarmed.

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  • Don L

    Nanan nanna … at some point just hit the prick before he hits you … And, after 3 decades of these idiots pretending … loss of life is theirs: look to paid off POLs for ultimate … nevertheless, 1 million SOKO dead and no more curved TVs for awhile – Lock up all the Bush and Clinton admin folk; as having created the situation for DOMESTIC consumption. America Lulled, Gulled and Dulled.

    Let us not forget about the wall around the middle east!

  • liz

    Do you think if we were somehow able to depose “Button Boy” that his underlings might be glad to get rid of him? My guess is they only pretend to support him out of fear of his insane wrath.

    • Yes, I think it’s highly possible, liz. I’ve wondered about it.

      But his successor could be just as bad!

    • Don L


    • Don L

      LIZ, It has been this “we don’t want that” emotion that has brought us to it — the Korean peninsula will be united with the south or it will be a wasteland. Or,you will live under a freak with NUKE capabilities. IRONY – achieving that which you set out not to achieve.

      Lose a finger to save the body. Which city do we lose before we react?

      My idea is lose all of them before one of us. And, china does not YET have the resources to take us on. There Central Bank has done more damage to them than our FED has done to us …

      China will do nothing – Take NOKO out Now!!!

  • Jeanne

    Because what I think seems too straight forward, I both hope and assume that others who should know what may work to the best effect, do in fact know. Unfortunately, our history with NK does not fill me with confidence and it is the mere fact that our new leader appears to think differently from our past leaders and speaks boldly as to our need to end this madness, that gives me any hope at all. Thanks for the two thought provoking articles….like I needed to think more about such stuff…

    • Don L

      Thomas Sowell wrote a great book “Intellectuals and Society”wherein he exposes the consequences of chronic & delusional appeasement and/or pacificism. The lesson is to stop the aggressor immediately – delay (30years?) makes it horribly worse. Also verified by Shere’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. The latter concretely validates that had anyone acted early – NO WWII. So, Lesson: Do NOKO before they do us — SOKO, what the hell were you thinking? You and the US played political crony-capitalism while NOKO played you. Here come’s the price … KABNUUKEOOM

  • I noticed you have more questions than answers whenever you read even the most respected authors. So do I. I’m glad I’m not alone.

    One author claims that China calls the shots and will reign in NK. Without that possibility, I agree with you that war is inevitable. It will be worse the longer we wait.

    • Don L

      Hi, below I refer it: Thomas Sowell: “Intellectuals and Society”. It was interesting that AMAZON has sent it to the basement as to Sowell book searches, Hmmm? It is definitive as to the consequences of NOT ACTING when the obvious, not PC, is in front. KILL THE ENEMY BEFORE IT KILLS YOU: And, don’t ask the guy next to you what you should do. What are we waiting for the planets approval to survive? It Isn’t going to answer – there is no god or planet to respond – kill that which wants to kill you. Why do we allow muslims to drive cabs?