Darkness returns 4

This is our Facebook abstract of Mark Steyn’s review of the film Darkest Hour, about how Winston Churchill saved Britain and the world from Nazi Germany:

We are at the great hinge moment of the twentieth century. That year in which the moth-eaten British lion and its distant cubs stood alone is, more than any other single factor, the reason why the world as ordered these last seventy years exists at all. Joe Wright’s film is very good on the sense of one small island on the periphery of Europe having the noose tightened almost hour by hour. Britain and its lion cubs fought on, playing for time until first the Soviets and then the Americans joined the war against Germany, Italy and Japan. At its heart, the story of one long-serving politician in the spring of 1940 is the definitive example of the Great Man theory of history. It was his very particular qualities – ones that did not necessarily serve him well in peacetime or in other wars – that changed the course of human events. As with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, one’s admiration for the film is tempered by a terrible profound sadness – for a people who “won the war, and lost their country anyway”: the “long island story” is ending, and without anyone feeling the need to lie choking on the ground over it. To anyone old enough to remember an England where one could “walk into any pub in the country and ask with perfect confidence if the major had been in”, that sense of loss can bring tears to the eye. This is the film of an actual, real-life superhero. You leave the theater with the cheers of the House ringing in your ears …and return to a world where quoting Churchill in his own land can get you arrested.

Read the original in its entirety at Mark Steyn’s site here. It is well worth reading. We introduce it with our abstract in order to use it as a springboard for observations of our own.

Among all that stirs emotion there, above all, for us, is this:

… a terrible profound sadness – for a people who “won the war, and lost their country anyway”: the “long island story” is ending, and without anyone feeling the need to lie choking on the ground over it.  

It is astonishingly true that hardly a murmur of regret is heard from the educated classes of Great Britain, the classes of hereditary leadership, the political talking heads, the opinion formers, the professoriate, the historians, the think tanks, the men and women at present in power or firmly seated in the establishment, for the loss of their country.

They do not want to talk about it. And they do not want you to raise the issue.

Many are pretending that it isn’t happening; or that, if it is, it’s a bother that will  just go away.

But yes, there are those who are choking on the giving away of their country. They are the “horny handed sons of toil”. From the scorned and bullied working-class. The class for which the rulers claimed socialism needed to be established, but for whose opinion the rulers never give a toss.

The “Football Lads” march silently in their tens of thousands to the sites where Muslim immigrants have carried out acts of terrorism. They stand there in sorrow.

Tommy Robinson, who was once a “football hooligan” is now a leader of such resistance as there is in England. He is heavily and persistently harassed by police and frequently locked up for months on end by complicit judges on false charges. He is a brave man who has been abominably treated.

Anne Marie Waters almost certainly won a  recent election held for a new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), but was summarily informed she had lost it. UKIP might still stand for British independence from Europe under its usurping leader, but it will cast a very disapproving eye on any of its members who might “lie down on the ground and choke” over the end of the “long island story”. So Anne Marie Waters formed a new party called the ForBritain Party. The establishment and the media are calling it a “far right” party to discredit it.

Unspoken, but fully implied by real events is this declaration by the government and the media;

We want the end of the island story. The end of England. The end of Britain. We want it to become a tyrannical Islamic state.

One of the EU Commissioners says that Europe is “too white”. He wants to see it go black and brown. He wants it to be flooded by migrants from the Third World.

A former prime minister of Sweden says that the country he led belongs not to the Swedes but to the Muslim immigrants.

Some say this is happening to Europe because it feels guilty for its past imperialism and colonialism. A Leftist notion now almost universally accepted.

But Sweden had no colonies.

And among those European countries that did, Britain brought enormous benefits to its conquered territories: notably a fair judiciary, freedom of speech, a free press, and in many cases literacy. For Britain to be ashamed of its vast and splendid empire is absurd and even disgraceful. Yet its shame was manifest when England hosted the Olympic Games and told the world how proud it was of its (rotten) National Health Service, and made not a mention of its empire.

France took good cooking to its foreign conquests.

True, some European countries brought mostly dread. Germany did. And Spain and Portugal with their Inquisitions. To know what horror Belgium brought, one has only to read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Almost all these empires have shriveled away. There are only bits and pieces left of the old British Empire.

But the most important good that Europe – chiefly Britain – gave to the human race, to be taken and kept by any who will for its immeasurable benefit, was the Enlightenment.

The values on which the United States of America was founded were Enlightenment values (not “Judeo-Christian” values as we have argued fully elsewhere.)

They are the values – reason, individual liberty, property, rule of law, equal justice under the law for each individual – that need to be defended. But they are not being defended in western Europe, all of which, including Britain, is bending to primitive, cruel, unjust Islamic laws and traditions. 

The United States of America – saved from Europe’s fate by President Trump – remains, at least for the present, the last best hope of mankind.

  • Don L


    The full Steyn article was great. His personal contemporaneous injections on historic events and actor characteristics was enjoyable. And, respective of the historic accounts of the pascifists, I recommend Thpmas Sowell’s book “Intellectuals and Society” which elaborates on the tween wars period.

  • Don L

    Regrettably, feeling is so much easier than thinking. And, the socialist’s job of recruitment is singularly/exclusively/only/’period’ emotion-based. ” They have no rational, logical or in any manner or fashion a complete, un-contradictory or comprehensible theory, system or idea of any kind . What they do have is: “We can’t let them starve?” The great majority of repubs (the erroneously defined as ‘right’) cannot reply correctly with “There is no WE!”; whereas they have adopted and embraced the left’s funding mechanisms. Both parties are of the emotional government SHOULD schools.

    The left, without any valid or viable refutation by the ‘conservatives’ (another joke label), over time has allowed managed to dim the lights in America by getting everybody to recite a pledge our Founders would find treasonous, to drumbeat “democracy” as opposed to “Republic”, to obliterate the very idea of UNION OF VOLUNTARY NATIONS in favor of the all powerful Central Government – the STATE (Hillary calls it the “Village” – very emotional).

    Nearly from the beginning the left has been turning off the lights to liberty and reason: checkout the real (not Broadway) Alex Hamilton and his monarchist cronies in banking and on the SCOTUS. Today, in the united States of America, we must return to the lowercase ‘u’ understanding of our founding in order to KEEP the lights on.

    The result of government driven by emotion is a population that doesn’t even know the difference between Consent and Ruled: Lulled, Gulled and Dulled. Every day in every school house, every kid raises his/her hand in compulsory schooling and recites “indivisible” … the left has turned off the light on the principles with which we were founded. The VOLUNTARY Union of free and separate States gone; replaced by the coerced STATE. What’s a republic? Individual sovereignty?

    Trump, has regained the power house and is turning our lights back on. Overcoming leftist conditioning, getting a thinking population back, however, a bit in the future … if ever addressed again at all. Again, to keep the lights on, never an Obama again… it’s a lowercase u. The UK, which gave us the criminal centralized fractional reserve banking scheme, might make it back into the light but me thinks the continent is long gone … too long, too many … dribble brained and corrupt. At Least, another dark ages before the enlightenment has a chance.

    DE-CAREER DC: Term Limits, Repeal 17 and End The FED!

    “We the People…” was an abbreviation voted on by convention delegates (done to compensate for the deviance from legal practice of listing the individual signatories. No delegate knew which states would agree to relinquish limited and enumerated of its powers. That required, handwritten, an unworkable number of documents, in any and all combinations of states to be listed and submitted to each state as each state signed …it was not going to happen … they agreed on the expression of “We the People”. It in no manner or fashion inferred or implied a single nation or collectivist understanding – FREE AND SEPARATE NATIONS!!! No new nation was brought forth upon this continent! Arguing against this demonstrates the degree of left success.

    England did not give up its sovereignty to the EU – the folks took it back as it came so close to total loss. Lincoln destroyed States’ rights – they need to be restored. Trump has minimally acted to that end – more to come; me hopes.

  • liz

    “Choking on the ground” is nearly an understatement for what it’s come to – that one can now be arrested simply for quoting one of Britain’s greatest heroes.
    The muslim Mayor of London tells us terrorism is the new normal.
    Meanwhile, in New York, Mayor de Blasio is now directing millions of taxpayer dollars towards security measures to prevent car attacks after a Muslim (who attended a mosque that de Blasio suspended surveillance of) mowed a bunch of New Yorkers down. Because “we’re all Muslims now”, dont’cha know!

    • Don L

      A day or so ago I saw some news blurb (news?) about a California business … hire a cuddle. Not sex … really, after bad Trump news you may need a cuddle.

      “England has become our enemy, according to the newly elected ayatollah” is joyous; I suppose. Have you gotten your trophy for participating yet? Who makes the trophies? Oh, the people who can are made to … why do you ask?