Muslims are the new Nazis 3

In this video, issued on December 28, 2017, Pat Condell talks about the Koran-decreed hatred of Jews by Muslims. Simply and accurately he declares that the Muslims are the new Nazis:

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  • Jeanne

    Thank you, Pat Condell. I keep hoping that more Europeans and Brits think as he does.

  • Cogito

    This is breathtaking. Condell at his enraged best.

    He will be in Yad Vashem

    • liz

      He should be.
      He makes a great point about the lying left – they scream to high heaven about the “Nazis” of the “far”, “alt” right (which require a microscope to find), but roll out the red carpet, and bestow favored victim status on Muslims, who’s Jew hatred makes Hitler look like a mere piker.