Our Darkening Hour 8

Our Western civilization is roiled by conflict; political struggles of the utmost importance.

Some call them “wars”. They are being fought mostly without weapons and violence, though one side (the wrong side of course) often resorts to physical attack, convinced that its righteousness justifies and demands it.

We quote from an article by Paul Collits at the Australian magazine Quadrant. (Our cuts include most of the specifically Australian references.)

By my reckoning there are six key wars, all of which must be identified, understood and, most of all, fought.

First, there is the war that must be won against political correctness in all its forms.  This is a fight between the elites and the punters.  It is a battle for the heart and soul of our society.  On one side are the careerists and ideologues of the fevered swamps of Washington, Canberra and so on; on the other, the deplorables, the Reagan Democrats, the Howard Battlers, the Struggle Street listeners tuned in to talkback radio, the small businessmen and women, the two-income families who want what is right for their kids. …

Second, there is the war against environmentalism in all its guises.  The god of “sustainability”, born in the 1980s … is now so embedded in schools, universities and media it is not remotely clear how one might fight back.  The god of sustainability has delivered to us the scourges and nonsenses that are “peak oil”, “climate change” and “renewable” energy.

Third, there is the war between Islam and the West.  This takes many forms – from global migration of economic refugees, to sharia law, welfare fraud, gangs and terrorism.  Its fronts are the banlieu of Paris, the bookshops of Lakemba and the streets of Melbourne.  Taking the side of Islam in this war is politics 101 for today’s “leaders”.

Fourth, there is the war against the Administrative State.  The State’s overreach is now all but complete.  The nanny state rules our lives.  It is the tool by which political correctness is enforced, by which freedom of speech and freedom of belief are purged and personal conduct regulated. Paranoia, you say? … The State’s nannyism combines with political correctness to haul the innocent before the faux courts of our time … Their crime? Saying that which others do not want heard. …

Fifth, there is the war between globalism and nationalism. The Davos brigade, the Soros network of lavishly funded activists, and their many lackeys in politics, Silicon Valley and elsewhere, lead the charge. Their weapons are globalisation and technology.  Their institutions are global, not national. Their aim is global governance and the end of the nation state, with its old fashioned values of patriotism flag and family.

Finally, there is the war on truth. This is the biggest of them all. …  [We must fight for truth against] the victory of Derrida, Foucault and their fellow-travelling Marxists and neo-Marxists who occupy the commanding cultural heights of our society and have succeeded in embedding and seizing our key institutions – the media, political parties, schools, universities, Hollywood and now even the corporations. The whole phenomenon of fake news bespeaks their success. …

[Their] biggest victory … was over our poor dumb millennials, now two generations removed from any proper understanding of Western values and virtues, and the core value of the West is truth. Earlier, when I spoke of schools, I did not say “our” schools, for they no longer are. They, too, have been colonised. Their graduates will list the ills and crimes of the West and rattle them off by Pavlovian rote, and thus do we hear of a past populated by the likes of Simon Legree [the cruel slave-owner in Uncle Tom’s Cabin – ed] but seldom if ever of Wilberforce [who launched the successful campaign to free all the slaves in the British Empire – ed]. The ease with which, for example, the young are convinced of something patently untrue can be seen in the numbers of our young who lazily embrace the ersatz version of marriage now de rigueur. …

There are other battles outside the six wars, of course, but it would be hard to find a front or even a minor skirmish that is not a theatre of these six conflicts. …

In [the] “darkest hours” [of World War II] Churchill certainly did not believe that checking and defeating an existential threat to the very being of the British Isles would be easy, nor that it could be avoided. Everything was on the line. His own War Cabinet was divided.  A serious argument was made … that Britain should seek an accommodation with Hitler.  Much of the British army was stranded and exposed in a foreign land, albeit only 22 miles away at its closest. … Victory would be deemed by any reasonable appraisal as most unlikely. …

The two wars since – Vietnam and the second Iraq War – featured murky enemies, often hard to find and certainly hard to destroy, and new technologies. But far more telling was the lack of consensus at home about whether those wars should be fought at all — whether the enemy was, indeed, “the enemy”. What Churchill could count on was a united and angry populace … committed to the fight with heart and soul — “blood, sweat and tears”, as he put it. …

Who do we have manning the barricades today? 

The barricades of the wrong side, that is to say.

Justin Trudeau.  Macron.  Merkel. Theresa May. Jean-Claude Juncker.  Turnbull.  The Davos set.  The UN.  Pope Francis. Mark Zuckerberg. Oprah. Prince Charles. These are the figures that flit across the world’s TV screens and its collective frontal lobe, mouth their platitudes and move on to the next sound byte, their pronouncement’s on Islam’s amity or the wickedness of cheap power seldom questioned by a media imbued with the same views, the same agendas, the same presumption that projected virtue can trump the precedent of history. Just how they never explain. These leaders, so called, are almost to a man or woman, batting for the enemy by word and deed and silence.  The worst of them actively collaborate and work against the interests of their own people.

If, on the off-chance, our young people might be cajoled to see [the film] Darkest Hour, they just might begin to see with a clarity not previously available to them how we are, indeed, involved in a number of lethal wars. To lose them will destroy their futures in ways even more insidious than Hitler or even Stalin could have imagined. And they might consider voting for folks who might be minded to fight the battles that matter now.  An outsider?  One hated by his own party?  Someone who sees enemies and understands how to fight them.  Someone willing to spare the niceties?  Someone willing to make his country great again?  Err, wait a minute …

Although at present we have on our side – the side of truth, freedom, civilized values, and the nation state – a great Commander-in-Chief in the person of President Trump, it is not at all clear at this time which side will be victorious.

In all the wars, the enemy is the Left. With its “political correctness”, environmentalism, alliance with Islam, deep-state socialism, globalism, and hatred of our civilization which it is determined to destroy, the Left has conquered the institutions of education, most of the media, the entertainment industry, and the pinnacles of power in many Western states. It held the pinnacle of power in the US for eight years and did much harm to America, making the people poorer and the country weaker; and to the world by upheaving populations, sending millions pouring out of shithole countries and flooding into our world. The tide is against us.

Will President Trump, standing alone among leaders as Churchill did, succeed as he did in turning the tide?

  • Speaking of the political correctness struggle, Jordan Peterson came on UK TV channel 4 and gave some brilliant responses to the SJW presenter:


    • Thanks for the entertainment, Chauncey. She is not just “not agreeable”, she is almost enough to make me into a misogynist!

  • Cogito

    This is an extraordinarily clear presentation of the dire state of Western Civilization – and what needs to be done to reverse this decline. If we do not heed these warnings, we will be the world’s next shithole country.

    • liz

      Yes, thanks to the great “advancements” made by ‘Progressives’ like Obama, we may one day be where the Iranians are now – looking back from under the totalitarian rule of the Mullahs at what was once a free society.

  • Don L

    This ties to the previous post “Tell Them”.

    First, I suggest with Trump as Pres we have “a truth” as opposed to truth. And, phew, compared to a Clinton “truth” you bet we are better off. However, There is absolutely little speak of limited government wherein the economy is liberated from currency control. Or, the FED is still under the radar! A truth altering secret is still being protected. Nobody speaks of a War against the cartel-banker & career-politician cabal.

    The Paul’s had an ability to change perspective. They failed to promote sound and real economics by marrying economics to pacifistic ideology; as did the only two known TV hosts, FOX’s (retired) Stossel and Kennedy.

    Just “Tell Them” is a solution but who will do the telling. Even the Mises Institute is being overrun by the ideology of Rothbardian-Libertarians. The left has been nearly 100% successful in getting citizens to ignore their best interests and ignore anything to do with economics. My line: America Lulled, Gulled and Dulled. How to get it through that what Americans have been “compulsory schooled” about economics since birth IS a lie”. Mainstream economics is a HOAX, SCAM, SHAM; a profession near wholly-dependent on government largesse.

    (What a setup for my thought – Wrote this just before I found this post)

    Here IS, what all must understand about the fools managing an economy; The economy shouldn’t and can’t be managed… Period!




    ⦁ VIEW: Economics, steeped in science-envy and FDR-era patronage, as a pretense of being able to quantitatively measure ‘happiness/utils’ as if it were the same as measuring voltage/electrons toward PREDICTION (an economy pseudoscientifically designed; 3-party) VS economics as the study of HUMAN actions toward DESCRIPTION (the economy being willingly & agreeably created by buyers and sellers; 2-party);

    ⦁ The elimination of choice through coerced politicized-social-engineering VS proven prosperity of unalienable sovereign consumer-meritocracy;

    ⦁ Suicidally-violating the gestalt of learned human agreement, as to the medium of exchange, by legalization of the fraudulent practice of currency debasement [ Thereby INTENTIONALLY & IMMORALLY implementing the mechanism, the FED, by which wealth IS transferred from those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder to those already safely on the roof. ] VS sound money, honest prices and limited government.

    ⦁ and, the enabling of Government, according to the POLITICALLY-EMOTIONAL SHOULD VS advancing limited government and the proven conditions of liberty and prosperity, based on the REALITY OF IS.

    Speaking of Pope’s support for global warming inititatives:

    “…to not settle for the world as it IS,
    but rather to make it as it SHOULD be.”

    Barak Hussein Obama – 12/30/2014

    • liz

      That quote by Obama about making the world as it “should be” – so typical of an arrogant Leftist. THEY, and they alone, know what is best for the masses they must control from their exalted heights of power!
      I can’t even listen to him (or any of them for that matter) without gagging at the 100 proof stench of Bullshit.