Against the anti-racist racists 5

Professor Jordan Peterson of the university of Toronto explains why Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), post-modernists, and Marxists are wrong; and why those who believe in white privilege, and the existence of an oppressive white patriarchy, are genuinely racist.

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  • Cogito

    As an addendum, please look at this column by the marvellous Delingpole on Professor Peterson’s recent clash with a SJW on British TV.
    Not to be missed:

    • Don L

      Great article! Thanks

    • Chauncey Tinker drew our attention to it, and posted it as a comment.

  • Don L


    “…manipulating us into a world we do not want.”

    Lulled, Gulled and Dulled – He’s doing his part to break the chains of conditioning!

  • liz

    Great points! Interesting that the logical conclusion of “intersectionality” is individualism, but I don’t doubt the arrogant morons who invented it will have destroyed civilization before figuring that out. But no problem, they can just all wear black at the Oscars and pretend they care.