Big issues 9

What are the Big Issues of the day?

  1. Donald Trump has been elected president of the USA, which is (a) impossible and (b) intolerable. 
  2. President Trump has or has not called shithole countries “shithole countries”; and can it really be true that he weighs only 239 lbs. and is in good health?
  3. It has come to light that over the last thirty years or so, for the first time in history, women have been pursued by men for sexual gratification, which is wrong except when Bill Clinton does it.
  4. Studies show that white men run everything and must be replaced in all leadership positions by non-whites and women.
  5. The academic discipline of mathematics is racist and sexist, and must be made more comprehensible to feminists and other non-intellectuals by infusions of emotion.
  6. In a hundred years or so the planet could be a degree or two warmer than it is now.

There are other issues, good and bad, but they are comparatively trivial. Fox TV, conservative papers, some users of social media, and right-wing radio bring them up, but the mainstream media have the good sense not to excite or trouble the public over them.

  1. The United States is in the grip of economic recovery.
  2. The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton corrupted the Intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice, by bringing them into a conspiracy to falsely accuse Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians in order to scuttle his candidacy, and later to try to nullify his election as president.
  3. Nation states are coming to an end as borders are opened and vast numbers of refugees from shithole countries are moving into the West, which will soon experience radical transformations of their laws, culture and values to turn them into shithole countries.
  4. Chief among the transformers are Muslims, whose law, culture and values will bring women – even feminist women – into subjection.
  5. Muslims are further advancing their conquest of the West by means of terrorist attacks which can and do kill anybody anywhere at any time.
  6. The aggressive states of North Korea and Iran are threatening nuclear war.

Admittedly the nuclear war threats are noticed sometimes by the mainstream media – but only because they are entirely the fault of President Trump.

  • Zerothruster

    Shithole Countries —

    Isn’t it kind of funny how the term “shithole countries” is not really sanitized when we abbreviate ‘shit’ to ‘S’ … and then pronounce it “ess-hole countries”?

    Maybe we should just go back to calling them “turd-world countries.”

  • Don L

    As the wise nomad of the east, Tibor, used to caution, as to Stock & Commodity price growth as a measure of wealth: “Don’t be the last guy holding tulip bulbs!”.

    Might I have to believe in a god? If this memo that is to come out delivers and names names … even if not ever done .. would my immaculate prayers have been answered anyway?

    • Zerothruster

      The wise nomad of the east … that would be Tibor the Hun?
      I met him once at a libertarian group dinner we hosted, with him as featured guest. He reamed me a new one for questioning the doctrine of free will. And yet, the first-ever Libertarian Party candidate for president, philosophy professor John Hospers, was a determinist.

      • liz


  • liz

    Number One on the list – the fact that the U.S. is in an economic recovery, will soon be nullified by numbers 2 – 4, if they are allowed to continue.
    Another big issue the media is conveniently ignoring is that small, insignificant, quite unimportant (its only the worst in American history!) political scandal that makes Watergate look like Romper Room.

    • Thanks, liz! It was a serious oversight on my part. I have now put it in.

  • Jeanne

    I must tell you how ecstatic I am that you keep using that marvelously descriptive word, “shithole” to describe what polite society may term countries that are the “armpit” of their continent. It is much more appropriate.

    • liz

      Yes, its great to have a President who isn’t afraid to ‘call a spade a spade’. He tells it like it is, even when he knows the media is going to have a cow over it. In fact, I think he does it on purpose just to tweak them, since the hypocrites are going to anyway, regardless.