A feminist stumped 8

… by Professor Jordan Peterson.

The video is rather long, but the denouement is worth waiting for.  “Gotcha!” he says to arrogant Cathy Newman, a “progressive” –  Social Justice Warrior –  feminist.

It’s delightfully satisfying.


(Hat-tip Chauncey Tinker)


James Delingpole writes at Breitbart:

Now, predictably, the left-wing media is trying to reframe Newman’s abject humiliation as a case of misogynist bullying by the “alt-right”. The aim, of course, is to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by implying that anyone who takes the side of Newman’s critics is anti-women and pro-abuse. …

The reason that this car-crash interview was such a landmark moment in the Culture Wars is that it demonstrated how quickly the SJW narrative crumbles when exposed to a dose of polite but unflagging reason.

Lots of people on the non-SJW side of the argument have taken heart from this because they’ve suddenly been shown how to win: don’t lose your cool; never surrender to any of the enemy’s terms — which are false terms; never be fooled by the enemy’s smears, straw men, or haughtiness into believing that they hold the moral high ground over you — because they don’t; and win by exposing the weakness and contradictions of their arguments.

And now Channel 4 and the Guardian are helping Cathy Newman lose her argument all over again, by pointing up the double standards of feminists and their pretense that all they want is “equality”.

On the one hand they claim that all they want is a level playing field, where women can compete on equal terms with men and everyone is treated fairly; on the other, as soon as the going gets tough, they want special rules to be applied because they’re more fragile and men are horrid and consequently as frail women they need special protection. 

Equality? Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.


(Hat-tip to Cogito for the Delingpole commentary)

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  • Zerothruster

    She repeatedly tries to turn Jordan’s points into ‘straw men’, and then put those straw words in his mouth. But her mendacities backfire on her, and she’s the one who ends up looking pathetically hollow and ignorant.

    • liz

      Yes, “backfired” is right. Another thing that makes Peterson’s defeat of her so effective is that he argues from a standpoint of researched fact rather than religious conviction. A good example of why conservative arguments are more effective when religion is left out of the debate, which Christian conservatives would do well to take note of.

  • Cogito
    • It’s the same video, Cogito. But we thank you anyway. We appreciate your drawing our attention to items that you know will interest us.

      • Cogito

        Yes, it is the same video, but the column is an update on the interview. Delingpole repeats the video for those who missed it the first time.

        • Ah, I see! Thanks again. I have updated the post with Delingpole’s commentary.

    • liz

      Thanks! That’s great that she not only was crushed in the interview, she’s now whining about being “bullied” to try to save face, which really only makes her look worse. Ha!

  • liz

    Ha! Yes, her only defence was constant interruptions with annoying cliches.
    I doubt she’ll give any of his reasoning a two second thought, as that would tax her shallow intellect to the breaking point.