Agenda 21 and the Ministry of Loneliness 19

In our town, and almost certainly in your town, and most of the towns (cities) of the United States, tall buildings are springing up at or near railway and bus stations, consisting of hundreds of very small living-units for single occupants. No areas are provided for cars, though there is accommodation for a limited number of bicycles. Occupants are encouraged to use public transport.

The living-units we have seen contain a narrow bunk bed, a small wardrobe and a couple of drawers to hold a few (standard issue) clothes, a desk big enough for a (frequently called-in and replaced) lap-top computer to stand on, a shelf where a very few books or a framed photograph or two might be displayed. And there is a narrow shower-closet, with the usual facilities, where the luxuries of rationed soap and toilet tissue may perhaps be enjoyed in the hours when the water is centrally turned on. We do not know for sure that there are recording devices hidden here and there, but we very reasonably suspect there are.

These buildings are part of the implementation by your local council of Agenda 21.

A video, issued in January 2009, explains what Agenda 21 is:

So families are to be broken up or never formed. That’s why the new living-units are for single people only.

Yes, the single persons will be lonely. That’s a vital part of the plan. 

The British Prime Minister (by what accumulation of errors?) Theresa May is the first political leader to appoint a Minister of Loneliness. Her name (it would of course be a woman) is Tracey Crouch. She is also the Minister of Sports (and “Digital, Culture, and Media”) who knows everything about team work, uniforms, mass transport, rules, penalties … Good choice, Theresa!

So as not to offend the Muslim community – which must never be offended even if its members rape and murder that little daughter of yours who has been taken away to be educated in group-think – males and females will be separated for all communal activities (pretty well the only kind of activities that will be allowed).

But also not to offend the LGBQTetc communities, there will have to be further separation for sports teams, work forces, organized social gatherings … Public toilet facilities, however, will be as open to all-comers as the borders of the late nation-states.

The human race will be relieved of the sin of private ownership. And of the burden of self-support. And of the responsibility of family support.  And of any cause to envy your neighbor.

Oh, brave new low-CO2 world that has such collectives in it!

  • liz

    So this video was done in 2009, and here we are nearly 10 years later, and the agenda is still going forward? Who in the federal government is still funding this? The Swamp continuing its agenda whether anybody wants it or not?
    Very revealing bit of information about George Bush there. As big a traitor as Obama – he just hid it better.

    • Don L

      Bush, Clinton … Ivy League … all related to the same practical ideology: bought and paid for by central banking. Central banks, FED #1, no national affiliations. Neither the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch has access to FED goings on. How can that be? We never think about things we don’t think about; They make sure you never discover what the FED does: distort history, accounting principles, mission statements … anything to keep you from discovering the little man behind the curtain is the FED, [ I’m curious about new Chairman … kinda sneaked in.]

  • ncgh

    How do you separate by gender if gender is just whatever you think it is?

    • Don L

      LOL: If a tin whistle is made of tin, what then the foghorn?

      It’s sorta like our US Dollar: fractional reserve fiat – backed only by threat of police action “legal tender” law. It’s value is whatever you think it is.

    • Good question. L in the morning, B at night, XYZ next week.

  • liz

    I can’t believe they just keep pushing this idiotic crap from fantasyland.
    This communal “utopia” should crumble under the weight of its own stupidity.
    But of course, if they’re forcing taxpayers to fund it, it’ll take way too long.

    • Don L

      It stems from the idiotic christian crap of selfless. It is my unscientific contention that these “atheists” in name only on the left merely abandoned the icon god and not the horrendous dogma of live for others; after death nonsense. They adhere to this irrefutably failed political economic ideology and offer blank-eyed delusional defense, just as the theists do for people in the sky.

      • liz

        Yes, I think that’s what it is. Become a drone in a collective beehive, sacrificing your individuality for the greater good. Basically the same concept as priests and nuns sacrificing for ‘god’.

        • Theophilus

          But in Christianity don’t they have an “individual” relationship with their god? From the outside, clothed in the same cloth they may seem the same, but I’m not that sure they lose their individuality – all of them?

          Whereas Islam, certainly its broader message is collectivist, closer in ideology to communism, which the article was rather making me think of.

          • Christians may believe they have an individual relationship with their god, but their religious duty according to Pauline doctrine is to subordinate their own needs and desires to the needs and desires of others. It should not be forgotten that the aim of the churches (Catholic and then Protestant as well) was totalitarian power – until the Enlightenment took the possibility away from them. My complete answer to your question is set out in this essay, titled “Communism is Secular Christianity”:


          • liz

            Jillian’s answer covers it well, and I would just add that, as far as I can determine, the “personal relationship with Jesus” idea is a pretty recent development, to keep up with the modern emphasis on the touchy-feely. For most of Church history, believers were supposed to get their “word from God” through the priest or pastor.
            Even since the Pentecostal movement that pretty much still holds true, just as believers still strive to follow Jesus’ command to “deny yourself, take up your cross”, and “lay down your life” for others, because “to live is Christ, to die is gain”. I remember the Sunday School motto, “Joy is Jesus first, Others second, You last”! Self-sacrifice, in other words.
            Individualism, like Reason, came through the Enlightenment, and was absorbed into the Christian mind like the rest of our culture.

            • Fascinating. The Sunday School motto – confirming my understanding – is new to me. Thanks, liz!

    • Athrin

      they keep pushing it because they are still alive to push it….and as long as they keep living they will push this.

    • Theophilus

      Utopia is so religious and leftist and MAD scientist!
      I was once asked by a JW if I would like there to be a world of perfection.
      I said, no, because one person’s peace is another’s chaos, and it didn’t work out well for you last time! That rather stumped them…

  • Don L

    America Lulled, Gulled & Dulled: The Road from Cnsent of the Governed to Duty to Obey the State

    • liz

      Yes, they’ve been caught just like the Wizard of Oz pushing his little levers behind the curtain. Trump’s election pulled the curtain off and now their conspiracy is exposed. But instead of admitting their guilt (meaningless to a leftist) they’re going to continue their sanctimonious charade, a la Comey.

    • I like your “Lulled, Gulled and Dulled”. Has very wide application. Not just national. Pretty well global.

      • Don L

        I’m not sure if Japanese textbooks yet discuss Nanking.