“It is time to submit” 9

Owen Benjamin made this video, published in January 2018.

We would cut out the allusion to “Judeo-Christian values” if we could, but we agree emphatically with the message as a whole. In our words:

Wake up, Western man, act against Islam –  or Despair!

And we savor the bitter sarcasm with which the message is delivered.


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  • Zerothruster

    But we’ve been tolerating intolerance for a long time now.
    It’s time. …
    A long time ago, people like Sidney Hook, Arthur O. Lovejoy and Richard Robinson, all professional philosophers, none Christians, made the case that people supporting totalitarian ideologies should be barred from the professoriate and other offices of influence.
    Of course, that was back in the Greater ’50s (1946-1963), so those three guys were just intolerable stooges for Joe McCarthy, right?

    • liz

      Of course – why would anyone want to do something so utterly reasonable?! We are now witnesses to the consequences of ignoring them, and it proves their point completely.

  • liz

    “This is the world we currently still kind of live in. Intolerant, chained by reason and objectivity…” Yes, only “kind of”, thanks to the great ‘progress’ that Progressives have already made in destroying reason and objectivity, freeing our future generations to wallow in self-imposed guilt and shame for their undeserved ‘privilege’, and meekly submit to their government masters.

    • Don L

      Didn’t you just, sort of, define religion?

      • liz

        Yes, exactly! The Left’s religion. Soon to lead us all full circle back into subjection to the most barbaric religion in history! Insanity.
        I came across a quote from Elie Weisel. He said it about Jews and Germans. I’ll substitute “Americans” for Jews, and “Muslims” for Germans, and you get a picture of what Americans should be, post 9/11 –
        “I cry out with all my heart against forgiveness, against forgetting, against silence. Every American, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the Muslim personifies and for what persists in the Muslim. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.”

        • Cogito


  • Don L

    LOL, continuing: “Tolerate the Intolerant” … Brilliant! Jeanne, see … this is why it never stops ‘amazing’.

    Fun video: tongue-in-cheek; what percent will think it is ‘correctness’ instructional?

    • Jeanne

      OMG! Speaking of correctness; I didn’t see a diversity of color, ethnicity or class in the video, tsk,tsk. Truthfully, It would have been a more powerful message had there been.

  • Don L

    FYI: judeo-christian founders – these death-wishing ghost lovers are not dissimilar from lying delusional lefties. Founders were predominantly deists and the Founding Docs were based on English Common law which was established centuries before the idea of immaculate children ever made it to the English shores. Indeed, most Founders found christianity to be one of the more objectionable of the mystical religious nonsense. Their notion of a god was not anything like the nonsense of the all powerful, prayer answering, omnipresent, omniscient made up thing worshiped today. Incidentally, Episcopalian church passing new law that god has no gender … geez almighty ya can’t make this stuff up. Did they look under something? LOL Did ‘it’ speak to someone?