Italy hotting up to civil war 11

… if enough Italians can bring themselves to fight it before they are drowned in the “flood” of  Third World – mostly Muslim – immigrants.

In this video (which we came to via The Participator), Professor Alexandre del Valle – who has written extensively on Islam, terrorism, the Arab world, and Turkey – warns that the Left and Right are “radicalizing” in Italy, taking up irreconcilable positions on the question of the nation state and its “flooding”.

The aim of the Left, he says, is the total destruction of that “absolute evil”, the nation state; of  Western “Christian” Europe and of all Western “Christian” civilization. (What we insist is Enlightenment Europe, Enlightenment civilization.) He rightly accuses George Soros and charities such as Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children of funding and promoting the “flood”.

While he seems reluctant to sound alarmist, his message is intensely alarming.

As he is one of too few Europeans who see the colossal disaster that is coming and can make their voices heard, may he stupendously alarm all Europe and the entire Western world. “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.”

  • There’s a part two as well:

  • liz

    Yes, intensely alarming. It’s time for people to recognize that the war is already in progress – Western civilization is already under assault, attack, invasion and infiltration. George Soros and all his cohorts should be arrested as enemies of the state and all their billions frozen and confiscated.
    It’s already gone way too far! The “Right” is not “becoming radicalized” – it is simply responding to the very real threat posed by the already radical Left.

    • Duke of Hazzard

      ” George Soros and all his cohorts should be arrested as enemies of the state and all their billions frozen and confiscated”.
      liz, if you weren’t aware of this already, this may be of interest to you.

      There is much more to this XO than it appears.

      • liz

        Thanks! I hope it works toward that end.

      • Thanks, Duke of Hazzard. It’s a wide net with quite small holes. Is there a part of it, or parts of it, that you think could catch Soros? (I read it in haste.)

        • Duke of Hazzard

          It doesn’t target Soros directly. However, this executive order allows law enforcement to confiscate all money and property of people with any connections with human and drug smuggling, as well as large scale corruption. You’re correct, it is a very wide net, a net that may very well snag him up. Though it doesn’t say it in the XO, I hear that President Trump has no intention of trying these criminals in US courts, but rather by military tribunals, as many of the targeted individuals have judges in their pocket (search for Qanon, as well as Jerome Corsi on Youtube for more info).
          At the SOTU address, President Trump stated that he will be keeping Gitmo open for business. If you do some online searching, you will find that traffic volume to and from the prison has been unusually high. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has personally made a trip there.Trump also deployed the 850th Military Police Battalion to Gitmo for a 9 month mission. Odd considering the very small prisoner population there.
          More interesting reading

          • Very interesting! You’ve done fascinating and important research. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  • Don L

    If they won’t go peacefully, use force but round ’em up and send them back across the Med. It is a war for survival and as yet the west is failing to put up any resistance … Europe — Really Lulled, Gulled & Dulled!

    • Yes. That would be a possible – and humane – way to do get rid of the invaders. But the conflict between Left and Right, between the multiculturalists and the patriots, between the globalist elites and the peoples would not end with the expulsion of the invaders and the stopping of the flood. The Left needs to be thoroughly defeated. Or it will bring the invaders back again. Europe needs about 30 Donald Trumps, and as far as we know there is only one – doing a good job thus far for America. There are some leaders of movements in Europe that are inspired by him, and if they come to power through the ballot, they might save their countries. But the chance is slipping away with every arrival of a boatload of “refugees” on the shores of southern Europe.

      • Don L

        Absolutely … total agreement.