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Mark Steyn on Fox in conversation with Tucker Carlson:

Note: We have no objection, of course, to losing “the Church”, but we want it to wither away, dissolve, vanish into thin air – not to be abolished by authoritarian¬† government.

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  • Don L

    In a free-market capitalist and “consent of the governed” limited-powers Republic, societal and individual prosperity is a consequent of doing for others. No not sacrifice but exchange of values: money for good or service; labor/management for money. A free and prosperous society is driven by consumers who allocate wealth and it is not a zero sum game whereas each party (ONLY TWO: BUYER AND SELLER) wins.

    In the world were the deluded, non-thinking and emotionally-driven socialists live and advocate, lie and obfuscate to further their just society, prosperity IS a zero sum gain. Wealth is redistributed, in accordance with the decrees of an interventionist government: Not a free-marketplace and there are 3 parties (BUYER, SELLER and GOV’T) and only the government, and its selected recipients of the ‘justness’ (unearned resources = plunder) win. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a little bit of socialism. Force. violence, death and the waste of untold resources and total collapse and failure IS the outcome of economic intervention no matter the excuse. Socialism IS the ultimate authoritarian scheme and its advocates are the ultimate evil.

    Their argument is that not all prosper equally. That’s right. II IS NATURAL INEQUALITY. And, before the interventionist government arose in the early 1900s, those who deserved assistance had it from private organizations – established and controlled locally. The economy was growing and all were winning.

    The socialists desire to force a false reality to make people equal; that’s the story they tell: its done by destroying producers (why continue if all you earn is taken without JUST compensation?) for the benefit of thieves and takers who vote for more of the same. In fact, historically,the socialist ideal degenerates into a privileged iron-fisted ruling-class and a society of serfs. The rulers are the only winners – until the next revolution.

    Perhaps a contest to rename the socialists. It is too pleasing a sounding word. The term “Social Justice” doesn’t really reflect the plundering and the human tragedies this horrific ideology causes.

    • Or was that a typo, Don L? Did you mean Authoritarianists?

      • Don L

        Thank you! And done.

    • liz

      Amen! Well said. “Socialism IS the ultimate authoritarian scheme.”
      Yes, that’s why they inserted it insidiously into our psyches from way back with the introduction of “Social Studies” all the way to the current “Social Justice” mantra. With the righteous vilification of “consumerism” and “commercialism” – the evil spawn of Capitalism, thrown in-between.

  • liz

    Of the many “projections” by the Left of their own crimes onto the Right, this accusation of authoritarianism is one of the most ridiculous.
    As Mark points out – weaponizing the IRS and the DOJ by those in power, against their political opponents, apparently has nothing to do with authoritarianism! On the other hand, I don’t know of one thing Trump has done that does.
    Banning immigration is not authoritarian, unless you’re an idiot who thinks the entire world has the right to live here, and therefore borders and laws are meaningless. In other words, a leftist.