What happened at the FBI? 9

Yesterday we wrote about the corruption of the leadership of the CIA.

Now here’s a summary of just some of the instances when the FBI failed the nation in recent years – under corrupt leadership. (James Comey’s leadership is not discussed, but a good brief overview of his failures and deceptions can be found here.)

Many murders were committed because the Left in power favored Islam.

Lloyd Billingsley writes at Front Page:

After Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, FBI special agent Robert Lasky, head of the bureau’s Miami division, said he “truly regrets” the pain caused by the FBI’s failure to act on a tip about the shooter.

The FBI said it had no way to trace the tip …

An obvious lie …

… then FBI boss Christopher Wray said the message was never passed on to the FBI’s Miami field office, as official protocol required. Relatives of the victims might have noted the passive verb construction. In typical style, Wray failed to name the person who never passed on the tip, and offered no explanation why that person might have done so.

Wray did say “we deeply regret the additional pain this causes all those affected by this horrific tragedy”. In response to that admission Florida governor Rick Scott called for Wray to resign. Across the country Americans could make a case that Wray and many others in the FBI deserved much sterner measures.

In 2013 Omar Mateen lost his job as security guard at Florida’s St. Lucie County courthouse. Mateen had made “inflammatory comments about women, Jews and the mass shooting at Ft. Hood.” The FBI twice questioned Mateen after he touted ties to terrorists, but FBI special agent Ronald Hopper told reporters “we were unable to verify the substance of his comments and the investigation was closed.” On June 12, 2016, Mateen gunned down 49 people and wounded 58 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Mateen was born in the United States of Afghan parents but the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, [Sufi] Muslims from the Caucuses region, entered the United States on tourist visas then claimed asylum. Russian intelligence warned the FBI the Tsarnaev brothers were dangerous but the FBI’s investigation found no links to terrorism.  On April 15, 2013, the brothers planted bombs at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and wounded at least 264.

In 2008, the FBI had picked up emails between U.S. Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan and Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a terrorist with ties to the 9/11 hijackers. In these emails, Hasan was asking for religious sanction to kill American soldiersThe FBI failed to interview Hasan or even make a phone call to his superiors, and no government agency took any steps to stop him. On November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood Texas, Hasan gunned down 13 unarmed American soldiers, including private Francheska Velez, 21, who was pregnant, and wounded more than 30 others.

Senator Joseph Lieberman sought to make the Hasan-Awlaki emails public but the FBI blocked their release, and military prosecutors forbade their presentation in the trial.

During those proceedings, reporters asked Robert Mueller, FBI boss from 2001-2013, if the bureau had dropped the ball by failing to act. “No,” Mueller responded, “I think, given the context of the discussions and the situation that the agents and the analysts were looking at, they took appropriate steps.” No word about any “regrets,” deep or otherwise, about Hasan’s victims.

For POTUS 44 [Obama], the Fort Hood attack was not terrorism or even “gun violence”. The mass murder was “workplace violence” and Mueller had no problem with that. POTUS 44, who as Barry Soetoro attended a Muslim school in Indonesia, proclaimed that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. He also ordered that the FBI must not consider any links between Islam and terrorist attacks against the United States.

Mueller duly purged hundreds of counter-terrorism training materials of any hint that Islamic terrorists might pose a security problem. CAIR boss Nihad Awad thanked Mueller for his “pledge” to review FBI counterterrorism training.  So Mueller slavishly put political correctness above the safety of the American people, and that doubtless explains why the FBI looked the other way as the Tsarnaevs, Omar Mateen and others plotted their deadly actions.

Mueller’s politically correct compliance also explains why deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, who has problems of his own, tapped the former FBI boss to head up the Russia investigation. Mueller duly bulked up his team with big-time Clinton supporters but his probe has turned up no collusion with the Trump campaign, as the 2016 presidential loser and her media fan club charged.

If Mueller wants to show some integrity, he should shut down the probe immediately.

But where would he suddenly get integrity from?

The former FBI boss’s preference for politics over safety, abetted by incompetence, has trickled down into similar inaction against walking red flags such as Nikolas Cruz. After his mass shooting Christopher Wray admitted the FBI failed and expressed deep regrets. President Trump and Congress need to lean on this guy more than a little bit.

Peter Strzok worked three shifts exonerating Hillary Clinton and framing Donald Trump. That doesn’t sound much like the job description of the FBI’s chief of counterintelligence. So why is this partisan bigot still employed by the FBI in any capacity?

Who are the FBI agents, and their bosses, who looked the other way in the Fort Hood, Boston Marathon and Orlando terrorist attacks? What, exactly, are they doing now?

Answer: Continuing to work hard at undermining the Donald Trump presidency. Is there any reasonable doubt about it?

  • Don L

    Ever since Glen Beck went off into the “god talks to me” meltdown and got booted off FOX (?) any mention of Obama;s czars seemed to disappear from any communications. They didn’t leave. They, directed by the evil Valerie, were burying themselves in the bowels of the bureaus: weaponizing and reinforcing the remainder FDR socialist roots.

    (No one ought work in a government job for more than 7 years – pay SS [until ending] but no pension plans for any gov’t employee – private; exempt military. And, of course, All branches term limits.)

    Mueller, and team, is a weapon. The legal equivalent of an armored division. The question is why has be ordered out of the barracks and into the field. Keep attacking until an enemy is found? This is 3rd world coup equivalency; failed though it is. And, Dems and AG Sessions are OK with this? Scary stuff!

    • liz

      Obama buried us in such a huge mountain of crap that I had totally forgotten about those “czars” till you mentioned them. Like the one for safety in education (?!) that was a gay pedophile…
      Third World coup is right. Third rate, too.
      Why do we have to continue to tolerate this absurd charade the Left is indulging itself in, when everyone knows it’s a fraud? Its high time for the adults to return to the room and make the children behave.

    • Right. 7 years maximum. And no one who works for the government ought to be able to –
      1. Join a union
      2. Go on strike
      3. Vote

      3rd. world coup equivalent also agreed.

      Sessions is an absence. A hole in the air. The man who isn’t there.

      • Don L

        Further, other than Social Security (not SSI – generally, until age of full SS benefits) anyone receiving an entitlement payment, grant or likewise living assistance from tax payers relinquishes the privilege (inalienable; not an unalienable right) of voting until off the gov’t assistance.

        Almost forgot: Ultimately, all assistance/charity is to be private and local … gov’t stripped to enumerated powers of DEFENSE and Unalienable Rights protection; including protecting the tax payers money – criminal offense for breaking fiduciary duty and committing treason!

        • As I often say: Charity is only okay when practiced between consenting adults in private.

  • liz

    We could also add the San Bernadino terrorist massacre to this list.
    I seem to remember that it was exposed in the aftermath of that attack that the FBI HAD BEEN ORDERED to stop investigating those terrorists. So it’s not just a failure to do their job, it is a deliberate aiding and abetting of terrorists.
    Another thing no one is mentioning much – the Cruz kid appeared to have been an admirer of ISIS. It seems clear that the Leftists in power not only “favor” Islam, they work to enable them to murder us.

  • Athrin

    the US federal Gov is the MOST corrupt gov on the planet, followed by the 50 US state gov, no other Gov on the planet can even come close to the level of corruption.

    • Are you sure, Athrin? To what others have you compared it?

    • Don L

      The ‘benefit of the doubt be damned: Dear Athrin, do you know when it was that you went off the deep end? Try having this conversation in Iran. Try to buy toilet paper in Venezuela to mention only two. Have you drank some religious cult or likewise bizarre Kool Aid?