When truth is also fun 4

The great Katie Hopkins speaks truth to two dullards – and a largely dullard audience:

Posted under Videos by Jillian Becker on Thursday, March 15, 2018

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  • Jeanne

    Hot Damn! You go Katie! And who is that pale, lifeless, social x-ray sitting beside her? I mean the other female, not the eunuch. Gawd save us from women such as she…

    • liz

      Yes, both her and the “man” hosting the show probably moonlight as models in the current anorexic, androgynous fashion world.

  • liz

    Bravo to Katie Hopkins!! So typical of an idiot leftist to feign offense at something Trump said in private years ago, but ignore what Clinton did the entire time he occupied the Oval Office. She totally nailed it with “I would rather be grabbed by the pussy than have a pussy for President”!

    • Jeanne

      That is a quote to pick up and pass around. We know what real women do and we know what real men do and we know the difference between that reality and the presenting of oneself to public criticism, where we want to be seen as “better” than our real selves. That is human nature and we recognize it as such, instead of pretending other wise for the sake of political correctness. I am sick to death of all this crapola.