The hubris and incoherence of the Left 14

The sheer incoherence of the Left must surely sink it eventually!

Feminists who claimed for decades to be fighting for women’s “liberation” defend the absolute subjugation of Muslim women. In their thousands, wearing silly pink baby hats, they bob about  Linda Sarsour, a Muslima in a hijab, cheering her every lying word as she tells them how much better for women Islam is than the Constitution of the USA.

Americans who worked passionately for years to keep the teaching of religion – Christianity in particular – out of public schools, are now letting Islam be taught in them. And not just allowing it but insisting on it. And what is being taught is not even the truth about that horrible religion. We would not object if the truth were being told. No; what the children get is a false, prettified version written by deceitful proselytizing Muslims. A supremacist, totalitarian, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, murderous, savagely cruel ideology is presented to young scholars as a kindly, gentle thing, full of good-will and brotherly love.

And this happened:

So, after being maligned and threatened, Councilman Tom Harrison retracted his objection to Islam being included in the school curriculum, apologized, and groveled.

The idea of the separation of church and state does not exist in Islam. And it will no longer apply in all public schools in the United States, despite the First Amendment of the Constitution. At least, not when it comes to Islam. Islam, a blood-thirsty intolerant creed, is excepted.

Tolerance. Inclusiveness. Diversity. Buzzwords of the Left. Yet Leftists passionately support the intolerance, exclusiveness, and dogmatism that characterize Islam. They ignore its doctrine  that everyone in the world must become Muslim or suffer dire consequences, including murder.

What the Left has never understood, not for a moment since the New Left prophets such as Herbert Marcuse changed the category of persons they declared themselves to be the champions and saviors of  – substituting Lumpenproletarians, convicted felons, hoboes, women, Third Worlders for Karl Marx’s romanticized workers – is that they are patronizing the subjects of their crusade. They are the most extreme of social snobs.

They claim to be acting out of compassion, but there is an awful lot of condescension in their compassion, and an awful lot of vanity in their condescension.

Very few of them ever leave their comfortable quarters in the schools or parliaments or penthouses or manors or leafy suburbs where they write their books, speeches and op-eds, to visit the unsafe regions of the world where the folks they have made their Cause actually struggle to survive. They know almost nothing about them, and do not want to know. How shocked would they be to learn that the most rabid hatred of other races, religions, tribes, or mere skin color, is to be found there, among the “oppressed”, the “deprived”, the “wretched of the earth”?

So yes, there is a privileged white patriarchy consumed with moral vanity. But it is not to be found on the conservative Right. Here no one cares what color a person’s skin is. We do not think with our skins.

The privileged white patriarchy is to be found where ill-informed women march in pink baby hats. Where self-righteous students scream out their opinions against citizens’ ownership of guns. Where George Soros signs his checks.

  • liz

    “An awful lot of vanity in their condescension” – yes, these women in pussy hats, who love Linda Sarsour, are just like the woman who took the poisonous viper in, and was shocked when it bit her. If they were the only ones who were bitten, it would at least be halfway useful. But they bring the poison on all of us.

    • Jeanne

      Liz, I had that same analogy in mind when I was writing a post for a Christian forum, yet I did not use the words “clasp the viper to your bosom.” I was questioning the idea that Christians might take Allah in to the public schools in order to get God back and did any think that would be a good deal. No takers yet, but that is not unusual for this not very active site.

      Researching this morning to find out if FFRF has acted to keep Islam out of public schools and found this page there:

      Seems as if citizens are going to have to complain in order for FFRF to get involved…and that makes sense for them. The Council member from Plano should complain vigorously and his supporters should stop being lilly-livered and stand up for the sake of culture and for their children’s future, if for nothing else. You know perfectly well that he thought and still believes that most of his constituents agree with him. Cowards!

      The ACLU will step in only when actual Constitutional rights are being violated, but I am wondering what their current status is in that role as far as public schools go. Their website is overtly anti-Trump and pro-immigration free-for-all.

      In my former and very poor and rural hometown, the old bank has been bought by an Islamic organization. A locally born Imam and about 200 Muslim families reside in this town, which has been home for decades to a Historically Black College, now part of the state university system. A Christian pastor there welcomes the Mosque, as he figures they worship the same God, the God of Abraham. Might work out well…local folks and all and many black students and professors being Muslim and Africans. Still the black Africans bring their culture with them from the shit-hole nations, which the university prefers over American places and people, especially the evil White devils. This town experienced white-flight in the 1970s and 1980s, but eventually historical homes were bought by White upper-middle class Yuppies, who had probably known a black person at a job or university or something like that.

      I am such a racist…

      Sorry for slipping into a rant… Wait a minute! Why am I apologizing to you guys for ranting? LOL

      • Don L

        LOL. for your last comment and the ACLU; what a joke.

        • Jeanne

          Like I said, why am I apologizing for my rant…
          I undestand you absolutely. I have been skinned for speaking about Black Culture and what it was and what it became. The skinners claimed there is no such thing and I replied that they were idiots. It is difficult to persuade people that one is not a racist and is, the once preferred, color-blind, when one speaks the truth and examines both sides of an issue with equal truth. And…it isn’t just whites who are shouted down and shamed into silence, it is blacks who speak the truth, too. A similar situation currently with the truth about Islam. Non-Muslims are shouted down and shamed and so are Muslims who speak truth to what is going on in our country and in Europe.

          Going for a cup of tea, Earl Grey, now. It is better to boil water for tea than to let your blood boil.

          • Don L

            Earl Grey … LOL. again.

            As I mentioned a small percent of blacks have gotten past the insanity. Just consider the ramifications of the overwhelming majority of black’s condemnation of blacks not falling in line with the hate and victimhood: “You’re not black enough”. What, those not black enough actually speak English, have a job, believe in a family unit and work and play well with others?

            Oh, another law, Ayn Rand’s: “It’s impossible to have a rational discussion with the irrational”. Truth, facts, reality … meaningless to their indefensible and delusional belief – faith in their ideology.

            • liz

              You’ve probably seen the video of the Black guy ranting to a school board or city council in defense of the Second Amendment.
              Very encouraging, but yes, he’s a minority within a minority.
              Won’t be long till he’s labeled an uncle Tom by the rest of them.

        • I very much hope it will have legs. The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, secession, separation and the KKK. It keeps the poorer blacks dependent on government by pretending to be their champion. It’s past time for the majority of blacks to swing to the Right.

          • Don L

            I believe you are aware, but others might not know that at the time of Lincoln’s war of aggression (sounds too commie – true, however) against the southern States, the Democrats were the conservatives. And, Lincoln’s, et al, take over of the remnant Republican party (Lincoln had been a Whig party member for over 28 years until they ran themselves into disrepute) were the racists, separatists and mercantilists/crony capitalists.

            These two books sum it all up. None of Thomas Di Lorenzo’s assertions have been disproved – disputed yes, but still unscathed.:

            “The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War” by Thomas J. Dilorenzo

            (Two years after the first book, Thomas replies to the phony historians rebukes)

            “Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe” by Thomas J. Dilorenzo

            The list of books coming out revealing the truth about the Civil War and Lincoln is growing .. the truth shall prevail.


            • Jeanne

              Thanks for the books. Some Democrats still remember their Conservative teachings of old. Southern Democrats of that persuasion got tarred with a different brush as the party Progressed. Then Blue Dogs appeared again with Reagan.

      • liz

        That’s an interesting question (will Christians take Allah in order to get religion back in schools?) I know some of them will (look at the Pope!)
        But the Tea Party Christians have got to be smarter than that.
        Talk about making the blood boil – these Muslims taking over in the Texas public schools is an outrage. And last I heard they’ve already taken over the ACLU. It’s disgusting. We thought Christians had the market cornered on self righteousness – we were wrong.
        Muslims not only have no problem invading and taking over our country and our culture, they do it with a righteous sense of entitlement.
        They are, after all, far superior to us lowly infidels!

        • Jeanne

          Anybody surprised that even in a very low traffic forum, I am getting no replies, even though I have now made three posts to this topic? Have 88 reads, though.

          • liz

            Well that question does pose a thorny problem for Christians.
            You’ve either got to strictly separate church and state, or let every religion get in on the act. Quite a dilemma for them.
            I’ve noticed cases where I think the FFRF people take it too far, though, to the point of infringing on Christians religious freedom.

            • Jeanne

              I agree about FFRF. Worse are the American Atheists. I dropped them way back after a couple of years on Aachat.

  • Don L

    It is unexplainable … unless it is we who are crazy: NOT.

    The words, deeds, inability to see the contradictions in front of themselves … you would have to be crazy or the best FBI profiler to explain these idiot women. Yes, men there too, but they’re as much the hat as the hat name implies … not men qua men. And, these are not women qua women. (Geez, I’m using that word a lot lately). They are the successful products of the “Long March Through the Institutions”.