“Hello, Darkness!” 16

It is a tragedy greater than the Fall of Rome: The Fall of Britain.

And yes, it is far worse that Britain become Islamified than any other European country. It was Britain that spread the Enlightenment through the inhabited world.

Breitbart reported:

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has proposed negotiating away border controls during the Brexit talks, giving EU migrants access to Britain’s labour market, benefits system, and health service. The liberal “conservative” heads the government department responsible for immigration and border controls, but is privately in favor of walking back promises that Britain will regain full control over its borders once the country finally leaves the European Union.

This woman was intent on destroying her country. She was succeeding. But (hot news) she has just been forced to resign, this very day, for making another – different – misjudgment.*

No one is saying how late the hour is, how close to hopeless the cause of saving the nation.  

No attempt is being made to stop the influx of Muslims; the colonization of Britain by Muslim immigrants. Any hope that its regaining of independence after leaving the EU would save Britain from Islamification must be abandoned. .

Criticize the appalling ideology that calls itself Islam, and you can go to jail.

Don’t even dare to think how dreadful it would be to have to become Muslim – a frown of distaste at the suggestion can get you arrested.

So what can be done?

Since those who do oppose the Islamization of Britain – the silent majority (?) – are doing nothing to stop it, let them force the process to its conclusion.  

Demand that Prime Minister Theresa May and all the women in government wear hijabs.

But why just them? Demand that all women in Britain be forced to wear hijabs. Or better still, burquas. And that all prepubescent girls undergo genital mutilation.

Accuse the police of Islamophobia. Loudly and often. Hysterically.

Petition parliament to substitute sharia for British law.

Demand the closing of all religious houses of worship except mosques. Or their conversion to mosques.

Cover the pictures and sculptures of nudes in all the museums and galleries of the British Isles or take the pictures down and smash the sculptures.

Instead of Guy Fawkes, use the 5th of November for massive book-burnings. Empty the libraries. Re-fill them with Korans and other Islamic holy books. Preferably in Arabic.

Close the theaters. Silence the comedians. As the Ayatollah Khomeini said, “There are no jokes in Islam.”

Insist that all the pubs and bars be closed; all wine spirits and beer production cease. A great pouring out into the gutters, the rivers, the ocean could be a vast communal ceremony as Islam is passionately embraced. It would be a fitting display of homage to Allah and his inspiring Prophet.

Seek out a suitable adulteress for the first public stoning. A rape victim would be best.

Some cutting off of hands and feet in Trafalgar Square … some hundreds of gays thrown from roofs in the City … would bring the message home: Islam rules.

What to do about the monarch? Make Prince Charles sultan and caliph? He’s halfway there already.

Come on, Britons! Stop dithering. Raise the black flag of ISIS over Parliament, Whitehall, and Buckingham Palace.  Declare the Islamic State of Britain.

Then make Britain the leader of the Islamic world.

The Enlightenment must be extinguished.

In simple English, “Hello, Darkness!” 



*Amber Rudd’s replacement as Home Secretary is Sajid Javid, who is British-born of Pakistani Muslim descent.

From Wikipedia:

Javid has described his family’s heritage as Muslim, but he does not practice any religion, although he believes that “we should recognize that Christianity is the religion of our country”.

So might his appointment provide a ray of hope?

Answer: Nope. He had much to do do with this. Helping Muslims with their preferred methods of financial transaction. More Islamification.

  • Jeanne

    Recommending Pat Condell’s “Laughing at the Fake Feminists” found here:

    • Many thanks, Jeanne! I’ll continue trying to post it, but at least we have it here.

  • Straight away Javid is trying to abandon a key Conservative election pledge – to reduce immigration to the 10s of 1000s

    “Immigration target: Sajid Javid warned against scrapping Conservatives’ migration pledge”

    • liz

      Why does anyone trust him? But that’s what I asked about Obama, too.
      When people are already brainwashed, deluding them is easy.

      • In Javid’s case it’s a bit more complicated because he is right wing in a lot of ways, but when it comes to immigration he is “liberal”. Not so much a Glozi but definitely a Globalist I think, one of the “anywheres”. Lots of people including many conservatives are just desperate to try to prove how non-racist they are by supporting him.

      • Jeanne

        When the media are on the other side, it is difficult for conservatives to imagine that they actually outnumber the progressives. How much harder must it be when one’s country is committing suicide right before your eyes and telling you that you are just wrong to believe that is the case. Does the term “gas lighting” work here?

        How far down that road of self-delusion must they travel before the majority grasp for a solid hand-hold on reality and begin to pull their country to rights again?

        • What can you see them doing – assuming a majority decides to take action at last?

          • Jeanne

            I have no idea, Jillian. What does the Queen think of all this? Is the royal family willing to let Britannia die? What sort of legacy is that? Let them start with really mass demonstrations and see where it goes from there. How far will the Leftists go? Voting is a good idea; vote early and vote often, as the saying goes. We don’t do so well in getting out the vote, so can’t point fingers there. Still…if the citizens do not want the United Kingdom to become a Muslim nation, then they should vote the ones out who seem hell-bent on making it one.

            Then if all else fails and if the citizens of the UK really want their country back, I guess Athrin is correct; bullets it is.

            Sometimes I wonder if we are really seeing the truth in the UK, because the difference in what we see and read is so far removed from what the overall appearance is to many in the UK and in their government. It is hard to believe that difference is merely the media and Progressives covering up a real agenda. Do you know what I mean?

            • The Queen? She loves being Queen of the Commonwealth (still quite an Empire when she came to the throne). She will do nothing to stem the immigrant flow. Not even a word to her ministers. To answer your last paragraph, here’s a link. The article is called “The Great Replacement”. It shows that the indigenous population of Britain is dying out. It is being replaced largely by Muslims from the Third World.


            • Jeanne

              The Royal Family is adored by the people, yes? If the people appeal directly to the Queen, how can she let them down? Whom do you think has more sway over the people and how the people will react to events ever more contrived to let the Queen’s nation and legacy die? I think a word from the Royals and the people would defy Parliament. Just a feeling, nothing scientific.

              Thanks so for the link. I have been looking for something like that.

            • Glad the link was useful.

  • As Anne Marie Waters put it quite recently, “I refuse to accept it’s all over when Muslims make up only 5% of the population”. (It could be nearer 10% in reality but all the same).

    Meanwhile, it looks as if Javid is already making his first play for the top job:

    “‘Time is running out’ Javid CRUSHES May’s plans for EU customs partnership in Brexit row”

    Problem is, he’s right to oppose the customs “partnership”.

  • Don L

    Turn out the lights,
    The party’s over,
    It’s time for all, good Brits to cry.

    Not even a fight,
    The slamists win,
    And, the UK is no more, say goodbye.

  • It is as I’ve been saying for years. We’ve lost Europe.

    Best look to our own shores now.

  • liz

    You’d think BREXIT never happened. Looks like it won’t matter much that it did, anyway. The EU and their Muslim army have them surrounded.