Black America awakes? 21

Bill Whittle explains why a few words from Kanye West threaten the very existence of the Democratic Party:

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  • liz

    I hope this isn’t a passing phase that will change with his next med dosage.
    He seems pretty serious about it, though. This could be yuge!

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    Yup. It worked.

  • Zerothruster

    Not Kanye, but
    He is 15, going on 16
    and Woke (can you dig it?):

    • Thanks for the introduction, Zerothruster! We ‘ll pay attention to the remarkable conservative C.J. Pearson.

  • Don L

    During Trump’s NRA speech, he pointed out that his poll #s among black males has jumped from 11% to 22% as a result of Kanye West’s comments; in less than a week. Someplace, I heard/read (? can’t remember) that if the black vote dropped below 85% for dems, that dems would never win a national election again. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

  • Cogito

    This is marvellous. It’s wonderful to finally see blacks coming to their senses. I wish I could say the same for my fellow Jews!

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      • Don L

        Had same problem.

      • Zerothruster

        I didn’t have a problem with it.

        • Don L

          Finally worked.

    • Don L

      “What have you got to lose?” was Trump’s message. He is delivering.

      The Shumer jews? It can’t be to much deli. You can never have too much deli. It is baffling.

    • Jeanne

      Kanye West is not all there. He may be mouthing this stuff that we agree with, but he is nuts. But…Who Cares!!! He is sending the Progressives into hissy fits!

      • Are you sure he is nuts, Jeanne? Seems sensible to me. Could you give us an example or two of ways in which he shows his nuttiness?

        • Jeanne

          How about all the other things he has done and said since arriving at national stardom? He has a number one, gold-studded ego and may well be spouting off because he needs the attention…or he may also mean exactly what he says, but only Kanye, and maybe what’s her face, know. You know, hIs wife-thingie, with the large posterior from that odd family the Kardasian-Jenners. I will admit that he sounds quite sensible as he tweets and expounds on this topic. But…so do Christians at times.

          Not to take away any gain for conservatives or having Blacks consider their voting patterns and maybe consider voting for Conservatives. Maybe, Kanye is learning about Capitalism and responsibility as he grows his family and considers his kids. You go, Kanye! Who cares if his past has been an absolutely crazy ego-fest for him and Kim…I think it is Kim.

          • His world is terra incognita to me. I have read that he has 28 million ardent fans. If he can bring them round to supporting Trump …

            • Jeanne

              Jillian, remember that one can buy followers for about 50 bucks a 100, 000. He denies any moon landings. He made it big during the Katrina chaos when he said President Bush hated black people. He also accepts Jeremiah White’s “white people cause AIDS to start in Africa, hoping to wipe out blacks.”

            • Thanks, Jeanne. He is clearly a man of strong opinions who “speaks from the heart”.

        • Don L

          Had anyone ever paid attention to Kanye until he grabbed the Taylor Swift spotlight in 2009? One may not like the audience or the marketing position but consumers are allocating upwards of $20 million a year to the, IMO, ugh couple. If anything, again IMO, not to my tastes, the audience is nuts.

          Maybe we SHOULD have a law that outlaws his views? NOT!

      • Zerothruster

        Jillian’s “His world is terra incognita” is on the mark. Not just his world, but probably many of his fans also. I have never heard his rap or music, but maybe I should look into it.
        An entertainer with his fan base (of whatever race) is maybe going to do and say some outlandish things just to stay competitive in the ‘attention market’. Our president is no stranger to that tactic.
        But I think Kanye is sincere in his endorsement of the president, and I say that because it seems to me that coming out in support of president Trump could be a very risky thing for a black celebrity. In this current environment, it takes a certain amount of courage even for non-celebrities to publicly support Trump. People get their cars vandalized if they show a MAGA bumper sticker. They might even get personally attacked, verbally or physically.

        • Jeanne

          Or a certain amount of crazy ego. His stepfather-in-law is a transgender Conservative, so maybe some of that rubbed off. I agree, though, I think he does like Trump and recognizes in him that same sort of crazy ego. If you are going to take chances, best to hitch your cart to something HUGE that seems familiar.

          • Zerothruster

            Jeanne, did you mean YUGE ? ☺