Candace Owens speaks 4

“Racism is being used to turn blacks into single-issue voters.”

Candace Owens speaks for conservatism, capitalism and the free market:

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  • Jeanne

    “To give up my past, because I believe in my future.” Such a profound statement and yet full of rational common sense. It is most likely what most successful adults have managed to do.

  • liz

    She’s awesome! Between her and Kanye West (in his most recent mode), black Americans may finally escape from the mind control of the Leftist Gulag a.k.a. the Democrat Plantation.

    • Jeanne

      How hard do you think the Leftists are working to dig up dirt on these two?

      • liz

        Frantically, I’m sure. It’s harder to do when you’re so used to just blurting out “racist!” every time a conservative opens their mouth.