Fall of an idol? 5

Is Bill Clinton’s reputation now mud forever?

Mark Steyn comments, as always brilliantly, wittily, accurately:


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  • Jeanne

    Even before I knew anything much about Hillary, I lost all respect for her for “standing by her man.” There is a line and decent people do not cross it…ever. Will we ever get rid of these people?

    • liz

      Yes, Bill and Hillary have “phony” written all over them, just like Barack and Michelle.

  • Cogito

    Steyn is remarkable – indispensable.

    • Jeanne

      Not to mention a totally hot ginger…

  • liz

    Bill Clinton is such a sleazebag. He disgraced the office of President, and the “feminists” who gave him a pass (but who are now bashing Trump for making a mere tasteless remark) should be held accountable, as Tucker points out.
    Not that the exalted Kennedy’s were any better. It’s the Democrat thing!