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The Dutch hero of freedom Geert Wilders went to London in support of the English hero of freedom Tommy Robinson who has been imprisoned on lame excuses (“breaching the peace”, “contempt of court”) but in truth for opposing the Islamization of Britain and Europe.

Breitbart reports what Geert Wilders said to a huge crowd assembled to hear him.

Massive crowds turned out in London on Saturday [June 9, 2018] to rally for free speech and hear Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders demand the release of Tommy Robinson from prison.

“It’s so good to see so many of you here today, you are all heroes for being here today,” said the Freedom Party leader, an outspoken critic of radical Islam who rose to second place in the Dutch national elections last year.

Wilders told the crowd he had come to Britain to tell Robinson’s supporters they “will never walk alone” and to “tell the world, and the UK government in particular: Free Tommy Robinson!”

“At this very moment, thousands of people all over the world are demonstrating in front of British embassies, from LA to Sydney, and over half a million people have already signed the petition for Tommy,” he told the crowd.

“And all with the one important message: Free Tommy!

“So, Downing Street is just around the corner, so maybe once again, as loud as possible as we can, let them hear our message: Free Tommy Robinson!” he cried, prompting extended chants of “Oh, Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson!” and “We want Tommy out!”

“Listen to us Theresa May, listen to us Sajid Javid, listen to us Sadiq Khan,” he continued, each name provoking passionate boos.

“Listen to us, all you in power: we want the release of Tommy Robinson!

Tommy Robinson is the greatest freedom fighter of Britain today. Tommy Robinson is a freedom fighter. He says what no-one dares to say. He has guts. He has courage.

“And that is more than we can say for all those people that govern us. Because our governors sold us out with mass immigration, with Islamisation, with open borders. We are almost foreigners in our own land,” he declared.

“And if we complain about it, they call us racists or ‘Islamophobes’ — but I say, no more. And what do you say?” Wilders asked the assembled crowds.

No more!” they shouted back.

“That’s right. Enough is enough. We will not be gagged anymore. No more tyranny.

“My friends, 75 years ago, your fathers and grandfathers liberated my country from tyranny,” he continued.

“My country, the Netherlands, is a free country today, because the British brave boys and men, people like you, liberated us.

“And do you know how we used to call these British soldiers? We called them Tommies!” he exclaimed.

“But today your government has put a Tommy in jail. Freedom is behind bars. Tommy is behind bars.

“And that is totally unacceptable, and that is why we say: Set him free!” Wilders shouted.

“Tommy is in jail while the British state looked the other way for years, when thousands — thousands — of English children and girls were brutally raped by those grooming gangs.

“They were your daughters. The daughters of the brave Tommies. The daughters of the hard-working, decent people of Britain, who made this beautiful country so great.

“But for years, and years, the police, the politicians, the prosecutors did nothing, and looked the other way.

“They refused to listen to the victims. They arrested fathers who tried to liberate their daughters. They left children in the hands of those gangs.

“But Tommy, my friends, Tommy acted. Tommy didn’t look in the other direction. He refused to ignore the problem. He gave voice to millions of Britons who were abandoned by the authorities.

“And when Tommy protested, the same authorities could not be fast enough to jail him and to gag the media.

“And I tell you: that is not democracy. That is not freedom. That is what they do in Saudi Arabia.

“So I ask you: Do you want to be Britain, or Saudi Arabia?

“My friends, it was not Tommy who was breaching the peace, it was your government who was breaching the peace!” he declared.

“And we cannot, and we will not, accept it any longer. We want freedom, and it is our duty to speak out against rape, against grooming gangs, against Sharia law, against barbarism — and we demand the release of Tommy Robinson.

“So here we stand in full solidarity with Tommy, because, like him, we are sick and tired of being silenced.

“And I tell you, today we have a message for all the governments of the world, and our message is: We will not be silenced! We will not be intimidated! And we tell the government, we are not afraid of you!

“We will never surrender! We will stand strong and do our duty, we will defend our civilization, and we will protect our people.

“And I tell you, to the governments, you can throw us in jail, but you will never defeat us.

“Because, my friends, for every Tommy whom you imprison, thousands will rise up.

“So take notice Theresa May, take notice Dutch prime minister Rutte, take notice, Mrs Merkel and President Macron.

“Take notice: The future is ours, and not yours. We will defeat you politically — because we, my friends, we are the people.

“And every day, more people are joining our cause. The cause of freedom. Every day our members grow, and our demands are right and just.

“This is what we want. First, and most important: Free Tommy Robinson!

“But we also want you to give our countries back to us. Stop selling us out. Stop the mass immigration. Protect your own people. Stop gagging us. Restore the freedom of speech.

“My friends: long live Great Britain,” he concluded.

“Allow me, long live the Netherlands.

“Long live freedom.

“But most of all, long live Tommy Robinson!”

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  • A tweet from Raheem Kassam says Tommy has been moved to a different prison with a large Muslim population:

    UPDATE: Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England.


    • I hope Lord Pearson meant what he said – that if any harm comes to Tommy he will hold the new (Muslim) Home Secretary personally – legally – responsible.

    • liz

      I can’t believe they’re doing that, after he’s already been viciously attacked when he was in prison before. I can only conclude that it’s on purpose, as an arrogant slap in the face to him and his supporters.

  • News on the by-election campaign in Lewisham where Anne Marie Waters is standing (voting on the 14th) is that the hustings have been shut down by antifa protestors – police claiming it’s too dangerous.

    I have been told by police to stay away from the #LewishamEast hustings (having waited almost an hour with a security team) and that the event is now being shut down for public safety.

  • Some footage of a confrontation with police near Trafalgar Square:

    Police brutality


    • Many thanks for the video, Chauncey. So the police suddenly threateningly advanced – and then retreated. The anger of the crowd was magnificent. Watching it, I shared the protestors’ emotion. I want the anger to spread. I want Theresa May’s oppressive government to be afraid.

      • Watch the clip in that tweet as well, the police charge and knock a man over who is just in their way.

        • Shocking, appalling, evil.

        • Jeanne

          Not so sure about what is going on in that second one, Chauncey. What happened before? Was that man targeted as a “weapon threat in backpack” by somebody? Did they mean to knock him down or was it a total stumble? Are they helping him up at the end or is something else happening? In my opinion, it is not clear from just this tiny bit of clip, so judgement shouldn’t be rushed. Just saying…

          • I think I saw that man in other footage he was just milling about as far as I could see.

      • Jeanne

        Did you know that the first one is no longer available?

        • No. Thanks for telling us.

          YouTube on the side of tyranny.

    • liz

      It’s just uncanny how police, who have been too cowardly for the last 20 years to offend Muslim rapists, can suddenly find the ability to be “tough guys” when confronting law abiding citizens rallying for freedom.

  • Jeanne

    And yet…there are those British, who will deny that any of this is good, that Tommy is a thug, a hoodlum, a disturber of the peace and they hope he gets “straightened out” in prison. I told him that I hope “they” do not make a martyr of Tommy Robinson, because martyrs lead to revolutions.

    Brave speech. Brave men. Bravo!

    • “They” have made a martyr of Tommy Robinson. A hero-martyr.

      • Jeanne

        I know. I just don’t want him a dead martyr.

  • liz

    Awesome speech!
    “Do you want to be Britain, or Saudi Arabia?”
    Great question, because Islam cannot “co-exist” with freedom.
    They are incompatible, therefore a choice must be made between them.
    Just like Leftists, Muslims expect us to concede to their demands, but will never do the same for us. Like Leftists, they use our compassion against us.
    The only way to preserve our freedom is to (uncompassionately) expel them.

  • Zerothruster

    Why are European politicians favoring invaders from the middle east?