Fear of the truth 4

Pat Condell fearlessly tells the truth about the fear of the truth:

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  • Jeanne

    What riles me is the fact that the UK is so non-religious, as are most Progressives even if they name themselves as believers, and they are insisting that a life-ruling religion be made sacred to all citizens. This makes no sense at all. How did this happen, not only in the UK, but in the US? How can such hypocrites dare to speak at all?

    • liz

      Yes, it’s funny how the left’s great relish for mocking religion mysteriously disappears when it comes to Islam. They couldn’t bear to be called islamophobic. Gee, why didn’t Christians ever think of that – just tell them they’re Christianphobic! Somehow it doesn’t have the same ring to it.
      (Maybe because there’s no threat of murder behind it.)

      • Jeanne

        Christians never expected to be thought of as vermin by half of their government. I think the realization that the Red Scare had melted into the shadows to become Progressives only recently smacked them upside the head. If they were as nasty and mean as the Alt-Left, maybe they would have been more prepared to fight for tradition. Our theists tend to be mannerly and so do Conservatives in general. They also tend to believe a duly elected person, who says he or she is a Christian. We have all been gaslighted by the Elite Establishment of Progressives in DC.

        As you stated, there was no threat of murder behind it.

  • liz

    When the entire situation is laid bare, as it is here, the implications of it are mind boggling. We fear offending Muslims. How did we arrive at the point of having Muslims to fear? It couldn’t have happened by itself. We’ve been had.