No races, no racism 6

Let RACE be officially ignored in the United States. No forms asking you what race you are. The melting-pot idea fully realized.

(Only medical forms have to be excepted. Some diseases are ethnic-specific.)

No affirmative action.

One nation under the Constitution.

Mike Gonzalez and Hans von Spakovsky write at the Daily Signal:

The Trump administration announced it is rescinding Obama administration policies that directed universities to use racial preferences in the admissions process. Because this type of discrimination is the gateway drug of the identity politics balkanizing America, Tuesday’s decision is a boost for unity and a setback for those who want to divide Americans.

To be sure, this week’s action is just the beginning, and the left will fight it tooth and nail. But the administration should go even further. Just last Friday, the two of us published a Heritage Foundation paper calling on the administration to stop giving preferential treatment on the basis of “race, color, national origin or ethnicity in any of its programs and activities.”

Indeed, we think that the administration should stop collecting data, including in the census, on artificially created ethnic groups, such as “Hispanics” or “Asians,” which bring together under large umbrellas disparate cultures and races. That would really cut identity politics off life support.

The Constitution is quite clear: The survey is conducted to enumerate the population for purposes of apportionment and direct taxation. Yes, since the first one in our history in 1790, the U.S. Census has asked a question about race — but that has always been something quite incidental to apportionment and taxation.

The liberal Left continue to push their radical agenda against American values. The good news is there is a solution.

The question on citizenship, which the administration now wants to bring back, has been asked for much of America’s history, and until recently was uncontroversial.

Reinstating a question about citizenship in the 2020 Census is a small but salubrious step. And it would also help weaken the grip of identity politics, a destructive force that is now racializing all of society.

By emphasizing citizenship (but not ethnic ties), the government gives all people, but especially immigrants and their children, the important and inclusive message that it is concerned with their relationship not with the land of their ancestors but with the land to which they now belong.

The executive branch should stop collecting data on artificially created ethnic groups and recognize that we are increasingly a mixed-race society. Calling someone “Hispanic” because they have a Spanish surname, for example, makes no sense when his family has been in the United States since the Spanish settlement of southern California three centuries ago.

Neither does classifying someone as black when he is born of mixed-race parents, who may themselves have come from mixed-race parents or may have a “black” ancestor somewhere back in their family’s past. Classifying someone as “Asian,” given the wide array of countries, cultures, societies, and tribal and ethnic groups throughout the Asian continent, also makes no sense.

In addition to eliminating racial or ethnic qualifications, the government should also state that no data on countries of descent of Americans’ ancestry should be used to favor any particular groups in funding, employment, or contracting. The president should issue an executive order ending all race-based and ethnicity-based decision making in the federal government.

As U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in 2007, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

If the state becomes blind to race, and the law forbids discrimination on the grounds of race (as it already does), and the universities are directed not to use racial preferences in the admissions process (as they do at present), the odious idea of “diversity” will be discredited.

Which will stoke Leftist resentment to explosive heat.

Two wins!

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  • Robert Kantor

    Affirmative action. Preferential treatment in employment and education for all people with visible African ancestry or some unspecified percentage of Hispanic ancestry. Such people are termed “disadvantaged,” regardless of their economic or educational status or length of residence in this country. Thus, a newly arrived millionaire from Argentina or Haiti is disadvantaged and entitled to AA.

    Diversity. Also known as son of AA. A word to describe an attempt to make AA a permanent feature of American life by claiming, among other things, that a third-generation American with some Hispanic ancestry culturally enriches us all by his presence even though he can’t speak a word of Spanish and is culturally identical to his “Anglo” neighbors.

    Diversity is our strength. A common slogan which tells us that permanently granting preferential treatment to all people with visible African ancestry or some unspecified percentage of Hispanic ancestry helps make this country strong.

    • Jeanne

      Our current state NAACP Chairman is also the Democratic nominee for Governor in Maryland’s general election. He says he identifies as a Black man, even though he is only 18% African. Some family photos are not available online. A lot of people who did not know he was the prez of NAACP, also did not think he was a black man. He is a Democratic Socialist and is backed by the teacher’s union. Argh… The Republican is an idiot and a liar and the elite Dems really run the state. Double Argh… We are screwed, but what else is new?

      How much is enough? My kids and Elizabeth Warren have the same amount of American Indian heritage. Should have gotten them a minority scholarship! But wait, the boys attended a Historically Black College in the University system and they never got a minority scholarship. They also got nominated for some award for achievement for graduates from HBCs, the only from their college at the time, written up in the Huff Post and praised without anyone ever knowing they were white boys. They kept it very quiet, so as not to be the focus of a riot. I have probably revealed too much already…

      Good grief, Robert, I am only third generation immigrant! My ancestors were slaughtered and abused and run out of their native country. Maybe there is something to this that can be used to my favor. (Jeanne rubs her hands together in anticipation.)

      • liz

        If only we could turn enough blacks onto the fact that Muslims make white Europeans and Americans look like boy scouts in slave trade history, and are in fact still at it. Maybe they’d leave whites alone, and start demanding an end to the Muslim racist supremacist patriarchy.
        Can you imagine the giant implosion of leftist victimology?

  • Jeanne

    It will never happen in my lifetime. The gerrymandered minority districts are based upon the census count of race. In my county, this minority, read Black, district requires a county-wide minority of at least 14% before it can “legally” be drawn, but of course, it will never be abandoned for less than that because all non-minorities would be called racists and the NAACP would bring suit, the county commissioners would be dragged out into the street and whipped with wet noodles and riots would ensue. etc. Even to get to 14% they have to count Asians and… Inuits, but everybody knows that the minority that is getting the preference are the blacks.

    New gerrymandering will take place after the 2020 census and gawd only knows how the towns will be divided anew and little enclaves of blacks will be popped into the district to give enough blacks to re-elect the current commissioner for life to the black district.

    Many white people in this district feel that they have no business voting for any white person who might also run and chastise any who do. Consequently, they don’t even vote.

    The odd thing is that the year this went into effect was the year that a black man was probably going to win the election to the county commission from his old non-gerrymandered district. That voting got delayed due to the redistricting necessitated by the ruling.

    But…I think such a decision would be wonderful for dissolving racial issues. Stop asking about it. Stop talking about it. Encourage color blindness once again. As a society, we were well on the way there. Thanks Obamas.

    Maybe I will be surprised before I die and it will happen…

  • liz

    Who would have guessed it – that eliminating policies created by leftists will eliminate the injustices they blame the rest of us for committing!
    Wow. Just amazing how that seems to work. If the Trump administration keeps this up, they might put the SJW’s completely out of business.

  • Excellent news.