A tongue-lashing for Europe 24

The Leader of the Western World tells it as it is. (No orange juice for him, thank you – and no lame excuses either.)

After greeting “the media and the fake media”, President Trump addresses the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, and assembled Europeans:

“The United States protects these countries, protects Germany – and Germany is totally controlled by Russia.” Because it stupidly gets its energy from Russia. And though it is a rich country, it pays only 1% of its GDP for NATO defense.

True, but … Oh, but … diplomats are not used to candid speaking!


John Hinderaker writes at PowerLine:

Germany stupidly closed nuclear and coal power plants in favor of huge investments in “green” energy. Those investments, predictably, have failed to do anything other than drive the price of electricity unacceptably high. Germany is now backing away from its “green” policies in favor of natural gas. Where does it get most of its natural gas? From Russia. …

Trump’s second point, one that he made during the 2016 campaign and often since, is that our NATO allies need to begin bearing their fair share of the cost of the alliance. In the aftermath of World War II, when the U.S. had just about the only industrial economy that hadn’t been bombed, it made sense for the bulk of the money to come from U.S. taxpayers. That hasn’t been true for a long time, and Trump shouldn’t have to be the first president to assert the interests of American taxpayers. On this issue, too, he is right:

“Many countries owe us,” Trump said in Brussels, before attending the summit at NATO headquarters. “The United States is paying far too much and other countries are not paying enough… This has been going on for decades, for decades, it’s disproportionate and not fair to the taxpayers of the United States.” 

Trump is going to succeed here. A number of NATO countries have pledged to increase their defense contributions, but he is pressing them to act more rapidly. …

Trump is right about a more equal sharing of the costs of defending Europe and the North Atlantic. More importantly, he is right about the sheep-like quiescence of too many Western Europeans – Angela Merkel is one among many – in the face of a serious challenge from Russia.

Pretty much all the press coverage of the NATO summit, consisting mostly of hand-wringing and Trump-bashing, is ignorant and partisan. President Trump is standing up for American security and American taxpayers, as he promised to do. He could do it more effectively if pretty much the entire American establishment were not arrayed against him and, implicitly, on the side of the Putin regime. 

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  • Donald Trump is of course arriving in London today, Sadiq has authorized a giant blimp of a baby Donald to fly over London. A crowdfund has already raised nearly £50,000 to create a giant Sadiq baby blimp to fly over the capital as a response. It’s showing how very mature the UK is these days unfortunately ….


    Meanwhile Theresa May’s govt. is in crisis after she put forward a proposed deal that just about nobody seems to be impressed by, except apparently by Angela Merkel who allegedly “approved” it before the rest of May’s cabinet did:

    “BREXIT FURY: Shock claim May said plan ‘can’t be changed because MERKEL has cleared it'”

    David Davis and Boris Johnson have resigned and Boris has been replaced by remainer Jeremy Hunt. A rebellion by the Eurosceptics is in the offing:

    “Theresa May faces Eurosceptic revolt over new Brexit plan released TODAY”

    • Thanks, Chauncey. It’s a cliff-hanger, the crisis in the UK government. We will be watching – and always grateful for your insights and comment.

    • liz

      So it seems that the whole fight that was won for Brexit has been for nothing. It must now be fought all over again, and the leaders are either in prison or are bailing out!

      • Jeanne

        It won’t be the first time a nation’s leaders go against the will of the majority of the people or the less-than-elite citizenry.

      • The good news is that Theresa the Appeaser is now fully exposed – her “Brexit” team were just there for show and two of the “three brexiteers” have now resigned because their role as mere puppets has been made clear. The idea that a Remainer could have been trusted to implement Brexit was a silly idea in the first place, and everyone can now see that.

        Whether this will be enough to bring her down, that is the question. Will the Tory Eurosceptics now revolt and force a leadership contest? I’m still tending to think that she is done for, I think she has blundered a bit too far this time. However given the fact that the Houses of Parliament are dominated by Remainers, even the Tory MPs were majority pro-EU (56.6%), so really anything could happen next.

        As Jillian said, it’s a cliff-hanger, popcorn can be purchased in the foyer ….

        • Trump has been blunt. May’s sabotaging of Brexit ends the enormously valuable (to Britain) trade deal with the US. Boris would make a great P.M. Crime wave in London is Khan’s fault. Immigration is destroying Europe. And they can’t arrest him and put in solitary next to Tommy!

          • Boris wants to give illegal immigrants an amnesty. There have been estimates that there are as many as a million in London alone. We are already on track to be an ethnic minority in England within years now, so I am totally opposed to that and consequently I am totally opposed to Boris being PM. He only decided to back leave at the very last minute, he is an open borders Glozi who only sees Brexit in terms of trade (as most of the top Tories do).

            “Boris Johnson calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years”

            “I’m not only pro-immigration, I’m pro-immigrants”

            The Tory party represents what Paul Weston calls “the traitor class” and Boris is at least as bad as any of them. We need a complete political revolution, a replacement of both the Conservative and Labour parties.

            • I agree with you. Boris would not be a great P.M. For the reason you give, primarily. But Trump dared to tell the sitting P.M. that the man who has just walked out on her would be great at her job! It is Trump I am praising, not Boris.

  • Zerothruster

    re Germany and its dependence upon energy from Russia…
    It _m_i_g_h_t_ be relevant that Angela Merkel (b. 1954) was raised and educated in Brandenburg, _E_a_s_t_ (communist) Germany. Her family left Hamburg when she was an infant, because her father, a Lutheran minister, had accepted a position in Perleberg, Brandenburg. Angela participated in a communist youth organization during her upbringing. Just sayin’…

    ” In 1968, Merkel joined the Free German Youth (FDJ), the official communist youth movement sponsored by the ruling Marxist–Leninist Socialist Unity Party of Germany. Membership was nominally voluntary, but those who did not join found it difficult to gain admission to higher education. She did not participate in the secular coming of age ceremony Jugendweihe, however, which was common in East Germany. Instead, she was confirmed. During this time, she participated in several compulsory courses on Marxism-Leninism with her grades only being regarded as “sufficient”. ” (Wikipedia)

    • Since unification Angela Merkel has called herself a Western-type conservative. Theresa May does too. Neither of them is our idea of a conservative. And they see very much eye-to-eye. So perhaps it was not Angela’s having lived under Communism that has made her an EU-devoted, Islam-favoring, globalist-minded authoritarian. Maybe it is just that Angela and Theresa are two similarly poor women leaders who knew how to work the ropes in their own parties to rise to the top, but have no real understanding of the principle of liberty.

      • liz

        Yes, like Obama, both Merkel and May are good examples of “Affirmative Action” hiring. Merkel’s background in communism is too close to Obama’s to seem like a coincidence to me, though.

  • liz

    If we are paying so much for the defence of Germany and the rest of Europe, we should also have a say about the floods of “refugees” they are allowing in, setting themselves up for a hostile takeover from within. It will fall on the U.S. to bail them out of that when it happens. We should demand an immediate stop to it if they want to keep receiving funds from us.

  • Jeanne

    Why would a country place itself in a place that it can be threatened by the cutting off of most of its energy? Then I wondered if we might also have placed ourselves in a similar situation in small or large ways at times. It is stupid, but our government is not known for always doing smart stuff, either. Hopefully, Germany will find another source for energy, but how likely is that really? I remember when Russia was setting up this ability to fuel Europe, while placing those nations in a vulnerable position of dependence and what a great plan it was by those wily foxes. The fuel bill should come with a black box warning.

  • Zerothruster
    • Impressive! Thanks, Zerothruster.

      Turkey needs to be kicked out of NATO. At best it is useless to the organization, at worst an enemy in it’s midst.

      • Zerothruster

        re Turkey, I agree. They’ve betrayed the man and the legacy that brought them into the modern world around a century ago. Religion greases the skids of backsliding, once again.