Good night, Sweden 2

Pat Condell’s warning: “Sweden is the shape of things to come on Planet Progressive.”

Posted under Commentary, Europe, Islam, jihad, Muslims, Sweden, Videos by Jillian Becker on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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  • liz

    Leftist dogma has become as pervasive now as church dogma used to be.
    And it’s the same dogma, just repackaged in non-religious terms.
    Under the rule of the Church, it was considered virtuous to atone for the sin of loving life more than god by practicing self-abasement, self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Nuns and monks who wasted their lives in monasteries, or lost them on missions to convert primitive savages, were granted sainthood.
    Now it seems the Left has provided the equally delusional descendants of the faithful with the same chance at sainthood. All they have to do is selflessly sacrifice their country to barbarian savages who will gladly accommodate their suicidal vision of virtue by subjugating, humiliating, and killing them.