Thousands rally in London to support a US president and a UK prisoner 17

The excellent Middle East Forum (MEF), under the presidency of Daniel Pipes, carries out wide, deep, totally reliable research on Islamic terrorism and terrorists.

It is also an active force to be reckoned with. 

The MEF organized a 25,000 strong protest in support of Tommy Robinson, and plans more rallies and other actions to gain his release from prison.

On July 8th, 2018, MEF Director, Gregg Roman, issued this statement as a press release from their HQ in Philadelphia:

Tommy Robinson, the imprisoned English counter-Islamist activist, journalist, and book author, justifiably titled his autobiography Enemy of the State, for he has long been a target of the U.K. authorities impatient with his criticism of Islamism.

The Middle East Forum (MEF) is helping Robinson in his moment of danger. It does so in the context of its Legal Project which since 2007 has defended activists, journalists, politicians, et al. who face harassment, fines, or imprisonment because of their views concerning Islamism and related topics.

MEF is sponsoring and organizing the second “Free Tommy Robinson” gathering in London on July 14. MEF previously provided all the funding and helped organized the first “Free Tommy Robinson” event held June 9 in London.

MEF, along with a coalition of UK advocacy groups and international figures will assemble to advocate for Mr. Robinson’s release and demand greater protections for freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the United Kingdom. MEF is arranging for U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar (Republican of Arizona) to travel to London to speak alongside the Dutch political leader Geert Wilders, and others.

The latest incident began on May 25 with Mr. Robinson reporting on a rape-grooming trial involving Muslim defendants in Leeds, England, for which he was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months prison, and jailed – all in the course of a few hours. To make matters worse, he was tricked out of the right to confer with counsel. Now, he has been moved to historically violent Olney prison, where he is a potential target of Islamist gangs.

“The police allow rape gangs to operate for decades but swoop down within minutes on Tommy Robinson for a peccadillo,” notes Forum president Daniel Pipes. “We worry that his life is now in immediate peril.”

Forum director Gregg Roman adds: “Western democracy requires a robust public discussion of Islam – including terrorism, terrorist funding, Islamism, immigration and related matters – not its suppression. No matter one’s views of Mr. Robinson, all decent people must support his right to discuss controversial matters without fear of arrest, secret trial, and imprisonment.”

The Middle East Forum is aiding Mr. Robinson’s defense in three main ways:

  • Legally – By using Legal Project monies to fund his legal defense.
  • Diplomatically – By bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release.
  • Politically – By organizing and funding the 25,000-person “Free Tommy” London rally on June 9 and now the July 14 protest, also taking place in London.

The Middle East Forum promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects the Western civilization from Middle East threats.

For more information, contact:
Gregg Roman, Director

The rally was held, although the Muslim mayor of London ordered the Metropolitan Police to ban two proposed demonstrations. One of them was pro-Trump, as the US President was visiting Britain at the time and was being subjected to much spiteful denigration, in part by a  permitted anti-Trump rally. The other was pro-Tommy. The two marches were scheduled to converge on the MEF-organized rally.The potentially massive turnouts for both were more than the Enemy-in-Charge could stomach.

Also, Geert Wilders, who is under death-threat by jihadis, was prevented from coming to London to speak at the rally by the pro-Islam authorities refusing either to let his own bodyguards be armed or to supply local armed guards to protect him. He had spoken at a pro-Tommy rally a month ago on June 9 – so effectively that the Theresa May police-state would not allow an encore. (We posted his June 9 speech here.)

The persecution of Tommy Robinson by the British government has become an international scandal.

Tommy tells the truth about Islam, and the European governing globalists who invited millions of Muslims to settle in their countries cannot stand it. So they shut him up behind bars. Then President Trump tells them the same truth, and they cannot put him in prison or clap their hands over their ears and shout “La-la-la”.

Tommy Robinson    President Trump

Strange that a working-class prisoner in Britain and the president of the United States should be allies. But they are, and they know they are. President Trump’s ambassador to the UK complained to the British ambassador to the US about the injustice meted out to Tommy. 

The president and the prisoner serve the same cause: the protection of Western civilization, under attack by the savage force of Islam intent on its destruction. 


Probably because Tommy’s case has become an international scandal attracting the attention of the president of the United States, it is now being put in the hands of the highest judge in the Kingdom.

The [British] government had delayed the court date for Tommy’s appeal from July 10 to July 24, making him rot in solitary confinement for two more weeks. Well, that date has moved again, but it is now sooner:

Tommy Robinson’s appeal will now be heard on July 18.

[And] there is a new judge.

The first judge appointed was Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the head of all criminal justice in the United Kingdom.

But now there are a panel of three judges, presided over by Sir Ian Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

It would be as if, in the US, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States were personally hearing the case

So Ezra Levant reports. He adds:

Tommy has asked me to personally come to London to attend at court. 

He doesn’t trust the mainstream media to report fairly on his case. And I agree.

Sir Ian Burnett, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales


Update July 18, 2018:

The decision on Tommy Robinson’s appeal against a conviction for contempt of court, expected today, has been delayed, but will be revealed “by the end of July”.

So yet again Tommy waits in jail.

  • He’s out on bail! They couldn’t make their minds up even after that long!

    “Tommy Robinson Released on Bail by Court of Appeal”

    • liz

      Great news! They should throw the whole case out, but at least this is better than him remaining in prison the whole time.
      The usual crowd of idiots holding signs saying he’s racist – they don’t even know what they’re talking about. I’d love to hear them explain how Islam is a race. Doesn’t matter the situation – scream “racism”!!!

      • The thing that is most surprising me is that they seem to be questioning the conviction – the appeal was supposed to be just about whether the sentence was reasonable in length. A lot more news to come obviously, it’s not over yet. There is going to be a re-trial as I understand it, better than expected news really.

      • It’s one in the eye for the MSM know-it-alls as well :-).

    • I saw that and posted it on our Facebook page. On the whole, it’s good news, though it could be better. Perhaps he will yet be acquitted. The law does seem to be on his side, and an honest judge is what must be hoped for.

      • Thing is, by their own logic they should be prejudicing the pending re-trial, which would call for a mis-trial. Here is my latest article on the subject:

        “Sub Judice – What A Joke”

        • Thank you! So glad you wrote that.

          I have just posted this on the front page of this website:

          Like you, I quoted that vicious piece from The Sun.

          • Thanks I’ll have a read later. Melanie Phillips at it as well.

          • By the way a number of people are saying that the re-trial will not be before a jury (instead another judge, carefully chosen probably). Technically the sub-judice rule does not apply to professional judges, so my objection does not have any weight legally if there is no jury. Unfortunately it is therefore very possible that Tommy will be going back to prison and it could even be a longer sentence as the above quote says.

            I am responding to this criticism as follows:

            “You may be right technically but I’m talking about principles. Regardless of whether there is a jury or not, all this blanket media hostility towards Tommy is going to prejudice the trial.”

            I may update the article with a note about this and argue that we need a change in the law to abolish this sub-judice rule to bring us in line with how I believe the US system works.

  • The latest update, apparently the appeal was delayed (again) today:

    “Appeal Against ‘Prejudiced’ Tommy Robinson Jailing Delayed”

    • liz

      I think those in the government who want the “grooming” scandal swept under the rug have done much more damage to their cause by arresting Tommy, and now delaying the appeal, than if they had just let him alone.
      So I guess it’s not all negative! Let them keep it up, just like the unhinged idiots calling Trump a traitor – more votes for us!

    • Yes, I posted the update. And I noted it on Facebook.

      Does not bode well for Tommy. These judges are also playing the delaying game, keeping him in uncertainty. And in jail.

  • liz

    Well that’s good news that they changed judges – the other one was apparently prejudiced against Tommy. Do you know anything about Sir Ian Burnett?

    • Nothing, liz. I await his judgment of the appeal. I’ll post what seems to me the best info I can find. Meanwhile, I’ll ask Chauncey Tinker if he knows anything about Burnett.

    • As stated above he is the top judge in the land which is very significant, clearly the protests have had an impact. He’s relatively young to be the top judge at 59, but he has been involved in a lot of high profile cases.

      I have searched for anything that could be negative for the trial such as obsession with diversity etc. but I can’t find anything, he does seem to be non-political as far as I can discover from searching the web at least, so that could be good news for Tommy. He managed not to mention diversity in this speech;

      He has spoken out against threats against judges and their families apparently but I wonder how much this is just a feature of the internet age that nobody can really do much about (politicians get it all the time as well):

      “‘Judges should not fear for themselves or their families’”

      Note that as I understand it the appeal is not against the conviction but only against the length of the sentence, that is also the info. in the media e.g. this article from the Sun:

      • That is all helpfully informative, Chauncey.

        Thank you so much.

      • liz

        As the article implies, what England needs is a First Amendment.