Rooting out Allah 6

What is the root, hub, core, foundation, or essence – any one of those words will do, no mixing of metaphors – of Islam?

Allah, of course.

Take away Allah and the whole growth, movement, body, edifice, or idea will wither away, stop, die, collapse, or fail.

Allah the War God is no more and no less a cause of Man-made Global Distress (MGD) than is Jehovah the Vengeful or that ludicrous empyrean bureau, the Trinity.

Christians and believing Jews have no valid argument against Islam.

So it is now the most important task of atheists to destroy Islam by destroying Allah, with Reason and laughter.

Trouble is, atheists on the Left have forged an alliance with Islam. They not only refuse to argue with it, they fiercely attack atheists on the Right who dare to say a word against that deeply immoral religion.

Attacks must not deter us.

Criticizing God is our business. Making him a laughing-stock is our pleasure.




(Hat-tip to Don L for the symbolic device)

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  • Cogito

    “ludicrous empyrean bureau”

    Jillian, this is wonderful!

  • Athrin

    there are no atheists on the left, they claim to be atheists but the worship leftism like a religion.

    • Yes, Leftism is a religion, but it is a religion without a deity.

      Though – to argue against myself – I suppose one could say that Power is the god of the Leftists.

      • liz

        Tucker Carlson, talking about the Democrats, noted that their only remaining principle is hatred of Trump. If he is for something, they’re against it, no matter what it is. Its “entire platform could be, ‘say no to Trump’. This is not politics anymore, it’s the worlds dumbest religion.”
        Who’s god is, yes, power – power and hate. They seek power in order to carry out the destructive urges that rise from their irrational hatred.

  • liz

    Another problem with it is that Muslims can’t take a joke. In fact, some big Muslim poobah has decreed that humor has no place in Islam.
    Mere cartoons cause them to become unhinged and go on murderous rampages. Jokes will get you jailed for blasphemy. They are mental midgets with a psychosis, so I can see why the left relates to them.