Becoming Mexico 3

The Democrats want no southern border.

Mark Steyn accurately describes the Democratic Party moving ever further to the Left, and how, without the border, the US would become Mexico.


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  • liz

    This is stupidity that has reached the point of insanity, on steroids.
    Claiming that Obama WASN’T a socialist (?), but since the Republicans so unjustly accused him of it, now they might as well do the real thing!
    Like bratty children, they lie, and avoid blame for the destructive consequences of their idiotic, evil ideology by blaming Republicans for their choice.
    And like irresponsible children, they are hellbent on destroying themselves, the country, and everyone in it, just for the self aggrandizing thrill of getting to pretend that they are the most virtuous, compassionate geniuses in history.

    • Totally agree, and appreciate your insight and accuracy of description!

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      • liz

        Thanks! And another thing – if they get their way, we will not only become Mexico, but Somalia and Saudi Arabia, too. Their stupidity may finally dawn on them right before their beheading.