The injustice of “social justice” 9

Now that the Democratic Party has “come out” as proudly Socialist, the American electorate has a clear choice: vote Trumpist Republican and be free and prosperous OR vote Big Brother Democrat and be collectivized and poor.

Nobody has ever explained why the free market is “just” AND creates wealth, better than the great economist Friedrich von Hayek.¬†Here he is explaining why to William F. Buckley Jr. in 1977, supported in his argument by George Roche III, president of Hillsdale College.

Hayek explains that in order for a ruling power to make people economically equal, it would have to “treat people very unequally indeed”. (Some would have to work and be robbed of their wages,¬† while others would be able to sit back, do nothing, and receive the bounty of the stolen funds).

Buckley, who was actually strongly conservative, plays “devil’s advocate”, putting the (sentimental) case for Socialism to his two interlocutors.

We would have preferred Hayek to use the word “fair”, or “equitable”, rather than “just”, because justice can only apply to the individual. George Roche’s argument for freedom on moral grounds comes close to making this point, if not very clearly. We understand that Hayek had to say “just” because “Social Justice” is the subject and title of the discussion.

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  • I was a little kid during the 1968 election, but I remember the chaos at the Democratic National Convention as young activists tried to drag the Democrats leftward. I also know that in that year the Dems lost badly to a GOP retread.

    The difference today is that there doesn’t seem to be much resistance to the Dem’s leftward lurch. The party seems to be embracing economic illiterates like the part-time bartender Ocasio-Cortez, dullards like Maxine Waters, and criminals like the Antifa goons.

    • Yes, the Democratic Party is disintegrating. The old – aged – leadership who do not want to declare themselves to be socialists have nothing to offer the party or the country. In their quavering voices they call for Senile Pelosi to lead them again in the House! The tiny minority of Democrats with a sense of decency – the likes of Dershowitz and Turley who now appear frequently on Fox News – may quietly vote GOP in November. What can a party expect of the American electorate when it claims as its natural constituency: felons, loonies, illiterates, illegals, frauds, hobos, assassins, ignoramuses, rioters, looters, fascist “anti-Fascists” … ? (As you say.) I’m told that the youth vote is what they will depend on – the miseducated just emerging from the schools. That won’t carry them. The black vote is swinging away from them. The Hispanic vote too, it seems, to a possibly significant degree. And under Republican rule the economy is booming. Signs are that there will be a repeat this November of the 1968 Democratic Party failure. Perhaps – we may reasonably hope – a more devastating one. (Though of course anything can happen. Three months is a very long time in politics.)

  • A social justice warrior in action wielding a bike lock apparently and it turns out he’s a “professor”:

    “Bay Area Professor Charged with Assaulting 7 Conservatives with Bike Lock Gets Probation”

    • Yes. There are many such professors in the US. “Professor” is a loose term here. But tenured or not, most of them are on the Left, many urge violence against opposition, and some are violent themselves – this one a case in point.

  • Athrin

    sadly, in a spectacular show of stupidity they will choose socialism. Humans are the dumbest species to have ever evolved in the history of earth.

    • Which earthly species was smarter, Athrin?

      • Athrin

        everything is smarter than human.

        • Clearly you’ve never been around sheep.

        • liz

          I agree, in the sense that all other species make survival their goal.
          Too many humans throw out reason – their only means of survival – and make self-destruction, in the name of a stupid ideology, theirs.