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The fall of Ramadi – Obama’s success 24


Sunday May 18, the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) seized Ramadi, capital of Anwar province in Iraq. The Iraqi forces that had been weakly defending the city, fled along with many civilians – some 8,000 in all. About 500 people, many of them civilians, were killed immediately by the invaders. Newsmax reports: “Bodies, some burned, littered the city’s streets … Online video showed Humvees, trucks and other equipment speeding out of Ramadi, with soldiers desperate to reach safety gripping onto their sides.”

In 2008, Anbar Province – of which Ramadi is the capital – was taken from Saddam Hussein’s forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. But victory came at a high price: 1,335 U.S. soldiers were killed, and another 8,205 soldiers were wounded and maimed.

All for nothing.

Obama pulled all US troops out of Iraq in 2011. And the Islamic State has come in.

But Obama’s press secretary says the policy towards the Islamic State and Iraq is a success.

From RedState:

This exchange is between ABC’s Jon Karl and a thoroughly dishonest Josh Earnest.

Q    Now, on the overall track record of military operations of the President’s strategy on this, you said we’ve seen periods of progress and success.  Would you say that overall, this strategy has been a success?

EARNEST:  Well, Jon, yes.  Overall, yes. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been areas of setback, as we saw in Ramadi.

Q    I mean, is exporting terror to Libya, taking over the capital of Iraq’s largest province — this is overall success?

EARNEST:  What we’ve also seen is we’ve also seen a coalition of 60 nations both in the region and around the world join the United States in this fight.  We’ve seen a new Prime Minister take office in Iraq and unite that country and deploy a multi-sectarian security force against ISIL that has succeeded in liberating important areas of Diyala and Babil and Nineveh and the Kirkuk Provinces.  We’ve seen important Iraqi security force gains in Tikrit and Ramadi. [!] We’ve also seen strategic areas like Sinjar Mountain and Mosul Dam where Iraqi security forces have emerged victorious. So we have seen a lot of success.  But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback.  And that’s part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly when it’s going to be a long-term proposition like this one.

For the US, the fall of Ramadi is a failure and a loss, and Josh Ernest is lying about it. The new Prime Minister of Iraq has not united the country. The pathetic charade of “democracy” in that benighted land deceives no one.

But for Obama himself, the loss, the chaos, the slaughter, the destruction is a success. 

His foreign policy – the advancement of Islam – is succeeding, perhaps even beyond his own wildest dreams, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and above all in Iran.

Driving the getaway car 0

Michael Ramirez, as always, says it perfectly:


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About a wall 4


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The worst worsted 0

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The flame is dying 2

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Beating swords into food stamps 0


Another brilliant Michael Ramirez cartoon from Investor’s Business Daily

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Not even a smidgen of corruption 4

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The leader who knows nothing 9

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The nuclear fire next time 0

… flash, shock wave, radiation, intense heat, a million fires …

The Obama administration should be assisting Israel in planning and communicating a legitimate military threat that might give the Iranians second thoughts about continuing to violate U.N. mandates. Or at the very least, get out of the way of the Israelis, whose future existence relies on adults formulating real foreign policy solutions.

Yes, that is what a responsible government of the US should be doing. But, it seems incontrovertible to us, Obama positively desires the destruction of the state of Israel, and Iranian nuclear bombs are the quickest way to achieve that end. 

Our quotations come from the great political cartoonist Michael Ramirez who writes at Investor’s Business Daily:

The danger that Iran poses is not just from developing a nuclear bomb.

Let’s set aside for a moment the belligerent behavior of Iran and their export of terrorism, extremism and destabilization.

Let’s forget about their three-stage rocket development and their funding and support of terrorists around the world.

Let’s put aside the proxy wars they’ve waged on the U.S. and the West that have already killed Americans and countless others.

Let’s even put aside their willingness to use a nuclear weapon and the direct threat it poses to the survival of our ally, Israel.

If Iran has a nuclear bomb, Saudi Arabia will have a nuclear bomb. If the Saudis have a nuclear bomb, Egypt will have a nuclear bomb. Syria may be next, then Iraq. And so on.

The real danger lies in an accelerated nuclear arms race in a region awash in oil money, where extremism is valued but life is not, where all things are bought and sold, where surrogates, terrorists, extremists and their apostles of death exist without the constraints of geographical borders or national affiliation and can be paid or brainwashed to do anything without a direct link to the real planners of mischief.

The nuclear arms race and the proliferation of nuclear material that will result represent the largest threat to the world today.

The next time you have a terrorist attack, it will not be thousands of dead and wounded, it will be millions.

And its tentacles reach much further than the area directly attacked. Consider this: some estimates put the cost of 9/11 at over $3 trillion. If there is a nuclear attack, that area — those houses, the buildings, the businesses — will be uninhabitable for 50 years.

There will be a military response.

There will be nuclear war.

And the economic consequences alone will be catastrophic. Just think: It’s taken over 12 years just to rebuild the World Trade Center.

And what do you do after such an attack if the group can’t be tied to any one place or country?

Do you respond in kind and launch a nuclear strike on the country you presume was behind the attack and be responsible for the deaths of the millions whose only link was having the misfortune of living under the authoritarian rule of zealots and extremists?

The average age of Iranians is 28. They are largely pro-Western.

It’s easier for the world to confront the challenges they face with Iran right now, before the nuclear genie is released from its bottle.

This president seems content to merely “vote present” once again and let Iran become a nuclear power. The only red line he seems to draw is through the words “TAKE ACTION.”

The Obama administration’s policy of “Hope they will Change” and “Leading from behind” is ineffective and hugely irresponsible. … They are allowing the Iranians to stall for time while nuclear enrichment and nuclear development continue.

But don’t worry, the Obama administration is poised to attack. They will attack Congress for voting for real sanctions on the Iranians and they will attack Israel for defending itself.

The world must stop the Iranian nuclear program, whatever the cost, or the world will pay a much, much higher price in the future.

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