Stupid Comment of the Week 0

I hereby present to you a typical incoherent, moronic, and empty comment left by someone purporting to be a Muslim. By dr S.M.Tariq Zafar, on our How to defeat Islam post:

It is great news for others not for follower of Islam. It is already predicted by Prophet Mohammad (Pbh). Growing Muslim population is the ultimate answer to all the sins, crimes and superstitions which are part of other religions or protected by them. Crimes like Interest business, adultery, liquor, gambling, homosexual, and lesbian, heterosexism, animal sex, Arms manufacturing, will come to end. Those people having brothel in their home and are mobile pros and ready to have sex any where like mad pigs and do not have any ideology of social life are afraid of Islam. For them there is only way for survival that they must study Islam and become Muslim. To protect the world have to adopt some measure and ultimate measure is Islam. Christens and other religion follower have a dogmatic view that they are educated and cultured people. If they are true people then they have to prove them selves for that they have to make a comparative study of all major religion.

I could leave this comment without response, as it speaks for itself. However, I think I’ll point out some major flaws with it:

  1. How is Islam the answer to superstition?
  2. How are we expected to breed if heterosexism is a sin?
  3. I seem to remember it was the Muslims who are fueling the need for arms manufacturing.
  4. What, exactly, is the Muslim ideology of ‘Social Life’? Because we all know much fun a Burqa is.
  5. I’ve noticed that Christians are on the whole more educated and cultured than the Muslims because the Muslims are stuck believing in a Dark Ages ideology that goes contrary to everything the West has achieved since the Enlightenment.

Thank you, Tariq Zafar, for giving us a laugh.

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