Gynocracy kills intellectual life 19

The valiant hunters of wild Truths are, as they always have been, men.

Men value truth and the processes by which it  is discovered – scientific investigation, impartial inquiry in courts of law, and free speech – greatly more, and more commonly, than women do.

The idea of objective judgment in courts of law could only have been conceived by men. Women would never have thought of it, and many, probably most, will never fully comprehend it.

Science likewise could only have been born out of masculine brains.

Rightly admired exception, Heather Mac Donald, writing at City Journal, finds that respect for truth is found far more among men than among women in the universities:

The most far-reaching effects of the feminized university are the intolerance of dissent from political orthodoxy and the attempt to require conformity to that orthodoxy. This intolerance is justified in the name of safety and “inclusivity”.  It turns out that females and males assess the value of debate and the legitimacy of speech restrictions unequally. The 2022 FIRE College Free Speech Rankings reported “stark” differences in whether female and male undergraduates would allow speakers with “offensive” ideas (such as the belief that abortion should be illegal) to come on campus. In the 2021 FIRE rankings, over 40 percent of students at Barnard and Wellesley (women’s colleges, all) supported the use of violence against dissenters. In a 2018 Knight Foundation survey of over 4400 college students … ,  71 percent of males agreed that protecting free speech is more important than promoting an inclusive society; 59 percent of females agreed that promoting an inclusive society is more important than protecting free speech. Two-thirds of male psychology professors from top universities polled in 2021 believed that pursuing truth was more important than pursuing social equity if the two conflict; around a third of male respondents said that the issue was “complicated.” Fifty-two percent of female psychologists answered that the issue was complicated, while only 43 percent prioritized truth. A 2017 YouGov survey of over 2000 U.S. adults found that 56 percent of men said that colleges should not protect students from offensive ideas, whereas 64 percent of females said that they should. Men support the development of knowledge that explains reality, even if such knowledge threatens egalitarian norms, whereas females are more willing to suppress such scholarship if it poses “potential moral threats” … 

The political orthodoxy is a sentimental pretense that those of the sex and a race (women and non-whites excluding Asians) who have achieved less academically, must be made to feel they are more worthy than those of the sex  and a race (white men and Asians) who have achieved more. With wonderful lack of self-awareness, the believers in this creed (women, non-whites and mentally transgendered men) consider themselves fighting a good fight against “sexism” and “racism”, when their creed is essentially sexist and racist.

The feminization of the universities is spreading fast:

Seventy-five percent of Ivy League presidents are now female. Nearly half of the 20 universities ranked highest by Forbes will have a female president this fall, including MIT, Harvard, and Columbia.

And in most of the remaining 25%, the men at the top do as their women counterparts do.

As a result of the sentimental pretense, more women than men are now university students. They are easily frightened by challenging ideas:

When students claim to be felled by ideas that they disagree with, the feminized bureaucracy does not tell them to grow up and get a grip. It validates their self-pity.

Gynocracy is destroying the universities as institutions of disinterested intellectual enquiry.

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