Could it happen to America? 5

Europe is fast becoming Eurabia because it is too weak to withstand the soft jihad being waged against it. Will America become Amerabia in the same way?

Read here how the insidious process has begun in the US.

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  • Matthew Slijyper

    Thank you, Mr. Khalaji, for proving our point with both this comment and your other one.


    america wiil be under the power of islam

  • Will

    Yeah and especially when the politicians won’t do anything about it.

  • Matt

    @Will – I completely agree. It infuriates me when I see these illegals crossing the border illegally and receiving everything a citizen has when there are honest people who want to enter this country legally and can’t.

  • Will –

    The politicians in this country need to get a backbone and stand up for the laws in this country. We can’t let mindless PC ruin our government. We can’t say anything now without it offending someone.Illegal immigrants need to learn that this is OUR country, not theirs, and that they do not have any rights in this country as an illegal. We shouldn’t cater to immigrants…if they want to become citizens of this country then they should learn English and assimilate into society. These immigrants think that they should be given everything and that everything should be in their language. I know this isn’t about Islam but it’s a similar concept,although we’re becoming Meximerica faster than Amerabia.