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The Constitution is discarded, the rule of law abandoned, the nation-state abhorred, national borders removed, the people disarmed, the family destroyed, the past obliterated, the language befouled and diminished – so what remains to hold the United States of America together?

We ask this both here and in our Forum.

We invite answers, here or there: argument, denial, confirmation, analysis. We’ll not object to anger. We’ll even read soothing messages of sweetness and light.


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To our readers at this year’s end 34

It is possible that the horrible year 2021 will turn out to have done good.

The Left, by coming to power (through cheating and chicanery) and proceeding to impose its oppressive policies, may have destroyed itself.

It has taught America a lesson in practice, proving how fearful, dreary, insecure, costly, humiliating, lonely, brutal, sorrowful and sickly is life under Leftist rule. If the electorate has learned the lesson, it may not need to be taught again this century.

The misery is not yet over. But 2022 is an election year and may end with the defeat of the Left.

That is the nearest we can come to a cheerful message for our readers. It is a hope, and with that in mind, we wish you all a

Happy New Year!

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Please try to be jolly 10

We wish all our readers and commenters, regular and occasional visitors, applauders and denigrators, atheists and believers, optimists and pessimists, vaccinated and unvaccinated,


a very merry holiday season


despite the pandemic, loss of liberty, high prices, shortages, rough weather, Communist China, the House January 6 committee, rising crime, and the decline of the West.

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At our Forum 1

Some of the most recent topics under discussion:

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Tens of Thousands protest in Brussels against government anti-Covid measures

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Mentally Fragile State Department Officials Broke Down Over Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal.

Please join us! We would like to know your opinion.

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Happy Thanksgiving 19

… to all our readers, visitors, fans and critics!



Let’s be thankful to the philosophers of the Enlightenment that we atheists may carry our atheism openly, and point out absurdities of religious belief such as these:

Jews believe that Moses set down the ritual laws of a Temple that was conceived and constructed about 300 years after his death.

Christians believe that a Jewish man executed by the Romans as an insurrectionist was the creator of the universe.

Muslims believe that the sister of Moses was the mother of the Jewish man who was executed by the Romans as an insurrectionist some twelve hundred years after her death.

These are called “truths”.

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Tell us what you think 80

Join in the intelligent and exciting discussions on our Forum.

Here are some of the topics raised between November 1 and 7, 2021):

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A sample of an interchange:


The Politics of The Crown

The great Margaret Thatcher said that the (constitutional) difference between Britain and America is that Britain is a product of history while America is the product of philosophy. Which then is the more firmly grounded, considering that philosophy can be changed but history cannot? Is Britain more likely to be stable, to maintain what has proved to work, to conserve what the nation has achieved, and to remain a sturdy guardian of the people’s freedom within the impregnable walls of its laws and institutions? In theory, yes; in practice, no. Britain is sick with the same political diseases as America: irrational shame, foreign occupation, hardening tyranny. If either is the more likely to recover, it is America. Because philosophy is changeable.

Good insight! I never thought about it, but you are probably right. Our philosophy is being influenced to change for the worse, but there is always the chance that it can be changed again for the better.

That is a possibility. And there are signs that it may be beginning to happen.

Another sample:


The Riddle of Epicurus on the Problem of Evil 

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

The wonderful Epicureans were truly atheists. They placated their polytheist critics by covering their atheism with a verbal fig leaf: declaring that there were some gods somewhere far off, but they didn’t do anything.

Further more, David Hume two millennia later relied on Epicurus and he reminds theists that: “Epicurus’s old questions are yet unanswered. Is he willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? whence then is evil?” (David Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion). An excellent example of the dependence of so much Enlightenment thought on the ancient Greeks.

And another


Dr. Fauci Animal Torturer

Taxpayer funds were used by Dr. Fauci for research that included infecting dozens of puppies with parasites. They suffered extremely cruel treatment. His “white coats” injected and force-fed the puppies an experimental drug for several weeks, before killing and dissecting them. The dogs developed agonizing infectious lesions. In addition they were subjected to a procedure called a “cordectomy”, sometimes called “de-barking”: the puppies’ vocal cords were slashed so the experimenters would not hear the dogs whimpering in pain and distress.

A liar, a fraud, and a monster.

What is you opinion?

Please tell us on our Forum.

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Invitation to our visitors 12

This website is visited thousands of times a month. No doubt many of the visits are by the same visitors, coming back often – some regularly – to read our new posts, explore what we have written in the past, or find essays of interest listed in our Pages section.

We have had tens of thousands of comments, almost all of which contribute vitally to the value of the site.

Now we have opened a Forum where you can freely comment and debate, post your own articles on any topic, or link us to news reports and columns of opinion by others.

Please join us there.

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Civilization 2

A poem by Bruce Bawer:

That civilization may not sink,
Its great battle lost,
Quiet the dog, tether the pony
To a distant post.
Our master Caesar is in the tent
Where the maps are spread,
His eyes fixed upon nothing,
A hand upon his head.

–W.B. Yeats, “Long-Legged Fly”


Groaning toward his eightieth year, the Free
World’s leader, on this pleasant August day,
Dozes calmly under an apple tree,
Dreaming of that episode with Corn Pop,
Of children’s fragrant hair, banana splits,
White sails skimming over Delaware Bay.
— No, actually, he’s at a photo op
In the White House, opposite the premier
Of Israel, and — ah — he’s fallen asleep,
His head bowed, his shoulders slumped: the shoulders
Upon which our civilization sits.

His aides, seized by a now-familiar fear,
Rustle through their thick, important folders.
But what’s to be done? Look beyond the seas
To every continent, and there you’ll find
Cruisers and aircraft carriers, tanks and jeeps,
Awaiting orders from this man whose eyes
Are shut in slumber; squadrons of GIs
Prepared, at his command, to sacrifice
Their lives for the liberty of mankind;
Bombers poised to fly when he gives the nod.
But him? He’s nodded off; he’s flying blind;
And all the mighty forces must stand down,
For it’s that addled head that wears the crown:
Long as he’s in the Oval Office, odd
Though it sounds, he’s the closest thing to God;
Long as America still rules the waves
(And he, with his rank company of knaves,
Foolishly and brazenly waives the rules),
All civilization rests upon one mind.

So when you vote, think what you’re voting for.
It shouldn’t matter if a candidate
For president’s presentable and kind
(Or seems to be), or comes off as a boor,
Or if that individual’s maligned
By media boobs: dismiss such chatter
From your mind. And no, it shouldn’t matter
Who has more estrogen or melanin
Or who might be a Basque or Bedouin.
You’re not picking a morning talk-show host
Or someone you can call your friends and boast
Of having voted for because he’s gay.
For once, please put such childish thoughts away
And think like an adult, a citizen
Of the Republic that transmogrified
Ideas of what a human life could be,
The land for which your forebears fought and died.
For God’s sake, do the homework. Do the math.
Learn to recognize a sociopath.
Learn what it means to be custodian
Of your hard-won freedom, of your nation,
Of your — your children’s — civilization.

Just this once, instead of relentlessly
Finding fault with all the Founding Founders,
Why don’t you attempt to be worthy of
Them — to show respect, if you can’t show love —
And to be worthy of the wondrous land
They brought into being? You have a hand,
When you cast your vote, in shaping its fate,
In deciding whether or not our great
American experiment founders
Or survives. So choose as your head of state
Someone who loves your country, first of all,
And who understands how to wield power
In its service; who can be a bright ball
Of fire in that country’s darkest hour;
Who knows good from evil, knows foe from friend,
And knows when duty tells him not to bend;
And who, unlike the man who tends to doze
In the middle of the day, and who weeps
Inexplicably at a lectern, knows
To cry in private, and who barely sleeps.

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Happy birthday, President Trump! 17

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Donald Trump: nothing less than noble 6

We are delighted with this praise of Donald Trump by Bruce Bawer:

I cast my first presidential vote ever for Gerald Ford and my second for Ronald Reagan. But after that, the party’s presidential candidates, whether they won or lost, held little appeal for me.  They all used ugly, malevolent gay-bashing to win votes, implying that gay people were the greatest threat of all to American values. Trump—“vulgar” Trump—never stooped that low. He never came close. During the 2016 campaign, I kept holding my breath waiting for it to happen—it had to happen; he was a Republican—and it never happened.

Vulgar? Nasty? No, in thunder. He was nothing less than noble. Not just in the way he talked to gays, but also in the way he addressed blacks, women, Latinos, Asians, Appalachian coal miners, Midwestern farmers, the military, the police. There was not a hint of Democratic identity-group pandering, and none of the awkwardness of a George H.W. Bush, say, trying desperately to pretend to relate to people about whose lives he was utterly clueless.

Yes, Trump was a billionaire, but he had spent his adult life on construction sites rubbing shoulders with plumbers, carpenters, welders, roofers, glaziers, electricians, and other working stiffs; and he had hired and promoted—and fired—on the basis of excellence and nothing else.

And that was only a small part of what he did. He effected changes in the GOP that I had been dreaming of my whole adult life. His love for America, and respect for Americans, were palpable. He made most of the GOP presidential hopefuls before him, and most of the Republicans in Congress during his own tenure, look like wimps, hacks, careerists, phonies, cowards.

He knew what the real issues were. He knew who the real enemies were. He knew the real America, and was fully on its side. And through it all, he was never afraid to speak the truth, loud and clear.

It is maddeningly frustrating to know that, thanks to the vicious prejudice and stupidity of the media, most voters will never hear or read such an opinion.

Bruce Bawer’s eulogy to President Trump is part of an article written mainly in defense of David Horowitz, who has been a warrior against political evil – aka the Left – for most of his adult life, ever since he converted from the religion of Communism in which he had been raised. In Bawer’s opinion, as in ours, both Trump and Horowitz are American heroes.

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