Obama can only fumble and fail 6

We would say to him: ‘Come on, Barry, face the fact that you cannot lead this nation.’

Barack Obama makes flabbergastingly naive statements of intent. He seems to be stuck with adolescent ideals, a blue-eyed view of what is desirable and possible that few sane people over the age of 21 can normally continue to hold. He manifests no knowledge of history, or of political or economic theory. His ideas have the quality of sticky-sentiment greetings cards, but are delivered with the grandiloquence of extreme narcissism. His manner of dropping his voice at the end of every sentence gives everything he says a certainty; an inarguable ‘I say so, so that’s how it is’ finality; an apodictic quality. This manner, combined with the lift of his chin to one side like Mussolini, enchants gullible listeners: makes them think, ‘Ah yes, he is so sure, he must be right, he should lead us!’  Only when he has to answer a question he has not prepared himself for (in front of mirrors?) do we hear him fumbling, stammering, losing the eloquence of the well-rehearsed demagogue.

To elect him to the presidency of the United States at this point in history would be a mistake so devastating that it’s hard to believe sensible voters could even contemplate doing so. Now, just as Europe has learnt too late that socialism does not work, he would bring socialism to America. For make no mistake about it, Obama is a socialist, though he probably does not even realize it himself.  Just for starters he wants a national health service – a wholly socialist notion – though every example of such a thing everywhere in the world is failing.

His foreign policy ideas are even more disastrous. He wants to disarm the US in a world of spreading nuclear know-how and capability along with hostile intention.

I, as a refugee from Eurabia to America, seem to have arrived just in time to watch the United States go the way of Europe under the leadership of a man who is dangerously ignorant and foolish. Is the country called ‘the last best hope’ of humanity about to follow the European example and become weak, demoralized, decadent, and slowly subjugated by aliens whose ideas derive from the seventh century?

However unexciting John McCain may be, he would at least save America from sharp decline and military defeat.  He could ward off the worst of the threats.  He could govern. Obama could not, and nothing but moral hubris sustains his belief that he can.

Jillian Becker  June, 2008

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  • Jillian Becker

    Keyser Soze, Kucinich broadcast against his own country while visiting an enemy. I call that treasonous. He is a far-leftist not worth spending time or thought on.
    Ron Paul, I appreciate, is a free-marketeer. I like libertarianism. But he is also an isolationist, and to use your expression I can ‘smell’ antisemitism in his views on Israel.
    Linking the two as hypothetical pres and veep strikes me as bizarre. (A
    veep is only a heartbeat, as they say, from the presidency.)
    I don’t like calling people names – whatever names might be in my head – so I’ll
    only say that I disagree with you.

  • Keyser Soze

    You are misinformed.

    Just to clarify, fascism is when the government decides it is more important than the people. They usually sell this horseshit wrapped in a flag and give it a patriotic name to mask the smell. This time, they didn’t even bother to give it a patriotic name, they just called it *the* patriotic act… Oh, the irony… But, I can smell the horseshit, I mean fascism…

    As for Ron Paul, yes, he has many supporters, including some he does not agree with, but *all* candidates do, it’s a weak argument, and if that’s the worst you can say about the man then it’s obvious he’s the right man for the job. The Constitution protects all people, even racists and their right to vote for anyone they desire. It is also of course apparent that you are completely ignorant about doctor Ron Paul, who has delivered well over 4000 souls into this world, a noble and honorable profession. Many of them were minorities because doctor Paul would not accept socialist medicare payments, instead working for free. Shame on your for trying to smear the good doctor Paul as a racist neo-nazi. You do not understand the good doctor’s message of “individual freedom and responsibility”. Racists believe that they are superior and that they will rise to the top in a free society, something they cannot do in a socialist society, this is why they support doctor Paul and his ideas for restoring the republic. In reality, racists, lacking education, will not.

    Paul/Kucinich is shorthand in this country for Ron Paul, President/Dennis Kucinich, Vice President. As for Dennis, I’m just not sure where you are going with this? Friend to Assad? I suggest you read Sun Tzu. Then perhaps you will understand what Dennis is trying to do. Hint, Dennis isn’t looking for a bowling buddy, he has an agenda to stabilize the middle east.

    I knew by mentioning the good doctor Paul, the kook comments would fly (thus the bait), so please, let the third grade name calling commence, I’d love to hear your “harder” names. Quod erat demonstrandum.

  • Jillian Becker

    Dennis Kucinich, friend to Assad, the Dictator of Syria?
    Ron Paul, choice of neo-Nazis like Pat Buchanan? And you smell fascism in the Patriot Act!
    I’d have a harder name than ‘kook’ for anyone who wants either of them to be president.

  • Keyser Soze

    I agree completely about Obama, but he is just a product of the game that our politics have become. I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. Although McCain would be an improvement over Obama, I can no longer play these games. I am sick of going to the voting booth and choosing between a kick in the balls or a punch to the face. I will no longer choose either. I want a Paul/Kucinich presidency. Call me a kook, but those are the only two men of integrity left in Washington, no matter what their beliefs. Since you envoked the sacred Constitution, I should expect that you could support Dr Ron Paul, as you will find no one else who supports it as much as him. Dr Paul could fail as a president, but let there be no doubts, the Justices he would place on the Supreme Court would bring back the Constitution, and get rid of the unconstitutional Patriot Act that replaced it. By the way, can anyone else here smell the facism in the very name “Patriot Act”?

  • Jillian Becker

    Glad you believe that Obama would be abysmally bad. But just think of the harm he can do in a ‘couple of years’. And the evil he’d do would live after him. Just one example: he’d appoint liberal judges who’d sit in the Supreme Court for decades trashing the Constitution. Remember how much harm Carter did to the US and the world in his few years of power? The trouble we have with North Korea and Iran stems from his presidency. Obama would be even worse than Carter.

  • Obama is the BEST hope for the US, for exactly the reasons you outline. McCain is way too liberal to do much to change the country – a McCain win in 08 would practically guarantee Clinton in 2012.

    However, Obama will be SO abysmally bad that the backlash will probably shatter the Democrat party. Anyone remember gas rationing under Carter?

    We will have to endure a couple years of sheer hell, but Obama will show this country just how bad the liberal socialist ideas of the Democrats really are.