Why Obama? 5

Has there ever been a candidate for the presidency as unqualified to be elected as Barack Obama? 

Since he is so completely unqualified, one is compelled to ask: ‘Why do so many people want him to be President?’ 

Is it because he is black? 

I have a suspicion that for many people this is true.  

In which case, they are plainly racist.

Do many Americans feel (one cannot say ‘think’) that if they vote for a black man to be President it will somehow prove to themselves that they are good people? Is their need to feel that they are good people a strong motivation in their political choices?

I have a suspicion that this too is true.

In which case, they are full of moral vanity and not good people at all.  

If their votes  do give Obama power, all the chickens of the Left will come home to roost: blame-America-first, affirmative action, political correctness, Leftism trumps any other political consideration …

They will pay a terrible price for their foolishness, but so will the rest of us in America and everywhere else on earth.      

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Sunday, June 8, 2008

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  • Jillian Becker

    Okay, Disgusted, you tell us about his achievements, what he has done that qualifies him to be president, how he has shown his mettle, what significant contributions he has made in any field. What experience has he had that recommends him? What skill, what knowledge, what expertise, does he possess? Tell us how we know we can rely on him and trust him. Tell us what ideas he has that we should be impressed by. Tell us what we don’t know about Obama. We’re listening.

  • Disgusted

    oh dear god. i am ashamed to share my name with you. Complete, utter, ignorance. You have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about.

  • Pete Seeker

    Strikes against Obama:

    • Inexperience
    • Most liberal in Senate
    • Anti-semitic sentiments of supporters

  • Will

    Too true. A lot of people are voting for him because of his race. He isn’t even black, he is mixed. So he would not be the first black president.

    I also hate affirmative action and PC. We cannot have equality in this country when there are programs and policies suited specifically for minorities. The student should be admitted into college based on his academics, not race. They should not let the minority in just because they have quotas to fill. It’s all bullshit too be honest. These minority scholarships are racist too. If there was a white only scholarship, there would be Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton ranting on TV about that being racist. There shouldn’t be scholarships for a specific race.

    I remember taking the Practice SAT and they had a separate tick mark for African-Americans. They would get a chance at another scholarship that we were not allowed in.

    Ok enough ranting about AA. I just hope the people here realize that Obama is inexperienced and the wrong choice for America. Too many people are voting based on race and one word: “change”.

    If Obama wins, I’m illegally immigrating to Canada and leeching off their free health care. If Mexicans can do it to us, why can’t I do it to our neighbors up north?heh 🙂

    We can only hope….

  • Excellent and I couldn’t agree more. Obama and his ultra-liberal followers may pose the single most dangerous threat to this country from within than any we’ve ever experienced before.

    I’ve linked this post on my blog tonight.