A macedoine of religions 1

 A fine and depressing example of what a pesky nuisance religion is in human affairs, this passage from a report (read the whole thing here) on the Macedonia region of erstwhile Yugoslavia:

“Oh yes,” he said. “Because the Serbian church is supporting the Greek church against recognizing the Macedonian church as independent. The Greek church can recognize the Macedonian church as independent, but not under this name. They are not recognizing the name of the state and they are not recognizing the language, plus they are not recognizing the church. The Muslim community is supporting the Orthodox church against this Pope, and saying You should be independent, and this Pope should have his own church in Macedonia. The Muslim community is supporting the Orthodox church, so the Orthodox church is supporting the Muslim community against us. And the Macedonian government is under the influence of the Orthodox church. Plus, this political party – the national political party – they are investing a lot of money in the church building process, mosques also, etc. So you see, this government is sacrificing Bektashism because of the problem of the Orthodox Church with the Pope.” 

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  • Erick

    I am a Christian, and while we do not see eye to eye on faith, we definitely see eye to eye politically.

    Thank you for sharing your opinions, and while being critical of faith, still pointing out the persecution by Muslims towards Christians.

    I think you would like Penn and Teller. I agree with them on everything — except religion and abortion of course. But at least they are true capitalists and advocates of free speech.

    I for one will NEVER support the right of anyone to squelch the speech of anyone else be it religious, anti-religious, conservative, liberal, or whatever. The marketplace of ideas is big enough for all.