Environmentalism – a threat to prosperity 2

 Environmentalists are our second-worst enemy (militant Islam being the worst).

Walter Williams writes in Townhall:

For several decades, environmentalists have managed to get Congress to keep most of our oil resources off-limits to exploration and drilling. They’ve managed to have the Congress enact onerous regulations that have made refinery construction impossible. Similarly, they’ve used the courts and Congress to completely stymie the construction of nuclear power plants. As a result, energy prices are at historical highs and threaten our economy and national security.

Read how they are likely to make things worse for us all here

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  • Matthew Slijyper

    You sir are a fool. Are you saying that an enemy which beheads apostates, rapes and stones women, and teaches children to strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up is less of a threat than some logging company cutting down a tree for paper, or someone driving an SUV?

    If so, then I would seriously advise you to do some research into the atrocities committed by terrorists in the name of Islam around the world every day.

    I suggest thereligionofpeace.com to enlighten you.

  • Environment Protector

    Environmentalists are heroes. They are the ones who explain how our industrial activity is destroying the planet. Environmental threats, such as global warming and pollution are far worse than terror.