25 reasons not to vote for Obama 2

      1.  UNQUALIFIED. He’s had no experience of running anything – no  town, no state, no business,  not even his own campaign, and now he is asking voters to trust him with running the United States of America:  defense, foreign affairs, domestic policy, the economy – and this at a time of economic crisis and international threat.

               2.     FAR LEFT.  He’s designated the most ‘liberal’ Senator, but in fact he’s even more to the left than that. He’s been closely associated with communists, terrorists, America-haters and Islamists all his life, not because he has ‘poor judgment’ (as McCain and Palin politely cluck), but because he shares their political opinions and aims, their prejudices and hatreds.  Eg:  Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, the New Party, Mike Klonsky of the ‘The Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)’, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of the Weather Underground communist terrorist organization, Reverend Jeremiah Wright a friend and benefactor of Hamas, Rashid al-Khalidi an aider and abettor of Arafat and the PLO.  

              3.     SHADY DEALINGS. Eg. He has made sweetheart deals with the convicted criminal Tony Rezko.

             4.     DRUGS. He has been a drug user by his own admission.

             5.     ARROGANCE. Eg. ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for, to heal the planet, to slow the rising of the seas.’

             6.     APPEASING & DISARMING. He’d cut US defense spending, reduce or even abandon American nuclear arms, while the sworn enemies of the US, notably North Korea and Iran, are building nuclear arsenals; Russia is showing renewed expansionist ambitions; and Islamists are pursuing jihad against the non-Muslim world. He seems to believe that a word from him will stop the likes of Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad in their tracks and make them purr like pussycats.

             7.     REDISTRIBUTION. He’d ‘spread the wealth around’.  So just when the West European states are suffering the devastating effects of socialist welfare policies, Obama plans to take America down the same road to economic ruin.

             8.     PROTECTIONISM. Eg. He’d renegotiate NAFTA. US trade with the rest of the world will shrink.   

             9.     SPECIAL INTEREST FIXING. He’s a Big Labor supporter and would deprive trade unionists of their secret ballot.

            10. STATISM. He believes in enlarging government, and expanding government control over all private lives. How, when, where – and even if – people are treated when they are sick, how much or how little people may warm or cool their homes, even what and how much they eat, could be decided, overseen and regulated by an Obama government.  With a likely Democrat-controlled Congress – and compliant mainstream media – there’d be no brakes on him.

            11. AND YES, ANTI-AMERICAN. He has channeled funds to ‘education programs’ that in reality were indoctrination courses for the young in political radicalism, misusing charitable trusts. Eg. Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Woods Fund.

            12.  ANTI-LIFE. He is a supporter of extreme pro-abortion policies that include the killing by neglect of babies born alive.

            13.  IGNORANCE. Eg. ‘Interpreters of Arabic are needed in Afghanistan.’ ‘I’ve campaigned in 57 states and I think there’s one more to go.’ And a speech in Berlin that showed he had no idea of the actual history of the twentieth century, the why and wherefore and evil cruelty of the Berlin Wall, and what it took on the part of Western leaders Reagan and Thatcher to get it knocked down.  

            14.  LIES. Eg. ‘I never said kindergarten children should have sex education.’ 

            15. FLIP-FLOPPING. Eg. ‘The surge has not worked.’ ‘The surge has worked beyond our wildest dreams.’ ‘I’m against the surge.’ ‘I want to send more troops to Afghanistan.’ ’A surge in Afghanistan will not work.’

            16. DEFEATISM. He wanted America to surrender in Iraq.

            17.  HYPOCRISY. Eg. He’s against lobbyists and Wall Street ‘fat cats’, but appointed disgraced Fannie Mae executives as his advisors, and accepted huge sums of money in donations from Fannie Mae and other Wall Street institutions.

            18. ABSURD DOCTRINAIRE OBSTINACY. Eg.  ‘Inflate your tyres and America need not drill for its own oil.’  

            19.  INTIMIDATION AND ANTI FREE SPEECH. Citizens who criticize him have been threatened with criminal prosecution.  TV and radio stations that ask him or his vice-presidential candidate questions he doesn’t like are boycotted. 

            20.  YOUTH EXPLOITATION. He encourages children to propagandize their parents in his favor. Groups of schoolchildren and college students are formed as his support groups, taught ‘Obama songs’, and drilled in a manner chillingly reminiscent of the Hitler Youth and the Young Communists.

           21. VOTER FRAUD. He has funded Citizens Services Inc. which is ACORN’s campaign services entity. He has represented ACORN as a lawyer, and as a ‘community organizer’ he trained its personnel in techniques of intimidation and extortion. ACORN has been, and is continuing to be, investigated for voter-registration fraud, and numbers of its operatives have been convicted of criminal offences in the course of carrying out ACORN’s agenda.  

           22.  UNDERHAND POLITICAL MANEUVERING. He won elections in Illinois by challenging the signatures of petitioners, and discrediting opponents.     

           23. CORRUPTION. As a member of the Illinois legislature, he directed funds to corrupt slum-property developers.

            24. ILLICIT AND IMMORAL FOREIGN ADVENTURISM.  In Kenya he campaigned for Raila Odinga the mass-murderer. In Iraq he tried to undercut President Bush’s foreign policy by persuading Iraqi leaders to accept his timetable for US troop withdrawal rather than the President’s. 

            25.  ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALISM. He would appoint judges willing and eager to legislate from the bench rather than strictly interpret the Constitution. This could mean decades of change for the worse. 

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  • Jillian Becker

    rrichardson – thank you for this information, ample but deeply depressing. I cannot believe – but will have to – that this is really happening . An ideological Marxist has come out of nowhere – or the corrupt political scene of Chicago – and will actually be elected to the US presidency in all probability. With doctrinaire liberals dominating Congress too, the US will be in effect a one-party socialist state, poor, unfree, and undefended. How is it possible that a majority of voters fail to understand this?

  • rrichardson

    More bad news today:

    Obama Leads in Florida, Ohio, Must-Win Battlegrounds for McCain

    By Catherine Dodge

    Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama leads in Florida and Ohio, states Republican John McCain must win to capture the presidency, as voters prefer the Democratic presidential nominee’s personal traits and approach on the economy and health care.

    Obama, an Illinois senator, tops Arizona Senator McCain by 50 percent to 43 percent among likely voters in Florida, a Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll shows. He leads 49 percent to 40 percent in Ohio, as voters in the two states overwhelmingly rate domestic concerns as more important than national security.

    Voters choose Obama, 47, as the candidate best able to handle the financial crisis and health care. And by an almost 2- to-1 margin, they say the Democrat has “the better temperament and personality to be president.”

    “Domestic issues are the outstanding issues of the day, and Obama has been owning those,” says Susan Pinkus, the Los Angeles Times polling director. What is more, “voters are more comfortable with him” after his three debate performances.

    Florida voters by more than 2-to-1 say a candidate’s views on domestic issues such as health care and the economy are more important than positions on the war in Iraq and terrorism; voters in Ohio say the same by a 3-to-1 margin.

    Crucial States

    No Republican has won the White House without capturing Ohio, and Florida helped George W. Bush obtain two terms in the White House. The current U.S. electoral map, polls show, indicates it would be almost impossible for McCain, 72, to win without carrying those two states.

    In 2004, Bush won 286 Electoral College votes, including Ohio’s 20 and Florida’s 27. It takes 270 to win and if Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee, had won either of those states, he would have defeated the incumbent president.

    Less than a week before the Nov. 4 election, Obama is running ahead in all the states that Kerry won, and is highly competitive in more than half a dozen states where Bush prevailed.

    There’s also a gender gap in the Democrat’s favor. Among women voters in Florida, Obama leads 51 percent to 41 percent; in Ohio, his lead is 54 percent to 38 percent. Obama has a small lead among men in Florida, while McCain is slightly ahead with male voters in Ohio.


    In Florida, 58 percent of voters say Obama has a better temperament to be president, compared with 30 percent for McCain. In Ohio, Obama beats McCain on that question 57 percent to 29 percent.

    “I find Obama to be pretty calm under any circumstance,” says poll respondent Donna Orcutt, 63, of Toledo, Ohio. “In the debates, some of the zingers he got he handled pretty good. If the object was to see if they could make him lose his temper, that didn’t happen.”

    Orcutt, a Democrat who is retired and used to work for a house-cleaning company and as a secretary, says Obama has a better understanding of the economy because he didn’t grow up in a privileged environment. McCain, she says, “is a very nice man,” though he has never had to worry “about where the next paycheck is coming from.”

    On the question of which candidate they trust to make the right decision about the economy, voters in Florida pick Obama over McCain by a 9-point margin, and in Ohio, the Democrat leads by 12 points.

    Health Care

    Obama does even better on the question of which candidate would better handle health care. In Florida, he is preferred by 52 percent of voters, compared with 34 percent for McCain; in Ohio, 54 percent pick Obama and 30 percent choose the Republican.

    The Democrat also is ahead with white working-class voters, who overwhelmingly favored his opponent for the Democratic nomination, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. Obama gets the support of 52 percent of these voters in Ohio, compared with 38 percent for McCain; in Florida, this group is almost evenly split, with a slight edge for Obama.

    Even though Bush used victories in Ohio and Florida to build his winning coalition, more than seven in 10 voters in both states now disapprove of his job performance; more than eight in 10 say the country is on the wrong track.

    Seventy percent of voters in Florida and 62 percent in Ohio say the recent troubles in the economy have hurt their family’s financial situation.

    Change Agent

    Ohio and Florida voters also say the ability to bring change to Washington — a central theme of Obama’s campaign — is more important than having the most experience, which is one of McCain’s selling points.

    “I truly see Obama as someone who will come in with a less political and more intelligent problem-solving approach to really trying to address the critical problems,” says poll respondent Laurie Kadoch, 60, a Miami Democrat, who teaches at Florida International University College of Law.

    Bush’s record is hurting McCain in Ohio, where more than half of voters say the Republican will continue the current administration’s policies. Voters also are split on that question in Florida.

    As in previous polls, the bright spots for McCain are his ability to successfully handle the war in Iraq and protect the country from terrorism. The Arizona senator leads Obama in those categories in both states, the poll shows.

    “He does have a whole lot more experience than Obama does,” said Republican poll respondent Maria Lyle, 25, a stay- at-home mother from Jackson Center, Ohio. “His ideas line up more with how I feel. With the terrorism issue, I feel we do need to have our troops over there.”

    Palin Pick

    McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate appears to be a drag on the ticket in both states. Less than half of voters in Florida and Ohio view her as qualified to be president. By comparison, more than seven in 10 voters in both states say Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, a Delaware senator, is qualified to be president.

    The survey of 809 registered voters in Florida — including 639 likely voters — and of 816 registered voters in Ohio — including 644 likely voters — was conducted Oct. 25-27. The margin of sampling error in both states is plus or minus 3 percentage points among registered voters, and of plus or minus 4 points among likely voters.