Coming soon – a nuclear armed al-Qaeda 2

 Pakistan is disintegrating. There the Taliban is rapidly gaining territory and power, and it may not be long before it has its hands on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. And that would mean al-Qaeda will own The Bomb

The US under the Obama presidency will do nothing to prevent this happening. And it would be against India taking action to destroy Pakistan’s  nuclear installations.

Likewise, it will do nothing to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear armed power. And it is against Israel taking action to destroy Iran’s nuclear development sites.

Caroline Glick warns:

The situation in Pakistan of course is similar to the situation in Iran. There, as Iran moves swiftly towards the nuclear club, the US on the one hand refuses – as it does with Pakistan – to make the hard but essential decision to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. And on the other hand, it warns Israel daily that it opposes any independent Israeli operation to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed state. That is, the Obama administration is forcing Israel to weigh the specter of a nuclear-armed Iran against the threat of an abrogation of its strategic alliance with the US in the event that it prevents Iran from becoming a nuclear power on its own.

In both Pakistan and Iran, the clock is ticking. The US’s reluctance to face up to the ugliness of the options at its disposal will not make them any prettier. Indeed, with each passing day the stark choice placed before America and its allies becomes ever more apparent. In both Pakistan and Iran, the choice is and will remain seeing the US and its allies taking swift and decisive action to neutralize nuclear programs that threaten global security, or seeing the world’s worst actors successfully arm themselves with the world’s most dangerous weapons. 

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Friday, April 17, 2009

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  • Rob

    Isn’t this kind of thing what we are supposed to have spies for? Sure, Obama wants all the outward gestures of US servility, but that shouldn’t stop the CIA from going in there and taking some preventative measures! Is he really more worried about his own country’s nuclear arsenal than that of rogue and failing states?

  • roger in florida

    The West, led by the US, is “walking the plank”. Hard line islamic crazies already control much of Pakistan, geographically and governmentally. There is no reason to believe that these people will react rationally during the inevitable stand off with India. Nuclear war is coming. Meanwhile the US is led by a man so clearly out of his depth that watching him is excruciating, and with a Sec State who is obsessed with her own ambitions. Couple all this with the islamisation of Turkey, the Iranian bomb and continuing economic chaos and we have a witches brew of problems.