Emotional Fraud 4

From the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy (IMED):

“How come Barak, Israel’s Defence Minister, is under threat of being arrested in the UK while Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas, roams London free of concern?” asks Alan Dershowitz.

We note that hypocrisy has always existed and will continue to do so. After all, such tenacious efforts are made by the public here to impede the vile sermons from naively depraved groups such as the BNP. But some of the same people who would help stop such people appearing on a public platform are regularly involved with genocidal persons who advocate the same destruction of liberty that the BNP do.

An example is Hezbollah’s Ibrahim Mousawi, whom Stop the War coalition invited to Britain a few years back. This is a man who, when working for Hezbollah’s TV station Al-Manar, serialised the infamous forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and broadcast such odious anti-semitism that the television station was banned in most Western countries. Stop the War did not invite an Israeli representative because, according to their spokesperson, “[Israel is] not interested in peace.”

Even if you discount the huge number of Israeli pro-Palestinian groups, Israeli human rights groups such as B’Tselem and the frequent rallies in support of peace held across Israel that are attended by people of all religious and political viewpoints; it would appear that the insinuation is that Israeli Politicians are not interested in peace.

And so how bizarre, how ironic, how cruel and how unjust! – that as Dershowitz says: Mashaal may visit Britain without worry, despite his personal involvement with countless murders, including the slaughter of Holocaust survivors, while Barak faces the prospect of arrest.

This is the same Barak that in 2001 at Tabla, offered the Palestinians 97% of the West Bank with border adjustments for the remaining 3%, the entire of the Gaza Strip and a shared capital of Jerusalem – the very set of demands that the Palestinians had laid out.

Needless to say, Arafat refused the deal. And so one must ask, where is the justice for Israel, a country that does proffer peace and compromise, the country that has made steps toward an end to violence? It simply does not make sense that these Israeli leaders should face arrest while nihilistic murderers of Hamas might walk freely around the streets of London – it is not rational, it is not moral and it does not portend the advent of peace.

It is the same politically charged emotion that has allowed so many depraved men to perpetuate their depravities, while the innocent suffer on all sides; be they politicians or public – the emotional idealism of so many in the West has ensured – we concede mostly unintentionally – that the misery of all is maintained.

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  • rogerinflorida

    Approx. 70% of the GDP of “Great” Britain is generated through the financial services industry centered in the City of London. What this means is that the dhimmi British depend on re-cycling oil money owned by Arabs, Iranians, Indonesians and Russians. Is it then any wonder that Britain cows before the islamists?

    • samwestrop

      But that is superfluous with regards to the aim of the article. The vast majority of those who join in with hatred of Israel do not consider the fiscal consequences of their actions – that was the point of this commentary: the hatred is not rational, but emotional.

      Britain is not cowing before the Islamists; the vast majority – mostly your middle aged white woman still diseased with that futile teenage iconoclasm – side with them because they enjoy affiliating with the (perceived in their eyes) underdog. This is not fear of Islamism, but scorn through the recognition that such people must be 'defended'. They exhibit a damn sight more intolerance, albeit covertly, than the people they accuse of such crimes.

      Our politicians' fear of Political Islamism is a consequence of the modish Liberals' fashions – and so our task should not just be to ridicule our Government, but to strike at the heart of idealism, or as I entitled the article: emotional fraud.

      Let us fracture the left and their misguided morally relativist nonsense by exposing the reprehensible actions of Middle Eastern theocracies – actions that strike discords with values the Left claims to defend. This might be homosexuality, religious tolerance, public executions, vulgarity – whatever the symbol or consequence of liberty is, it can be used against them.

      • rogerinflorida

        Mr Westrop,
        Where to start?
        The hatred of Israel that we see today in Britain, and here, has many roots; the old one of pure jealousy of Jewish achievements is front and center, so is the fact that Israel is proudly tribal, that offends the “One Race, Human Race”, multicultural crowd. Israel is successful, commercially, socially and militarily, this of course cannot be due to Jewish intelligence and culture, no, in the left's view the success of one is due to the exploitation of the many. However I repeat a major source of the anti Israel feeling in Britain is due to the fact that the establishment is well aware that Britain has no choice but to kiss islamist ass. If Saudi Arabia stopped using the City of London to process it's extorted fortune, Britain would immediately go into debt default. This knowledge is transmitted to the populace by various means through willing accomplices in British media. It is worth mentioning for the benefit of any American readers of this entry that there is no British equivalent of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, etc. Media in Britain is closely controlled, onlt the approved messages are broadcast.
        The pervasiveness of the “Do-Goody” in British life is amazing to any rational person. These people, as you say, see the Arabs as an underdog, not as the worthless crowd they actually are.
        Britain is not cowing before the islamists? How can you possible make such a statement with a straight face; just in case you are not aware; Sharia law is widely recognised in England, slavery is widely practiced through the trading of women for arranged marriages and to populate brothels. Islamist big mouths are consulted on all sorts of social matters in which the right approach has been known to our Anglo forfathers for generations. Geert Wilders is banned in response to an ermine robed islamists threats. Britain is not cowed? What the hell planet are you on!
        Another thing about the article, what is it with the swipes at the BNP. An honets assessment of the current British scene will show that the only party that represents British people and British values is the BNP, not the marxist mumbo jumbo merchants of Labour or the loathsome tories with their latest “Upper Class Twit of the Year” leader; David Cameron.
        Homosexuality is a value?
        Vulgarity is a value? If so it is a very British one. I was sitting in a pub on Harpenden High Street a few weeks ago having a quiet pint while local 40 year old women simulated sex acts with the furniture and an eager couple almost copulated on a couch a few feet away from me. This would be scandalous behaviour in a biker bar in my neighborhood.
        Oh yes, Britain has certainly been well served by it's polical establishment.

        • samwestrop

          Dear Roger,

          “Israel is proudly tribal, that offends the “One Race, Human Race”, multicultural crowd.”

          Firstly, I would say that Israel is not a 'One Race, Human Race' country. It is a proud mix of Arabs, Christians, Jews and Druze comprised of Europeans, Gulf based peoples, North Africans and many Far Eastern peoples. When I was in Haifa on the 60th anniversary I watched as thousands of Israeli Arabs waved Israeli flags and cheered their country (something you won't see the BBC reporting).

          Secondly, I have always found this idea of a single race country not just a nauseating aspiration, but a naive one at that. And as fellow Brits, I think we can both agree that Yorkshire Tea sure as hell ain't grown in Doncaster – Britain dies under multiculturalism but thrives from interculturalism and has done for thousands of years. The Roman and Norman invasions did wonderful things for our culture, our success and our behaviour – only in this mash of peoples do I find pride in being British.

          “However I repeat a major source of the anti Israel feeling in Britain is due to the fact that the establishment is well aware that Britain has no choice but to kiss islamist ass. If Saudi Arabia stopped using the City of London to process it's extorted fortune, Britain would immediately go into debt default. This knowledge is transmitted to the populace by various means through willing accomplices in British media.”

          I just do not agree! – you are presuming that your average schmuck is rational; he/she is NOT!

          I am certain that when some idiotic middle class white women goes out onto the street and shout, 'End Apartheid in Palestine', she is NOT thinking, 'Gosh, what incredible cunning on my part: this way I can enjoy modish protest AND secure the banking industry of the United Kingdom through this placation of foreign ideologies. Mwhahaha.”

          And in your comment, you say yourself that, “the pervasiveness of the “Do-Goody” in British life is amazing to any rational person.” Well if you also believe that others are not rational, then how can you presume a prudent rationale on their part? – you can't.

          We rationalise their actions through realising that those in question are swept up in emotional iconoclasm. This is the same notion of 'shahada' that governs all collectivist ideologies, be it religion, communism, scientology, scientific alarmism; indeed – all 'guilt imposing' movements.

          “Britain is not cowed? What the hell planet are you on!”

          I'm on a reasoned one. I do believe that the virus of appeasement has infected our politicians and public figures – the BAE fraud case that was dropped is a clear example of this. When one is dealing with matters of state collectivism as a justification is a more complicated dilemma than when applied to the freedom of the individual. In this case however, I agree with you – there is a strong cowardice on the part of our politicians, not because they are scheming evil genii, but because they are naive, scared and aware of the fragility of their position.

          However, how – going back to all previous points – how does this relate to the persons on the street?

          I stand by my article: there is a self-destructive naivety and emotional fraud propagated by the desire to be seen as 'good'. It is not rational, it is not the foundation of evil, it is not duplicitous scheming, it is not intentionally self-destructive; it is merely emotional, silly and human. As Cicero said, “The bigger the mob, the stupider it gets”.

          Finally, “Homosexuality is a value? Vulgarity is a value?”

          The former is a trait. And the right for people to express their true sexuality is a beautiful trophy of a free society, as some of the first great Civilisations, the Greeks and the Roman Empire, was at times proud to show off.

          Vulgarity is a consequence of free society that does not have to be achieved, but I believe is exacerbated by the societal interference of government into a free society. There will always be vulgarity, but I would rather suffer in the obnoxious, crass and vulgar culture that might pervade in a free society than spend ONE SECOND in a state that is societally subservient to the wishes of Government – be that a theocracy, the socially invasive BNP, or any form of despotism.