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It’s absurd to keep repeating, every time a Muslim tries to kill as many non-Muslims as possible in Islam’s war against the rest of us, that ‘most Muslims’ are not doing it. There are well over a billion Muslims in the world, at some estimates as many as 1.4 billion. If only 10% of them actively engage in violent jihad, that’s a huge horde. Islam demands that all Muslims engage in the jihad, either violently or by assisting the actively violent. Islam itself is the cause of the war.

Islam does not deserve respect just because it is a religion. Quite the opposite. Even if it were a ‘religion of peace’, which it explicitly is not, there’d be nothing respectable about it. What is respectable about belief in the supernatural? But its being a creed of massacre and cruelty in the name of its vicious beliefs makes it positively inimical to civilization, liberty, tolerance, peace, everything that makes life supportable. Islam is the enemy of mankind.

The Islamic hordes of death are conquering Europe by slowly repopulating it as the indigenous Europeans die out. From there, especially from Britain, they are striking against America. The president of the United States does not want to admit this is happening – a wilful blindness that greatly increases the peril.

Mark Steyn, who was one of the first to raise the alarm about Islam’s conquest of Europe by demographic means, writes:

It’s good to know the President has abandoned his laughable assurances that the Pantybomber was an “isolated extremist”. After all, when the leader of the global hyperpower says things that any reasonably informed person at home and abroad knows are complete twaddle, he makes his country look stupid to the world. But I think we’re still missing the larger point here.

So the President’s conceded Mr Abdulmuttalab was in Yemen. Good. But, by the time a guy gets on the plane to Sana’a, he’s already on board for jihad. All they do in Yemen is the training. So where was he radicalized and recruited and when did he decide to embrace a life of terror? … Whom should the traveling public thank for these impositions? The 9/11 killers were mostly Saudi. But the Shoebomber was a British subject. So were the Heathrow plotters. And the Pantybomber was educated in British schools – first in Togo; then at University College, London – and there is plenty of evidence he was radicalized while in the UK. …

That ought to prompt astonishment – and great shame in Britons. Yet Timothy Garton Ash, Hoover panjandrum and eminent British complacenik, wrote in The Guardian only three weeks ago:

‘Not all Muslims, all of the time, will be able to support all these minimum essentials of a modern free society. There is a real tension between some of the essentials (for instance, the equal rights and dignity of homosexuals) and what is habitually taught even in mainstream, conservative Muslim communities. But most British Muslims, most of the time, will support most of them.’

Even if that’s true (and it’s by no means clear that it is), is that enough? I said a few years back that Britain had been so hollowed out by Islamic radicals that it was becoming Somalia with chip shops. Mr Abdulmutallab supposedly got the ol’ jihad fever while at university. I see The New York Times reports the remarkable statistic that one-fifth of students at British universities are Muslim. As Professor Garton Ash would say, most British Muslims most of the time will be most unlikely to self-detonate over most American cities. So that’s okay, right? Up to a point. A poll by the Centre for Social Cohesion found that one-third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing in the name of religion is justified and are in favor of a global caliphate. That’s a lot of potential airline tickets.

  • aznative

    Our country had its problems but we were mostly a peaceful nation until we opened up the doors to Islam. Every nation they enter they cause turmoil and great trouble and strife. It is their heritage, their legacy.

    It is not. Let me repeat not a religion. It is a radical tribe of people. It is a extremist cult.

    Read the levitt newsletters. For years it tells of how they go into nations and takeover ancient landmarks, destroy them and them erect their landmarks in lands that do not belong to them. Look at Israel.

    Look at Britain, France, Bahrain, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and many more. They do not come to assimilate they come to dominate and destroy. They try to rewrite our history to include them. No. They try to rewrite their history, but they show their true colors everyday. Peace and Islam cannot exist at the same time. They cancel out their peaceful existence with the truth:

    •genital mutilation
    •rape of women and babies
    •burning humans alive
    •chopping off body parts
    •burying alive
    •dipping humans in boiled tar
    •dipping humans in vats of acid

    Their weapon of choice is the sword for a reason. Our leaders cannot be this stupid.

    Their nature is violence and the whole world sees it.

    Calling all churches, calling all patriots, minutemen, militias, veterans, sheriffs:

    Calling all Americans who honor our heritage.

    Wake up Americans. Our homeland is being threatened. Christians need to start lifting their hands and praying and singing everywhere.

    Do not let anyone remove your ancient landmarks.

    Many have no allegiance to our heritage, our God, our founding fathers and founding principles. God keeps telling us over and over again do not let them remove our Ancient landmarks. Our founding documents, our statute of liberty, our Christian heritage, the Ten Commandments, our bible are our ancient landmarks that mean something.

    This is their MO, their DNA. They’ve been pulling this crap for over 1400
    Years. It is not hate speech. It is the truth. America is great because of our freedom of speech and the Godly values that this nation was founded upon. They are calling evil good.

    In case the free patriot link doesn’t work because it has been blocked many times:

    Dr. Bill Warner on 1400 years of history:

    • I agree with everything you say about Islam. But it is futile to oppose one irrationality with another. Christianity is not in our time as violent and dangerous as Islam is – far from it – but it is just as irrational in its theology. And in the past it has been quite as cruel, Catholic Christianity and Protestant Christianity alike.

  • liz

    Good post! And it’s an excellent point that even if 10% of Muslims are jihadists, that’s too many. It’s as insane to allow Muslims to enter our country now as it would have been to allow Nazis to during WW2. It’s only because our country is now controlled by traitors who want to destroy it that it’s being allowed.

  • Bill

    That is very frightening and thought-provoking.

    My own personal experience with a Muslim was that I had a girlfriend from Kuwait. Her only sign of her faith is she went back home for Ramaden. She never seemed the type who would be for any jihad. She said that when she was in high school she would wear mini-skirts just for spite. And I remember she would ship a bunch of American pop art stuff to a friend of hers in Kuwait. These were movies, dolls, Disney stuff. And my girlfriend liked Reba Mcintire and Steven Cohen (a jewish musician). So I still find it hard to believe that all Muslims take the words of the Koran literally. If all Christians took the Bible literally, we'd have inquisitions all the time.

    Granted, I am not defending the Muslim faith. I think any religion is irrational. But I think a lot of Muslims ignore the literal meaning, just like most Christians ignore the literal meaning of their faith.

    • Of course. Bill, I take your point. Thing is, not all Germans were members of the Nazi Party (though almost all were sympathetic to it), not all Russians were members of the Communist Party (and millions even hated it), but there were enough Nazis and Communists to commit the horrors they did. For Islam to be the greatest threat of our age it's not necessary for every Muslim to be a jihadi. In some respects Islam is an even greater threat than either Nazism or Communism were, because its law is a thing out of the dark ages, and because it is a death cult, so 'mutually assured destruction' cannot deter it.

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      • liz

        In Deuteronomy (I think it’s in chapter 17) the Israelites are commanded to kill anyone among them who worships other gods or entices others to.

      • Since Bill’s comment is 6 years old, I doubt that he’ll answer you. (By the way, your name in Roman letters would be useful.) My guess is he is referring to the “New Testament”, by reference to which Christians have justified their establishment of atrocious historical Inquisitions. (But see liz’s comment below.)

        PS. We do not think Bill’s comment – except for his first sentence – makes any new or important point. And the fact is that a hell of a lot of Muslims ARE obeying the literal meaning of their religious texts.

        • Roee Zisholz

          you Liz and Jillian for your answers!
          Indeed, the Abrahamic religions are problematic…
          and it will be better if everyone would stop
          believing in ghosts 🙂