Stealth jihad 2

In addition to terrorist war against non-Muslim countries, Islam also pursues a campaign of infiltration, gradually Islamizing the institutions.

We call this “soft jihad” or “stealth jihad“, because although the method is different the aim is the same: conquest, and the imposition of sharia law.

An example of how “stealth jihad” is carried out step by step, comes from Sound Vision Islamic Products and Information, via Atlas Shrugs: detailed instructions for Muslim parents on how to introduce Islamic practices into whatever public school their child attends in America.

This is a shortened version. Read the whole disturbing thing here.


… Whatever Islamic obligation you want accommodated at your child’s school, it must be done in a methodical, clear and proper manner.

Shabbir Mansuri is founding director of the Council on Islamic Education in Fountain Valley, California.

He provides tips and advice on how to get religious accommodation for your child.

Step #1: know the laws about religious freedom

Knowing what laws and regulations govern the issue of religious accommodation is crucial before attempting to reach the right authorities…

In the United States, one of the strongest arguments in favor of seeking religious accommodation for your child is former President Bill Clinton’s 1995 statement of principles addressing the extent to which religious expression and activity are permitted in public school. This was given to every school district in the US.

Step #2: get the support of a teacher

Set up a meeting with the principal of the school along with one of [the] teachers at the school who will be very supportive, requesting that [the] son or daughter should be either permitted to [for example] go out to perform Juma prayer at a local Masjid and/or be allowed to perform Juma prayer along with other Muslim students on the school campus …

If the principal refuses to grant the accommodation, step three will be necessary.

Step #3: leave a paper trail

If you find the meeting is not going anywhere then leave a paper trail, meaning, write letters. …

This  process …  [should not create an impression of] us versus them, but simply the notion of my exercising my constitutional rights in the most respected [respectful] way, with compassionate manners …

Mansuri even suggests inviting the teacher and principal over for dinner as a gesture of goodwill.

Step #4: writing to the supportive teacher

“My first letter would be to my kid’s favorite teacher to ask the person’s advice,” advises Mansuri. “The letter will be to request to meet with teacher, and it will indicate I want to discuss with you my child’s religious needs and I would like to share with you what our president has instructed the teachers and schools to accommodate them.” … teacher)

Following the meeting, a thank you letter to the teacher should be sent. It will also indicate you would like to set up [a] second meeting with the school’s principal, and ask the teacher if s/he would be kind enough to go with you to discuss the topics the two of you talked about in your first meeting …

Step #5: meeting a second time with the principal

Before attending this second meeting with the principal and teacher, “I would also arm myself with the district’s education code along with the state educational code as it relates to the topics that I’m going to discuss,” says Mansuri. …

“While meeting with the teacher and/or principal, I’m not trying to win an argument by telling them how much I know but rather giving them a very clear understanding that while I understand my rights as a parent, I’m simply there to help them accommodate my child’s needs that they are supposed to do anyway,” explains Mansuri.

“Make it a win-win situation, not an us versus them situation, and that in itself is the message of Islam.“ …

Step #6: if necessary, repeat these steps with the school district’s superintendent

Since the president’s instructions were issued to districts, it is possible superintendents may be more familiar with them. This should mean your son or daughter will get religious accommodation with no further problems.

  • Bill

    In California the only population that seems to be growing and producing children are the Hispanics, some of which are illegal aliens, of course. I don't see many Muslims, but a lot of people from India who could be Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or atheists (Ayn Rand's works are very popular among Indians).

    I think the post is too alarming and I think there will be change and a return to reason at some point. Truth is what kills dogma. Even if they kill all the non-Muslims (which I don't think can occur), their philosophy will self destruct, as it has nothing to feed on. They have thrived only because of oil, not because their philosophy is superior.

  • Jillian Becker

    This was sent to me by email. I am posting it as a comment by permission of its author, Frank.

    I am a retired engineer. I am not a political science major but I have a lot of experience observing reality. My observations tell me that we have already lost the war against Islam; it is simply a matter of time until they take over this country and the world. I have three main reasons for this belief:

    1) They do not assimilate into the culture of any country where they immigrate. Look at what they have done in European and Scandinavian countries. They immigrate in large numbers, they remain culturally separate, they out breed the citizens of that country and eventually they will have the numbers to out vote them. This tactic will take longer here because we have a larger population but they will eventually succeed.

    2) The “politically correct” population will not allow the truth to be told: Islam is the biggest threat to civilization the world has ever seen. It is also a real threat to human survival once they get nuclear weapons. And people like Geert Wilders are marginalized when they try to warn us about the real threat.

    3) The only slight hope we have is for the United States to stop all immigration of Muslims immediately but that will never happen. It will never happen under this administration because they want to destroy this country. And it will never happen under any other administration because of our dependence on foreign oil. And the enviro-nazis will never allow drilling off the east or west coast so we will remain dependent.

    Since I am an old man I will probably be dead and gone when the final curtain falls here in America. But I feel real pity for those who will be alive then and for any generation that may be born later if our species still survives. They will have missed living under the best and freest form of government the world has ever seen. And it will have been destroyed by the ignorance not only of the Muslims but of their ancestors who did not have the courage to face reality until it was too late.