A success story 1

At last the day came when China and Russia agreed to support a US resolution in the UN Security Council that would make Iran regret it had defied the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, promise never to make nuclear bombs, stop threatening to destroy Israel, and utterly renounce its wicked ways.

As you can imagine, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton felt immensely triumphant – not so much because Iran would now be forced to do all that, but because getting Russia and China on their side had been really hard. It was especially great for Hillary, as she hadn’t achieved anything else to boast about since becoming Secretary of State.

What dire punishments, what unendurable difficulties, will the resolution impose on the Iranian regime?

Sorry, we can’t tell you. The draft of the resolution has not been made public.

However, some information about it comes from unofficial sources.

One report claims that it will ban Iran from building ballistic missiles. (Which it has already done, without permission.)

And what penalties will it impose if Iran disobeys? These:

It “calls on countries to block financial transactions, including insurance and reinsurance, and ban the licensing of Iranian banks if they have information that provides reasonable grounds to believe these activities could contribute to Iranian nuclear activities.”  And it “recalls the need for states to exercise vigilance over all Iranian banks, including the Central Bank, to prevent transactions contributing to proliferation activities.”

“Calls on them to”, and “recalls the need to”, but does not require them to do so.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, says it will give “greater teeth” to some sanctions already imposed which haven’t proved effective, and “add strong new measures to intensify pressure on the Iranian government to resolve concerns that its nuclear program is peaceful and not aimed at producing nuclear weapons.”

And that seems to be the most that can be hoped of it.

“The draft resolution is weaker than the original Western-backed proposal, especially on financial and energy-related measures. Rather than place sanctions on Iran’s oil industry, the proposed resolution simply notes the potential connection between Iranian energy revenues and funding for the country’s nuclear program and calls on U.N. members to be aware of it.”

The draft was introduced into the Security Council last Tuesday. (It was urgent, Ambassador Rice said, but she “wouldn’t speculate on when the resolution will be put to a vote”.)

On the day before, Iran announced an agreement it had made with Turkey and Brazil [?] to send some if its low-enriched uranium to Turkey (which has as yet no enrichment facility), in exchange for higher-enriched fuel rods – which Iran will use only in an innocent medical research reactor, built long ago for Tehran by the United States. (And meanwhile, of course, it will continue with its own high-enrichment program.)

But if Iran had hoped that this little ruse, this piece of side-play with Turkey and Brazil, would thwart the resolve of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, it was underestimating the stuff they’re made of! They pressed on, confident that Russia and China were right behind them.

That is, if those two powers stuck to their side of the bargain.

The US had had to pay a price for their co-operation.

First, various provisions had to be stripped from the draft before either of them would even consider giving their nods to it.

Chiefly, the one sanction that would really hurt Iran, aimed at its oil and gas industries, had to be removed. Both China and Russia had invested too heavily in them to allow anything like that.

Next, according to another report, they had to drop sanctions against three Russian organizations that had aided Iran’s nuclear program (and that until now the Russian government had denied were giving any support at all to Iran). And “penalties against a fourth Russian entity previously accused of illicit arms sales to Syria were also lifted” as part of the deal. So were “US sanctions imposed in October 2008 against Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport for … illicit assistance to Iran’s nuclear program.”

Now Iran may expect aid from Russia to resume or continue. (And so may Syria.)

Then China had to be paid. Part of China’s demand was that America should take no notice of certain nuclear-related transactions it has made with Pakistan, in particular its contracts to build two reactors in that country, which is already a nuclear power.

Pakistan in its turn is providing nuclear and ballistic missile technologies to both Iran and North Korea.

And North Korea has announced that it is developing a hydrogen bomb – a claim that the Obama administration refuses to believe. (North Korea recently torpedoed a South Korean ship, and warned that any retaliation will mean all-out war.)

So let’s say well done Barack, Hillary, and Susan! And thank you for keeping us safe.

  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    If some war (most likely nuclear) with Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, or North Korea does not happen in the next 10 years I will be surprised. Also… the US is not the 'supper power' anymore but just a great power not because of America's fall but because of the rest of the world rises.

    Then there is the secret super power of the paternalistic oligarchic globalist plutocratic (Nazi, Jewish, NWO cult?) private financiers that have enslaved nations in dept with ridiculous monetary systems that make democracy a joke, feed like leeches off the prison/military industrial complex, and the real product of hard work. There is a class of people elites above the elites who are above the monetary system because they created it and use it for their purposes – and their infinite 'wealth' (look up 'fractional reserve principle') makes them above the law. I now think that the federal elections at least in the US are simply a show put on to give the appearance of democracy and divide & conquer the (sadly delusional/stupid) people. Watch 'The Secret of Oz' or just do a quick search in Google.

    The above may sound ridiculous but I consider it an inevitable consequence of the way our society (maybe even our species) is organized – as an unofficial pyramid structure; I mean the all seeing eye at the pinnacle of the pyramid is even on the dollar bill. The symbol of the cult is right there – but we are indoctrinated by the mainstream media, and manipulated in ways I don't know that I don't know. The key is to consider once more what we have 'gotten used too.' To view the world with a freshness. To shed the frame of mind for even a moment.

    Western anthropologist in tribal societies recognized their beliefs in various spirits and gods as nonsense – but they some how could not turn the same logical lens onto their own culture – realizing that their various Christianities are philosophically the same as the native peoples spirits and gods. Both are faith systems and therefore fundamentally the same. Science and philosophy, both based upon skepticism are logically fundamentally opposed to faith – the acceptance of claims just because someone 'special' (Believing they, clerics, are special is also faith) told you have to conform to the traditions of the group in order to survive somewhat comfortably.

    So again we need to turn the lens to the theoretical and then take the paradigms we learn there and use them as lens to look once again on ourselves, and a special look at the almighty monetary system. To take a rare decent quote from the bible, 'You cannot take the speck out from your brothers eye when there is a log in your own eye.'