Diplomatic whoredom 4

Has the United States ever before had a Secretary of State as nasty, embarrassing, feeble, and ruinous as Hillary Clinton?

In harmony with the desires of Obama, she is turning America away from long-standing democratic allies and re-aligning it with barbaric tyrannies and communist dictatorships, prostituting her country to serve the interests of some of the filthiest regimes on earth.

Here’s part of the IBD’s opinion of her latest debauch in Latin America:

Yes, we know U.S. foreign policy in Latin America is to keep our friends close and our enemies closer. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s flattery-filled visit to Ecuador’s Rafael Correa took it a bit too far.

The hug she gave Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Tuesday was enough of an eye-opener. Then came the olive branch: “We have reached out and feel very much as though we are forging a new set of relationships,” she said at a press conference. “It’s the 21st century. It’s 2010. We’re not turning the clock back.

“We’re not expecting countries that have their own internal agendas in order to accomplish their own economic and social goals to be exactly as we are. If we ever did, it’s no longer the case. [Interpretation: we’re not Bush.I think the goals that Ecuador and its government have set are goals that the United States agrees with.”

But Correa’s Ecuador is the last country whose goals the U.S. should be agreeing with on anything. Correa is one of the most anti-American leaders in the hemisphere. He has trashed democracy in his own country, taking over the National Assembly by ousting elected lawmakers on spurious legal grounds. His rubber-stamp legislature now structurally resembles that of communist Cuba.

He’s also corrupted the judicial system, taking over the Supreme Court and making every judge a crony. … Now Correa’s going after the press, jailing even leftist reporters and shuttering 95% of the private media. …

He’s also allied Ecuador with Venezuela as well as Iran — effectively merging his country’s dollar-based central bank with that of the Islamic Republic. …

There’s so much wrong with Ecuador that flattery is likely to be counterproductive.

Correa is motivated by the same things that motivate Chavez and Cuba’s Castros — a quest for absolute and permanent power.

  • … speaking of diplomatic whores…

    Susan Rick drops out of contension for Secretary of State saying it would be “too disruptive” (weak excuse of the year contender)

    Hillary had a virus which caused her to faint, fall, and strike her head on (something not specified) thus sustaining a concussion… therefore cannot testify at Benghazi hearing next week.(weak excuse of the year winner!!!)
    You can’t make this stuff up folks…. unless you are part of the Obama regime;-)



  • An atheist conservative. Interesting. But have you noticed how many atheists are liberals and Commies?
    Atheism and mass mudering dictatorships seem to go hand in hand.
    Very odd.

    • liz

      Odd how the entire history of Christianity, (up until the atheistic Enlightenment period) went hand in hand with mass murduring dictatorships. Wouldn’t doubt if Correa is a good Catholic, either.

    • Jillian Becker

      Your point is made over and over again by critics of our atheist conservatism who do not think through what they’re assuming. We reiterate: Hitler declared himself a Catholic, never an atheist. Stalin studied for the priesthood. True he later embraced Bolshevism which followed Marx’s idea that religion was the “opium of the people”. But he did not, and no mass-murdering Communist dictator of the twentieth century ever did act in the name of atheism. They wanted to spread their oppressive intolerant creed which was also a kind of religion. The long centuries of wars and persecutions in the name of one or another religion – continuing right now with Islam – provide overwhelming proof that religion is a major cause of human conflict and cruelty, not atheism. American conservatism does not require religious belief. It requires a devotion to individual freedom.