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We never thought of John Bolton as a candidate for the presidency because for years we’ve thought of him as the ideal Secretary of State; how he alone out of all the Secretaries of State of the last hundred years (at least) would not be corrupted by the left-tilting career diplomats; and how his clarity of thought and deep knowledge of the world would disperse the fog in the minds at Foggy Bottom.

But now that it has been proposed that he stand for the presidency, and he has hinted that he might be willing to do so, we see him as a potentially great president.

Posted under Commentary, United States by Jillian Becker on Thursday, September 2, 2010

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  • He would certainly be worth a look for 2012. It's early enough to entertain numerous possibilities, which is good and bad. Good: There are lots of potentially good candidates out there. Bad: I hate the current trend of presidential campaigns lasting 2+ years.

    I certainly agree with Bolton's views on foreign policy. He will need to educate us on his domestic policy views before we can consider him seriously.