The disgraceful mind of the creationist 6

Here’s Richard Dawkins.

We are not uncritical of his opinions. We disagree with him sharply on political questions. It seems to us he doesn’t really know anything about politics, but simply feels that nice guys are on the left, so his political views are of no interest. If you haven’t read the review of his book The God Delusion by C.Gee and want to, you’ll find a link to it in our margin.

We like this short video clip in which he talks about evolution (about which he has written great books), and the impossibility of arguing rationally with a person of religious faith.

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  • TyS

    Anyone else notice the influx of Leftist “believers”? Not necessarily of any particular faith – most likely, just a bunch of “whatever and ever, amen” weekend believers who bless bicycles, and feel compelled to hijack faith in the front to get Mr. Obama re-elected…”any means to an end,” I suppose

    • George

      You’re right TyS regarding the leftist believers. Many secularists talk about the “radical religious right ” while ignoring the ” radical religious left “. Of course you can’t convince people like Ann Coulter and her ilk of this . As a black male secular freethinker , I see how people of my ethnic group have bought into religion ( particularly Christianity , followed by Islam ) in astounding numbers and yet we still remain at the bottom of the socio-economic “totem-pole ” . Religion stiffles the mind and inhibits growth. The church has been a dismal failure for my ethnic group and my people have been so hoodwinked, bamboozled, shammed, conned, deceived, exploited, dooped and and used collective as the “useful idiots” that the socialists speak of and even the Christians have practiced the same. Liberal Democrat Party supporting African-Americans ( I dislike that term ) are the most socialist embracing people on earth. I get into so many heated arguments with my people over this subject—-it’s mind boggling.
      African-Americans supported and voted for Obama in droves because he ( Obama ) promised them CHANGE and they ( or we ) got change alright ( a change for the worst ). We now have a national debt that has tripled, unemployment has skyrocketed , our national security has been down-sized, and Obama in my opinion has tried to appease our enemies, turned against our allies, forced socialized health care upon Americans , welcomed illegal aliens into our country with open arms and appears to be an anti-capitalist. I often feel so embarrased and ashamed on how my people have been so stupidly and foolishly conned into this political game of deceit. We are like “sheeple” or rats following the Pied Piper or like the Borg on the Star Trek series. A famous Christian white televangelist stated himself that black people in America are the most staunch religious people ( particularly Christians ) anywhere , and yet we have not advanced as other groups have because we have been so duped into believing that some invisible Daddy In The Sky is going to provide for us , care for us, protect us and make everything alright. It is so absurd and asinine. Sometimes it makes me want to scream ! I agree with you TyS.

  • George

    I’ve had these religious zealot Bible-humpers bash me endlessly in “letters to the editor” in various newspapers and they made absolutely no sense whatsoever but they are fervent and arrogant in their zeal to force their wacko beliefs on everyone else. These are the nut-cases who are always screaming their heads off accusing atheists of being intolerant of their superstitious beliefs , yet they themselves have absolutely NO tolerance for anyone that does not subscribe to their theological dogmatic mythical beliefs. These Bible-bangers are so brainwashed to the max and yet they actually believe WE are the ones brainwashed for not embracing their mythological dogma. It’s mind boggling. Don’t get me started !!!! I was at a shopping plaza the other day and three Bible-pounders were walking around the parking lot putting religious tracts underneath the windshield wipers of automobiles in the parking lot. One of them approached me and asked if they could hand me a tract and I refused and I also told them that they have no right putting their religious handouts on people’s private vehicles and they sneered at me but didn’t say anything. At another location a Bible-smacker was “street-preaching” out loud at a local flea market and was blocking the sidewalk annoying people ( who were apparently Christians without a doubt) who were annoyed with the pesky a**hole. This wacko was shouting out loud telling people to repent and the end was near and all that bullcrap and even his fellow Christians were fed up with him. I told the Flea market management and then later he had gone to another location. Still at another location a man got into a conversation with me and was talking about pelicans by the seawall and said that was proof of God’s creation. I then couldn’t resist and I talked about how birds evolved into their species by evolution from the life that came from the water element and this bozo went “ballistic” ! He then called me a fool and I then called him a stupid brainwashed a**hole and he “flipped out” in a rage and sped off on his bike. Then there was the time I was coming out of a small convience store and I had at the time (about 20 years ago ) a window decal proclaiming that I was an atheist. She saw my sticker in the rear window and as I was getting into my car , she pulled out a small Bible from her purse and smacked it and waved it in front of me and said something to me to the effect that I need to accept Jesus and turn myself to God. I told her very bluntly and loudly to take her Jesus, her Bible and her Christianity and shove it up her a** . Let me tell you , I thought she was going to drop dead of a heart attack right then and there. She had her mouth wide open in horror , her eyes bulging out of the sockets and she was “fuming” and then she hurried into the store in a rage. The arrogance of these nut-cases is astounding. These wackos really piss me off trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. Fellow atheists tell me I’m too radical but actually I believe more and more atheists need to stand up strongly to these Bible-humpers. I don’t go out of way and say anything to them until they force themselves upon me and then I don’t bite my tounge. Screw them and the horse they rode on. that’s how I feel. We have been caving in to these nut-cases for too long and I’ve had it with them. I don’t try to unconvert them from their beliefs but they always have to forcibly or rather coerce others to accept their theological doctrine. These bozos relly get under my skin and really push my buttons even though I am normally a cool headed and calm sorta fellow. I know what you mean Macnvettes. When these Jesus-freakazoids start pushing their dogma upon me , I do not mince words or show them any respect considering the fact that they don’t respect me or my beliefs. So f### em !!!!!! If more and more atheists spoke up and became more and more outspoken , I guarantee these Jesus-freakatrons will get the message and back off. Let me stop right here before I get into another rant because I really get worked up talking about these religious crackpots. Not ALL religious people are like this but never-the-less the religion itself is mind-poison. Oh well—I’m done. Wheeeeew !! Sorry for my rant but I can’t help it. You’re absolutely right Macnvettes !

  • George

    There are a massive number of people who do not go along with the the teachings of their theocratic society but to criticize the theocracy ( aka-blasphemy for being critical of the religion or deity ) could result in a death sentence. There are even “closet” atheists in theocracies, but we will never know the actual numbers because of their fear of revealing who they are. The tyranny of religion as usual always raises it’s ugly head. Many people hate , despise, loathe, abhor and malign atheists because we represent the ultimate rejection to their Fairy Tale dogma. It is impossible to engage in a rational discussion as an atheist with a hard-core religious zealot. You may as well be talking to a brick wall. Sad but true !!!!

    • Macnvettes

      Here is an example of the type of idiot of which you speak:

  • Macnvettes

    I wonder, in a civilization like North Korea, if they were instantly freed of Kim Jong Il, and showered with bibles, Torahs, Qurans, Books of Mormon, and other “holy books”, without any outside influence, what the dominant religion would be in 10 years (if any prevailed at all), and how much violence in the name of religion would have occurred. This would be an interesting, yet impossible experiment, but I wonder if logic would prevail over fairy tales if you didn’t have organizations giving charity to convert the population.